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Black Friday Deals are Live! 

I’m so excited to have put this list together of Italian-themed kitchen and food products that we all enjoy using.   Whether you’re shopping for Christmas gifts or just want to catch a good deal, I think this list will get you started on the right track with Black Friday here already. 

Items are broken down by category so use my Table of Contents for easier navigation.  Prices I’ve included were based on the time I wrote this and subject to change.   



Spice & Herb Storage and Dehydrators

Expandable Spice Rack 

These spice racks are actually very helpful!  We use one in our cabinet and it makes finding spices much easier.  This particular design of the lip infront of the shelf is a feature I wish we had to keep them from sliding forward.   This is a nice design!

Sale Price:  $14.73  Was $22.99  Check it out here.


Nutrichef Dehydrator  


I use my dehydrator every year to dry my herbs such as basil, oregano, and parsley.  However you can use the deyhydrator for much more than just herbs.   I like the stackable trays because if I can use only what I need, however some people also enjoy the drawer/oven-like styles too.


Espresso Machines & Frothers

Milk Frother Handheld Electric Frother

These frothers are great for foaming your milk for espresso drinks or hot chocolate.   Easy to clean and handle. 

Sale Price:  $11.79  Was $13.88  Check it out here.


De’Longhi La Specialist Espresso Machine with Sensor Grinder

DeLonghi has a variety of upscale espresso makers. This particular De’Longhi espresso maker one is a Black Friday deal.   It includes a milk frother and integrated grinder.   We bought a similar espresso maker about 5 years ago and paid around $1000.   I think this is a very good deal personally.

Deal:  $583.44   Was:  $749.95.  Check it out here.


Stainless Steel Cookware

All-Clad Brushed Stainless Steel 10-Piece Set

stainless steel sets


Stainless steel pots and pans continue to gain attention as more consumers move away from aluminum cookware.   We started replacing all our alluminum pans nearly 10 years ago and we’ve never regretted it.   Stainless steel sets can be expensive, so looking for a Black Friday deal might be helpful.  Remember, when they say “10 piece set” that means lids and pans/pots to equal 10″   


Duxtop SSIB-17 Professional 17 Pieces Stainless Steel Induction Cookware Set.   


The lids to these are glass allowing you to see how your food is cooking.  It’s also induction ready meaning if you use induction cooktops they will work just fine.  

Deal:  $212.49   Was:  $294.99  Check it out here.


Cuisinart 8 pc Stainless Steel Set

This stainless steel set is an 8 pc, five pots with lids and 2 sauce pans without lids.   

Deal:  $99.99   Was:  $159.99   Check it out here.  


Storage Sets

Airtight Plastic Storage Container Sets


Airtight plastic storage containers keep your food fresher longer, and keeps it organized!  Great for storing your flour, pasta, sugars, oatmeal, or snacks and cereals.   These come in a variety of sizes and quantity.  The one above is a 52 piece set with measuring cups, spoons, labels and a marker. 

Sales Price:  $67.99 Was $79.99  Check them out here. 


Glass Food Storage

If you prefer Glass Storage Food containers, check out the Razab 24 Pc which is currently on a Black Friday deal.  

Sales Price:  $33.90   Was $39.99   Check them out here. 


Pasta Products 

Collapsible Pasta Drying Rack

I use this exact pasta rack every time I make my homemade spaghetti, angle hair or fettuccine.  I like this pasta drying rack because it can be placed up next to a wall and I don’t have to spin it to get to the new rods, and it is extremely easy to store.   

Deal:  $14.96  Was $19.95.   Check it out here


Philips Pasta Maker 

electric pasta maker

I personally own the Philips Pasta Maker, shown above but there are others that are pretty cool too.   It is on sale for $199.   The nice thing about electric pasta makers is that it does all the work for you pretty much from start to finish.   I can have a single batch of pasta ready to go by the time the water is boiling.  


Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine, Made in Italy


On the other hand, if you like the way a hand crank pasta maker gives you full control, then check out the Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine.  It’s made in Italy which is nice.  Get a good quality stainless steel version, don’t go cheap. I tried a cheap one once and it was a disaster.   


Instantpot 6 Quart 

This instapot is onsale for $89.99 and is usually $149.95.    I use my Fagor 3 in one pressure cooker, which is similar to the instant pot.  I use mine mostly to cook chicken and it makes the best chicken broth which I use for many recipes!

Sale Price:  $89.99 Was $149.95  Check it out here.


Party Dinnerware, Pasta Bowls, Knife Sets


Using heavyweight plastic dishes during your holiday parties can be a God-send!  These plastic dishes are attractive, and best of all require no clean up!  Perfect for Christmas, weddings, and other parties!

Sale Price $18- $35   Was $20 – $39.99.    Check them out here. 


Sweese Porcelain Salad & Pasta Bowls

If you’ve been considering pasta bowls, there are some great deals going on you can check out.  Different styles and sizes.  

Le Tauci Pasta Bowls

These are offered in white and red.  They come in a set of 4. 

On Sale $22.09.  Was $28.99.  Check them out here.

Mikassa Pasta Bowls

I had to include this pasta bowl set when I saw it listed as a Black Friday deal.   This set normally goes for $99.99 and is currently $63.99.  It includes (4) 9 inch bowls and a 13 inch serving bowl.   

Deal:  $63.99.  Was $99.99   Check it out here. 


Wusthof Knife Block Set

It’s unusual I see a really good deal on a knife set like this.   So I’m including it incase you’ve been on the lookout for a good set. 

Deal Price:  $297  Was $499.95.   Check it out here. 


Pizza Ovens

Outdoor Pizza Oven

If you’re looking for an outdoor pizza oven that can heat up to 900F check out the outdoor Napoli Bertello Wood Fire and Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven.


Indoor Pizza Oven

These are gaining momentum as more and more people want to make more of their own homemade pizzas.  These ovens can heat up to 500F allowing you to cook a pizza quick without having to heat up an entire larger oven. 


2019 Italian Black Friday Deals