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If you haven’t figured it out yet, this blog is all about Italian cooking made simple.🇮🇹 It is here that I take the concept of creating easy and delicious Italian recipes and turn I them into realities.

My name is Liz and I’m an Italian-American who loves cooking ONLY Italian food. But it’s been quite a journey and I didn’t get to where I am overnight!

I’ve owned and operated my blog since 2010, hoping one day I’d be able to turn it into a full-time passion of love and devotion. In 2022 I finally left my career in corporate marketing to focus on what I am most passionate about – Italian food.

What’s so Special about Italian Food?

Italian food and Italian culture are tightly related. Italian cooking is about celebrating life with those you love.

With my blog, I make it possible so you can experience the simple joys of Italian cooking – no matter how experience or inexperienced you are. And guess what? Yo don’t have to be Italian to appreciate Italian cooking either!

Sound cliche?  It’s not and my story below proves it.

More than Italian Recipes

Simple Italian cooking is about more than just recipes. It’s where you can come to gain valuable insights about related food products through my product reviews.

So while Italian recipes are the focus, I like to provide you with as much advice as I can to help make your time in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable.

I’m Italian and I love giving my opinion – what else can I say?

This Site is Really About You

Ultimately, this site is about you, not me. Every recipe I develop, every product I review, and every video I create, is with you in mind. Without you, there would be no blog and I’d have no one but my husband to cook for!

I cook for you because I want to create recipes that you can use. I encourage all my readers to experiment with my recipes to make them your own. Get creative and have fun!

To be honest, yes, I still struggle at times with developing recipes or learning a new technique. I’m not embarrassed or too prideful to talk about it. I even struggle with confidence, but that’s when I say, “Who cares, I love what I do!”

We are always learning and I’m excited to share my kitchen experiences, good or bad, with you in this amazing culinary journey.

I Used to Hate to Cook

Yup, for real. Growing up in an Italian home as the youngest of five, I somehow never learned how to cook. Why is this? Maybe because I was always kicked out of the kitchen!

It’s true and the older I get in life, I can’t blame my mom for that, I was probably asking too many questions!

Needless to say, as time went on my enthusiasm for cooking never developed.

But despite that, it was still Italian food that always captured my heart from early on. I remember watching my mom hang homemade noodles on string that was strung across the kitchen wall to wall, and how amazing her Italian cooking tasted.

However, that was the extent of my involvement. I went through college eating noodles, pasta, mac and cheese, and chicken fajitas. I managed to survive fine.  

Yet still, I had no desire to learn how to cook.

Experiencing Italian Food in Italy

Italian family
My Italian family in Italy

After college, I saved up some money and took a solo backpacking trip across Europe where I spent 10 days with my Italian relatives in Italy. The love, the amazing food, the flavors, and the simplicity I’ll never forget. 

I remember it all and every once in a while I even dream in Italian as a result even though I can’t speak much of it.

Unfortunately, I was so naive when it came to cooking I didn’t take notes or pay much attention while there. Add to that the fact they didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak Italian, so that kinda made things a little more difficult.

That trip was a very special experience that still feels as if I was there yesterday.  How I wish I could return!

Time to be a Wife that can Cook

Things didn’t change until I got married to my husband who is also Italian.  

He knew where I stood with cooking and was totally cool with it. But I wasn’t.

I wanted to be a better wife so I started pouring through cookbooks. I struggled. I got frustrated. I got upset. I even cried. It’s funny today but now I read Italian cookbooks with excitement!

My mother in law whipping up some quick breaded chicken!

Finally, it hit me. I picked up the phone and called the one person whose cooking he always enjoyed… his Italian mother. I said I needed easy recipes, ones that she used when she cooked for him.

I knew she could help because every time we visited her, she’d whip up something on the fly and it was amazingly good, and yet was so simple.

Italian Cooking is Simple!

With the help of family (from both sides) I quickly learned that the best Italian cooking, is simple Italian cooking. I started putting into practice the following basic principles.

  1. Use fresh quality ingredients.
  2. Don’t overcomplicate flavors.
  3. Use good quality real Italian cheese. My preferred choice is Romano.
  4. Use good quality extra virgin olive oil.
  5. Keep it simple!
My first pizza
My first homemade pizza!

These principles are throughout many of my recipes such as the roasted potatoes and rosemary recipe she gave me. Or just a simple zucchini and pasta recipe.

Little things like, learning how fresh basil can gave new life to a simple dish of pasta with olive oil, and cheese. I was on my way and my husband started complimenting my dishes with true enthusiasm.

I was happy. The food made me happy. The compliments made me happy.

My confidence in cooking started to grow and the excitement still exists nearly 20 years later.

I’m no different than you. I just want to love the food I make and do it with natural ease. In my case, it’s the joy of Italian cooking is what captivates my heart.

I hope you’ll find the joy in cooking just as I have!

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