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Let’s be real here – the truth of the matter is you’ll find more men raving about their cuts of meat than woman.  So when it comes time to buy them gifts, whether for the holidays or birthday, what ideas come to mind?

Meat related products of course!     It won’t matter if they ever decide to really use the super duper 10 feature hot rod grilling meat thermometer – it’s a trophy to show off at the next cook out.

So here are my ideas of some meat related products (which to make it easy for you – can be found right on Amazon for which I give you the links below):

1.  Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer.

Ok, this just spells “c-o-o-l” no matter how you look at it.   I first kinda chuckled when I first heard of a talking meat thermometer and wondered how practical it would be.

But after reading comments by users, I was pretty much ready to go get one for myself even though I don’t do much grilling.

One of the best features is the fact that they are usually wireless and the receiver can be used a great distance away from the oven (or grill).   Kind of like when you go to a restaurant and they “buzz” you when your table is ready.

This makes it great for parties as you carry the receiver with you.

This is also good for people like me, who work at home and place the chicken in the oven and have to keep remembering to check on it while busy doing other things. No more burnt chicken!

You will find a nice variety of them at Amazon where prices range from the upper 30’s to 60’s.

2.  Spam Light Shade

A bit silly here but what a great funny gift.  In fact, I could see this in many a dorm rooms!   People who like random gifts – this is it.   It’s a tall lamp with a nickel base.

Here is a link to it at Amazon.

3.  Meat Grinder

If you are familiar with my site, you know I have a review on the Waring Pro MG800 meat grinder.

Meat grinders are great for making burgers, meat loaf and even sausage!   I love chicken sausages, so this is a winner in my book.

The price ranges for grinders from the lower end models which can be from the 20’s to the low hundreds.

The one I recommend, is a great grinder for around $199  (at the time of this post).   A great buy for men who enjoy cooking or at least enjoy cooking meat!

Check out the other reviews on Amazon .

4.  Stainless Steel Marinade Injector

This gift you will probably buy for your man, but end up using it more than he.   I can already think of various ways to use it.

These are very affordable and can range from $9 to $40.

The Bayou Classic 5011 2-Ounce Stainless-Steel Seasoning Injector with Marinade Needles has 4.5 star average rating from 33 people and fell in the middle of the price range at about $20.

5.  Meat Slicer

This is not for the faint of heart.  The heavy duty meat slicers like the 667 food slicer is heavy and takes up space.   I wrote a review of the Chef’s Choice 637/632 model if you want to read it.

However, it is an excellent product for people who like to entertain –  it is well worth the money!  Keep in mind meat slicers are also called food slicers b/c you can use them for more than just meat.

Examples would be tomatoes, lettuce, onions etc.   Meat slicers can be ordered from Amazon as well, and if shipped from Amazon should qualify for free shipping.    They range in price from below $100.00 and go into the thousands.

These 5 tips should definitely get your creative juices flowing.   Buying for the “man” is not always easy to do, so I hope I have helped you out.

Let me know of other tips you have – I’m sure we all could use them!