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3 Fun Facts Alessi 9090

In this post, you’ll learn three fun facts that make the Alessi 9090 stovetop espresso maker by Richard Sapper even more special and unique than previously thought!  Enjoy this fun post and share it with your espresso sipping friends!

What is it Actually?

First, let me explain what the Alessi 9090 is. It’s a stainless steel espresso maker that is used on a stovetop which produces rich beautiful espresso for drinking or other uses such as baking.. just think tiramisu.   I’ve owned my Alessi for over 7 years and use it for quick shots or to make a homemade latte or mocha for my mid-day pick me up.

It’s available for purchase through Amazon via Alessi distributors/resellers.   The Alessi company is based out of Italy so you can’t order it direct from Italy – sorry!

It is the most sturdy espresso maker out there in my opinion and I’ve been through quite a few.  It’s beautiful looking and makes for a great talking piece when making espresso drinks for your guests or family members.

Here’s my video version of this post:

Fact #1: Originally Designed by Richard Sapper in the 1930s

Yes, this particular espresso maker was actually designed nearly 90 years ago and it’s still in use today and still looks cool, modern, and flat out awesome!  That’s how amazing the design is.  The design you see in my video and my pictures I took of my own are indicative of the art deco period.

Today it seems so many products are created and designed to have a small limited life, but this one was designed for strength and durability without sacrificing design and elegance.  Thank you Richard Sapper!

 Fact #2: 6 Patents Exist for the Alessi 9090

There are 5 use patents and one aesthetic patent.   This testifies to the unique and ingenious design Sapper created so many years ago.  No other company has created (in my humble opinion) any superior espresso maker like this one.

As I talk about my favorite 4 features of the Alessi in this post here, I go over the design of the lid, the no-drip spout, the hermetic closure and the locking mechanism through the handle.   It’s utter genious.  I love inventors!  Sapper, being the inventor of this design is like the Tesla of stovetop espresso makers to me!

Fact #3: It’s On Display at the New York Modern Museum of Art

That’s right, you read that correctly.  Who would ever have thought a simple espresso maker would make it’s way to such a prestigious location for display?

Yet, in the mid-1970s it was introduced to the halls of the NY Modern Museum of Art and there it lives to this day.

If there is any espresso maker that is worthy of bragging rights, this is it.   You can purchase the Alessi 9090 through Amazon where they offer various sizes from 1 cup/serving, 3, 6 and 10.  A single serving is 2.5 oz.

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