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How to Make Blended Chickpea Soup Italian Style

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blended chickpea soup recipe

It’s no surprise that chickpeas are commonly used in Italian cooking and recipes since they are found throughout the Mediterranean region.  This is a pureed chickpea soup recipe that uses canned chickpeas along with cannellini beans.  It’s an awesome pairing for this type of bean soup.   

So if you are looking for a deliciously healthy and easy to make chickpea or garbanzo blended soup loaded with nutrients and protein this is the perfect recipe for you! 

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Blended Chickpea Soup with Cannellini Beans and…

As I mentioned above this is a blended chickpea soup using both canned chickpeas and cannellini beans. The reason for the cannellini beans is because they help make the soup creamier and they are mild in flavor. 

But you can use white kidney beans or other soft white bean like Great Northern if you don’t have cannellini beans.

There’s a perfect balance between the two, and the rest of the ingredients are almost what you’d see in any basic stock (onion, carrot, celery, garlic) as shown in my image below.

chickpea soup ingredients

This is a Vegetarian and Vegan Chickpea Soup… but…

One thing that is great about this recipe is that it tastes delicious even without chicken broth.   In essence we are creating our own quick vegetable stock by sauteing the vegetables and then adding the water and letting it cook for 30 minutes. 

After cooking the vegetables and beans we simply place everything in the blender. 

However, if you’re not vegetarian or vegan, you can use chicken stock or broth instead of straight water.   I’ll be honest here, a good broth will give the soup more depth, even if you add in a mix of broth and water.   If you do I recommend some sort of MSG free bullion.  

What we use in our house is Organic Better Than Bouillon, however for this recipe I prefer it without the broth for health reasons. 

One tip though I recommend upfront is to not tell anyone that it has chickpeas in it unless they love chickpeas.  For whatever reason chickpeas get such a bad rap that it might turn off those sitting at the table with you.

Tell them afterwards when they say they want seconds!  😉 

How to Make this Chickpea Veggie Soup?

Unlike many soups that can take hours to simmer, this recipe does not.   Also, since we are using canned chickpeas and canned cannellini beans, we save a ton of time by not having to soak the beans overnight.  

This also means it is a great soup to make at the last minute, after a long day at work when all you want is something healthy and tasty. 

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First, you chop and start sauteing the onions in olive oil for about 5-8 minutes until tender.  

sauate onions

Meanwhile, chop your garlic, celery and carrots.   

chop vegetables

Add the garlic when the onions are tender. After about 2 minutes add the celery and carrots and saute for about 10 to 15 minutes over medium heat.

add vegetables to onions

Next, add in the water and the canned beans.  Make sure the beans are rinsed. 

add water and beans

Bring this to a boil and then set to low heat (not too low) for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. 

blend in blender

When 30 minutes is up, blend in a blender or food processor and blend until desired consistency (not long).   Do this in batches. 

When finished store in food containers. We ran out of our glass containers so we used these gelato containers that worked out great!

store in container

Total time:  1 hour and 5 minutes max, and that’s with half the time being unattended. 

Can You Make this Soup in a Pressure Cooker or InstaPot?

I have not made it using a pressure cooker, we have a Fagor 3-in-1 (which is great), and so I know that it would be posssible, but I would not.  Primarily because I believe given the way we cook this soup over the stove that we retain more of the nutrition.   

Is this a Creamy and Thick Blended Chickpea Soup?

If you follow my recipe exactly, it is not a thick and silky creamy style soup like a thick potato soup.   Chickpeas are not creamy beans, which is why I add in the cannellini beans.  However, the more you blend the smoother the texture.  I don’tmind some of the chickpea texture in my soup. 

If you want to make it a thicker consistency, try adding diced potatoes in with the vegetables and proceed as normal.   You can also add in more cans of the chickpeas or other beans to thicken it up (or just use less liquid). 

If you are not opposed to using dairy, a nice dollop of sour cream is goes great with this soup and will add a nice creaminess to the flavor.

What Else Can You Add to this Amazing blended Garbanzo Soup? 

Yes, don’t forget garbanzos are also called chickpeas.   But there are other ingredients that go very well with chickpeas, such as potatoes or spinach.   Just add them in with the vegetables at the start and you’re good to go.  

You’ll notice this recipe does not use salt.  You can certainly add it in, but in my efforts to keep it as healthy as possible I created it to also be sodium free (unless you use chicken broth instead of water).

How to Blend the Beans

Large Blender

You can blend the soup in a large blender, such as a VitaMix which is what we use.  The soup has enough liquid that we had to blend it in two batches, as filling the blender too full will make it explode due to the trapped steam and heat.  Not a pretty sight. 

Instead fill it up half way and give it a few pulses and then let it run until the desired consistency is reached.  Pour into a separate container and then blend the remaining batch and when finished combine the two together and serve. 

Food Processor

You can also use a food processor, not as great but doable. 

Handheld Stick Blender

Lastly, you can use a hand held blender stick which is nice and convenient, a great space saver.   I’ve used this for many soups, however haven’t tried it on this one.  

What to Serve with this Italian Chickpea Soup?

Like most soups, this recipe is great with toasted artisan bread, even with garlic and olive oil.  It can be served as a main dish with a salad for side recipe.  

Alternatively you can use chickpea soup for a lighter fare or for a side dish.   The soup is surprisingly filling, where even after a single bowl and two max, you’re quite satisfied.   I’m sure this has to do with the amount of fiber. 

Italian Blended Chickpea Soup

This is one of those healthy pureed chickpea soups that taste absolutely delicious and you must try! Unlike many Italian soups, I made this Italian soup to be free of sodium, pasta and tomatoes. It's super easy to make and full of nutrition, protein and flavor. Make it tonight!

Course Lunch, Main Dish, Soups
Cuisine Italian
Keyword Italian blended chickpea soup
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes
Servings 6 people


  • 1 14 oz. can chickpeas rinse and drain
  • 1 14 oz. can cannellini beans rinse and drain
  • 1 chopped carrot
  • 1 stalk chopped celery
  • 2 medium chopped onions
  • 4 cloves chopped garlic
  • 2-3 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 6 cups water (or a mix of water and chicken stock)


  1. In large saucepan heat olive oil over medium heat
  2. Add onion and saute for 8 minutes until tender over medium heat stirring occasionally.

    sauate onions
  3. Add garlic and saute for 1 minute or until aromatic. Do not let burn!

  4. Add celery and carrots and saute for about 5 minutes

    add vegetables to onions
  5. Add in water and/or stock, chickpeas and cannellini beans

    add water and beans
  6. Bring to boil then reduce to simmer for 30 minutes. (stir occasionally)

  7. When finished, put through a blender or food processor

    blend in blender
  8. Serve warm and enjoy! Top with sour cream if you allow dairy.

Recipe Notes

TIP #1: I used water and no stock, but adding at least some stock will give it more depth and flavor.

TIP #2: If the soup is too runny or thin, add another can of cannellini beans or chick peas or even both!

TIP #3: Freeze what you do not eat for later.

TIP #4: Some side dishes are Italian Green Salad and Italian Toasted Bread.  

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This recipe post was updated and rewritten February 19, 2020.  Original recipe was posted sometime in 2012. 

How to Make Blended Chickpea Soup Italian Style

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