22 Perfect Italian Wedding Gift Ideas for a Bride and Groom

Italian Wedding Gift Ideas!

Both my husband and I are Italian, and I remember our wedding day like it was yesterday. The above photo is a picture of our own wedding gifts friends and family generously gave us.

Getting married is an exciting time for everyone as we celebrate alongside the bride and groom on their wedding day.   As a Italian woman married to an Italian man,  I can certainly express my valid opinion on the topic of gift giving to a newly married Italian couple. 


Top Ideas

Antipasto/Charcuterie Boards

These make great gifts for those who love to entertain.

Top Ideas

Italian Food Gift Baskets

Lots of styles to choose from and budgets. I recommend choosing large size gift baskets as small ones tend to look skimpy.

Top Ideas

Lasagna Gift Sets

If the loving couple enjoys cooking, offer them some casserole baking dishes that can also cook various sizes for lasagna and other pasta bakes.

Understanding Italian Culture Helps with Choosing a Good Italian Wedding Gift

If you’re not familiar with Italian culture there are a few things you should know. 

Food, family and love.  Or is it Family, food and love.  Actually maybe it’s Love, food and family?   I’m just kidding, but you get the point.  

All three above are very important. 

But in Italian culture I cannot stress enough the importance of food.   Italians love their Italian meals, whether it’s lasagna, simple pasta and breadcrumbs, Italian desserts, or pasta fagioli.  

They also typically love to cook, or at least talk about cooking.  🙂 

Italian Wedding Gift Ideas for the Bride and Groom

But what gift do you buy for an Italian wedding?  Or may you just know the bride and groom simply loves all things Italian? 

So, to help get you started in the right direction and get the creative juices flowing, I’ve put together for you this list of Italian wedding gift ideas for the bride and groom to be.   

Keep in mind, these ideas can also be used for bridal showers too!

Use these ideas to help you find the perfect Italian-themed gift that will be appreciated by the newly married couple, Italian blooded or not. 

And remember… Food, Family & Love (or whatever order you think fits best!)

Italian Cookware Gifts

Italian Lasagna Pans

Every new Italian wife will be trying to make lasagna, so a lasagna pan is a good idea. Sets make great gifts because the various sizes accommodates smaller and larger recipes. I find this very convenient when I don’t need to make a large lasagna or other baked pasta dish.

Here are some of my personal recommendations on Amazon.

4 pc Red Set

3 pc Teal/Blue Set

3 pc White Rounded Set

Give the Gift of Pizza!

My first pizza when first married

Here’s a picture of me showing off my first homemade pizza after getting married. It’s great to have a regular pizza pan. Here are some options below.

Stainless Steel Pizza Pans

I recommend stainless steel pizza pans. This is one of the sets I personally own and love. They are also inexpensive!

Chicago-Style Deep Pan

Here’s an option for a deep-style pizza pan. It’s nice to have when in the mood for a deep dish pizza pan!

Food Processors

There are lots of types online. I personally own and use the Cuisinart 11 Prep plus.  One of the uses I use it for is to grind my blocks of Italian Romano cheese and to make breadcrumbs!

Here are some helpful options for popular brands.

Amazon’s Choice

Cuisinart Prep Plus 11-Cup

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Amazon’s Choice

KitchenAid 13 Cup Processor

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Pizzelle Makers

These are great for making desserts and are oh so Italian!   They are relatively low priced.  You can also use pizzelle makers to make cannolis.   Look for Pizzelle Makers that have Cannoli Rollers or Forms, or just buy them separately.  Cannoli forms usually only cost around $5.00.

Overall Pick

Toscano PizzellePro

For delightful holiday treats, a pizzelle maker is a must! These make classic Italian wafer cookies that are always a hit.

Italian Dinnerware and Entertaining Gifts

Charcuterie Boards

These are perfect for entertaining or special romantic evenings for the wedding couple. You can’t go wrong if they love cheeses, and all things anti-pasto related!

Julia’s Choice Set

Includes swivel board with knives and bowls. Great for wedding gifts!

Bamboo Cheese Platter

Simple, budget-friendly and appreciated! Perfect for entertaining.

HandPainted Italian Dinnerware

By this I mean pasta bowls, serving bowls, plates etc.  I talk about the beauty of these Italian hand painted bowls here.  I’m still undecided if these are best as decorative pieces.  I know many people do collect them.  These make wonderful wedding gifts. 

You can find a wide variety of Italian pasta bowls at Amazon.  Some are handpainted, others are not.

Hand Painted Pasta Bowl

Handpainted bowls are usually put on display due to their impressive beauty. These are Made in Itay.

If I’m going to list handpainted bowls, I need to also include another more moderately priced category.   Again I go over all the various types of pasta bowls, (like the cool white ones you see in restaurants) most of which can be found on Amazon.

Italian Decorative Plates

Lots of options for serving plates and pasta bowls.

Italian 5 Piece Pasta Set

Having a full set with bowls and a serving bowl is always nice to have.

Italian Gelato and Ice Cream Makers

Gelato Makers

This is a fun gift, and a good one for those who ever traveled to Italy and came back raving about their gelato ice cream. Gelato is an Italian ice cream which is denser and has a greater intensity in flavor. 

These are not cheap however, at least the best ones aren’t.  I write about them here

Lello Gelato Maker

Expensive but does the job. Made in Italy.

Cuisinart Ice-100

Budget friendly, and has great ratings.

Italian Drinkware Gifts

Vintage Design Red Crystal Italian Champagne Flutes (made in Italy)

These just scream classic traditional Italian wedding gift. The style, the color, the elegance.

These are not only beautiful, but they make a lasting impression!   

Crystsal Champagne Flutes

These are Made in Italy

Stainless Steel Espresso Makers

I specifically mention stainless steel because as a wedding gift, a higher quality item in this category is the way to go.  It will last longer and not look as cheap as the aluminum ones.

Keep in mind there are a variety of different styles for stainless steel.  If they will have a gas stove top, then make sure the espresso maker has a wide bottom, not narrow. This allows the maker to not fall into the center of the gas stove area.

Also keep in mind, the quality.  The less you pay the cheaper the quality.   My sister gave me a stainless steel one which cost about $39.  The quality was inferior.  I ended up getting another one which cost over $100 (granted it was the Alessi 9090 which is showcased in NY’s MOMA).  The difference is astounding and I know I’ll be keeping my new one for years upon years.   

You can still get good quality ones for less than what I paid – just don’t go for the cheapest.

You can find a wide variety of espresso makers at Amazon.

Alessi 9090 3 Cup

This is the one I own, except mine is a single cup serving size. These are Made in Italy.

Bialetti Stainless Steel Espresso Maker

This is one of the most popular and budget-friendly espresso makers on Amazon.

Italian Cookbooks! 

Everyone needs a helping hand when it comes to cooking.  Try some Italian cookbooks to start the marriage off right… in the kitchen!

Easy Italian Cookbook

I’m all about easy! Any new married wife or husband will appreciate this!

Lidia’s Cookbook

Simple recipes for perfect meals. If they like Lidia’s TV show, they’ll love the cookbook too.

Italian Wedding Traditions Gifts

money as italian wedding gift

Traditionally in Italy, it’s not unusual for the most common gift to be money. If you choose to offer money as a wedding gift, make sure the amount is at least 200 euros. You want to make a good impression.

The other thing with traditional gifts is pretty much what I already explained above. Food. So I’ve listed some Italian gift baskets you can buy online that will also be a good choice.

Italian Gift Baskets

Another idea is to simply buy an Italian gift baskets.  These are always impressive, and come in such a wide variety of sizes and prices that they will literally fit any occasion.

For that reason they are good not just for people who you know well such as friends and family, but also co-workers, neighbors, etc.

These gift baskets can be themed by having Italian cheeses, olive oils, olives, herbs, meats, pastas, sauces etc.  If you want to create your own Italian gift basket, check out my guide

Italian Gourmet Gift Basket

Includes a nice assortment of Italian meats, cheeses and cookies.

Italian Gift Basket for 2

I love this idea because it is designed for a dinner for 2. No meal planning required for the newlyweds!

I hope you’ve found this a helpful article in your search for Italian wedding gifts. If you have your own ideas, feel free to mention them below!

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22 Perfect Italian Wedding Gift Ideas for a Bride and Groom22 Perfect Italian Wedding Gift Ideas for a Bride and Groom22 Perfect Italian Wedding Gift Ideas for a Bride and Groom