Wonderful Bits of Italian Food Art on Etsy

italian food art

Have you ever shopped on Etsy?   Etsy is a great place to find unique items that are often handmade from small business owners or people who simply have a hobby.  

I often use Etsy when I am looking for old Italian cookbooks.  So I was happy to receive an email the other week by a fellow Italian lady who emailed me about some Italian food art that she and her daughter started creating when the beginning of the pandemic hit in 2020. 

The interest in their art grew so they started their own little store on Etsy.   

I was immediately interested as I am a fan of Etsy and supporting small businesses.   I told them I’d be happy to share their work with my followers and to keep the review (For lack of a better term) I purchased two pieces, a set of stickers and a 5×7 print – both shown below. 

Fun Giveaways

The stickers are fun and make for fun gifts or giveaways, but I really like the 5×7 Amalfi Coast art print as it will fit into a standard frame I get at any retail store.   It’s fun looking and has that lovely Italian style art that is free form and creative.

The Italian mom and daughter duo have created a variety of artworks featuring a combination of common Italian-themed items, primarily related to food… of course!   They also do special orders outside of the site with requests ranging from cake toppers to stickers for a food truck! 

Here are 10 ideas for the stickers & magnets they sell that your kids, nieces (or you!) might use them for:

  1. Magnets for the fridge
  2. Stocking stuffers for kids
  3. Decorate windows 
  4. Decorate your laptop 
  5. Place on wedding invitations
  6. Place on mirrors
  7. Decorate journals, binders & notebooks
  8. Decorate bike helmets
  9. Place on lunch boxes
  10. Decorate your refrigerator

They also offer Italian prints that range from 5×7 to 18×24.   These are standard sizes so you don’t need to go to an expensive frame shop.  You can also choose the Poster Canvas finish option which seems pretty cool but I didn’t buy that one.

So if you love Italian food art – definitely check out the LemmMadeArt Etsy shop and feel good about supporting a mom & daughter Italian duo!

Grazie e ciao!!


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Wonderful Bits of Italian Food Art on Etsy

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