Disclosure Policy

SimpleItalianCooking.com is my personal website and blog that I created by myself to help other people like me discover the joy of life in the kitchen.  I provide recipes that have helped me learn how to cook, and I did this by focusing on simple Italian recipes that taste amazing and as a result helped build my confidence. 

This website also provides me a way to earn extra income by participating in affiliate programs where I earn a small percentage or fixed rate from sales generated as a result of visitors visiting my site.   I may also participate in other forms of compensation from advertisers such as sponsored posts and advertising.    

However, to be clear, I will never give an opinion, insight or feedback except that of my own.  All opinions on products, services, websites, or anything else are 100% my own opinion.   I will not promote or try to market anything to anyone that I cannot stand behind.  If any company or anyone were to offer payment for a false or misleading review, I will always turn the offer down.   I do NOT do business that way, ever.

All reviews are my own.  I write them, I do the research, I publish them on this site.  This is something I am proud of and love doing.   Besides have you ever known of an Italian who DOESN’T give their opinion?  When I learn something or find something that is of benefit to myself, or I think will be of benefit to my readers, whether a product, service, website, recipe or other resource, I gladly share it with others.  This may be through a blog post or page, or a mention on social media or a mention in my newsletter.  

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure Notice: 

Please note that I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  Please also understand that if I ever share a price regarding an Amazon product or service, that that price may change on Amazon.  Therefore, it’s important that you make sure to confirm that the price I share in the post is still current prior to finalizing your purchase.  

I love my website and helping others learn some amazing Italian recipes that have helped me over the years.   I also love sharing tips, tricks, product reviews in areas related to cooking, like kitchenware, kitchen decor, all things Italian, even gardening!!!  

Thanks for reading!