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As some of you may or may not know, I have a review of the Cuisinart 11 Prep Plus food processor on my website.   At the time I wrote it, I did a lot of research about it as if I were looking for one.

To be honest, after all my research I wanted one so badly, but couldn’t purchase it yet.   So long story short, when I finally got around to buying one with the renovation of our little kitchen, this was a must have.

I am so happy with it.   I felt like I had already owned one from all my research and writing.

Cuisinart food processor

One of the first things I did with it was use it to make a base for a lentil soup.   I chopped my carrots, celery and onion with the chopper blade and it took a fraction of the time it would normally take me to do the chopping.  I’m a pretty fast chopper too mind you.

But it chopped everything so nicely that I just poured all the contents in the container (you can do them all at once) into the water.  Prepared my lentils and added them in.  Brought it to a boil and then simmered until the lentils were cooked – about 30 to 40 minutes is my liking.

Add a dash of salt and I use Romano cheese when serving which has a saltiness to it, so that adds even more flavor.

It’s not an Italian dish per se that I know of.  I just like the Romano with it and you can add in some parsley too.   It’s a basic soup.

Back to the point of my post – the Cuisinart (and I understand other brands can do the job just as well) not only saved me time – but space.   Which is funny because you’d think that “another appliance” would just take up space.  Well, yes if you leave it on the counter all the time in the way – mine goes in a pantry once dried and put back together.   But it literally took less space to do the chopping, have a place to put everything and keep the place neat and tidy.

Final point – it cleans real easy.   I tend to wash it by hand and it’s easy to dry with a hand towel.   However they can go in the dishwasher, but don’t put the blades in because they may get dull.   A good rule of thumb.

For new recipes I come out with over the next few months you’ll probably hear me talk about it from time to time.   If you do a lot of cooking, I recommend one of these.  You can get them from Amazon at really good prices.  I chose the Cuisinart over other brands because I liked the technology it has for the dough feature – finding the right speed to adjust for consistency.  It’s pretty cool.

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