Are Espresso Makers Dishwasher Safe?

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As with any type of cookware or kitchen appliance, it is always important to understand how to properly care for it – and that includes espresso makers.

Learning how to properly clean your appliance or cookware, will help keep it in top working condition for a long time.

Some kitchenware is dishwasher safe, meaning it can be placed directly in the dishwasher and cleaned that way, while other kitchenware is not dishwasher safe and must be washed by hand.

Read the Manual

Therefore, it is important to always take a peak at the owners manual to find out the proper way to clean your appliance.

Espresso Makers

In the case of espresso makers, they are always better off being cleaned by hand.

When talking about stove top espresso makers – it all depends on the material it is made of.   Espresso makers which are made of aluminum, should not be placed in the dishwasher.

Espresso makers which are made of stainless steel can be put in the dishwasher.

However, some still advise it is better to wash even your stainless steel cookware by hand using hot soapy water.   The reason is due to the harsh detergents used in the dishwasher.

With my Alessi 9090 which I use at home, (you can read my own review of it), I usually wash it by hand if I have the time.  Mainly for the sole reason so I can use it again quicker rather than waiting until the dishwasher is run.   But, when in a hurry or at night – in the dishwasher it goes.

I mentioned that aluminum espresso makers should not be put through the dishwasher – and I can testify to this personally as I’ve owned them in the past.

Aluminum will pit and corrode over time, and when adding strong detergents into the mix, you are just asking for the poor thing to break down.

I had gone through quite a few over a short amount of time, until I learned how to properly take care of them.   Now I own a stainless steel model and will never look back.  An investment well worth it.

Learning to take care of all your kitchenware is an important part of extending the life of the product and getting the most out of it’s usefulness.


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  1. I put the bottom part of my aluminum stovetop espresso maker in the dishwasher. Is there any way to fix it?

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