Easy Italian Dessert Recipes That are the Best

Italians love their desserts, and no wonder why. That’s why I’ve put together this list of easy Italian dessert recipes that are simply delicious! No matter if it’s for Christmas, Easter, or just a special occasion, these recipes are sure to impress.

Easy Italian Dessert Recipes

This list includes dessert recipes that are all Italian. Some are so easy to make you won’t believe it! But I make them all in our home and if I can do it so can you. Italian desserts can be as simple as fruit topped with a whipped cream dressing, or as involved as making pannetone bread (which I won’t even attempt!).

butterball cookies
Butterball Cookies
These delicious Italian cookies go by many names, such as butterball cookies or snowball cookies. Either way, these pecan filled cookies are perfect for special holidays, especially at Christmas time.
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toto cookies
ToTo Cookies
These special cookies are one of my favorite Italian sweets! They are also called spice cookies because of the spices used. They are dipped in a whiskey icing and contain chopped walnuts inside. They are delicious!
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almond biscotti th
Traditional Almond Biscotti Recipe
Get your cup of espresso or mocha ready for dipping! These traditional almond biscotti are handmade and are perfect for dipping after a big meal. Serve with your favorite java and dessert.
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pizzelles anise recipe th
Anise Pizzelle Recipe
Anise flavored pizzelles are one of the more traditional pizzelle recipes in Italian culture. I use anise extract and the flavor just shouts holiday dessert cookie with every bite!
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chocolate pizzelle recipe
Chocolate Pizzelle Recipe
Love chocolate for dessert? Take a regular pizzelle recipe and use cocoa! Feel free to sprinkle them with confectioners sugar or leave them as is.
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Cannoli pizzelle th
Pizzelle Cannoli Recipe
If you love Italian cannoli and have a pizzelle maker, then you need to seriously consider making these. Stuffed with a ricotta cheese mixture and chocolate chips, everyone will love these cannoli.
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lemon pizzelle th
Lemon Pizzelle Recipe
Italians love lemons, so why not have a lemon pizzelle? These pizzelles add a nice brightness to any dessert tray. I think these are great not just for Christmas and holidays but also for weddings.
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Italian Homemade Pizzelles
What is a Pizzelle and How do you Make Them?
Have you never made a pizzelle before? It's super easy. All you need is a pizzelle maker. It operates just like a waffle maker, except these are for desserts! Find out how to use a pizzelle maker and what to look for when making pizzelles.
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italian lemon ricotta pie
Italian Lemon Ricotta Pie Recipe
Here's a wonderful Italian dessert called lemon ricotta pie. And yes it does use ricotta! It's almost like a cheesecake, but not entirely. It's light and refreshing and it's also crustless. These are popular in Italian culture during Christmas and Easter holidays.
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italian lemon cake
Italian Lemon Cake
If you love lemon desserts, then you should check out this Italian lemon cake recipe. Not only is it easy to make, but it's very tasty. I've got lots of helpful tips for making this easy Italian dessert that everyone will love!
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italian chocolate espresso pudding
Easy Chocolate Espresso Pudding Recipe
Calling all chocolate fans out there… here's one that is definitely an Italian dessert that is super easy and quick. This chocolate pudding is full of Italian flavor thanks to the espresso! I make this recipe over the stove and then let it chill in small bowls in the refrigerator. I think this Italian dessert is perfect for Valentine's day but any day will work for me!
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Italian Valentine’s Day Desserts
Enjoy these delightful Italian desserts that are perfect for a romantic evening for Valentine's day!
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anginetti cookies
Anginetti Italian Lemon Cookies
Italian lemon cookies is another dessert that is great for special occasions. These were made by my in-laws for my Italian wedding and they were a huge hit! I now make them nearly every year for Christmas!
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Ricotta with cacao
Ricotta with Cacao
Here's another very easy Italian dessert that it's almost embarrassing to admit. Take some ricotta and mix it with cacao powder. If you don't have any cacao (which has natural caffeine) then use some cocoa powder instead. Follow my recipe for easy instructions and measurements.
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pecan coffee cake th
Pecan Coffee Cake
This Italian dessert cake can also be used for breakfast. I can't decide when I like it the most! But no matter when I make it, it doesn't last for long. The recipe doesn't use actual coffee, instead it uses pecans, cocoa powder and other ingredients including a cinnamon streusel. Make sure to serve it with a nice cup of coffee.
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orange chocolate almond cake
Almond Orange Chocolate Cake
This recipe is a lovely orange chocolate cake covered with sliced almonds. It's so delicious and easy to make. I love the hint of orange extract which gives the cake a little extra depth.
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ricotta with apricot jam
Ricotta with Apricot Jam
Ready for another two-ingredient dessert? If so, then try adding some apricot jam to some whole milk ricotta! Don't be fooled by the simplicity, this dessert is light and refreshing! Don't let anyone see you make it because they'll never believe a dessert so simple would taste so great!
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Understanding Italian Desserts

Italian desserts come in all sorts of varieties. It may be as simple as nutella spread on a biscuit, or as decadent as a tiramisu. Unlike many American and other western cultures, desserts in Italy aren’t always heavy, chocolatey or super sweet and sugary.

In fact, one of the more common desserts after a regular meal is a plate full of fresh fruit. Whether it’s grapes, apples or pomegranates, the Italians love their fruit. So don’t be afraid to include some healthy fruit options on your Italian dessert tray!

When to Serve Italian Desserts

Many specialty desserts are only made during the holidays, specifically Catholic holidays. For example, Pannetone is only made and marketed during the Christmas season. However, ricotta cheesecake, or ricotta pie, or even lemon cake is more common during Easter.

One recipe that is very common during Easter time for Italians is Italian Easter bread. This bread is traditionally very dense and it takes a long time to make. It is most often baked with an intact egg in the middle.

Over the years, people have adapted this traditional recipe to be more of a regular bread consistency, and that’s a shame because it’s not true to it’s original form. My mother-in-law would make these and shape them in the form of a basket. She’d then give them away to friends and family.

I have her recipe, but I don’t post it on my site because it isn’t very easy to make. It’s simple enough, but takes a long time with the rising so it doesn’t really fit in with my focus on easy Italian recipes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of easy Italian dessert recipes and are inspired to try them in your own home! Let me know your favorite Italian dessert in the comments below – I love to hear from my readers!

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Easy Italian Dessert Recipes That are the BestEasy Italian Dessert Recipes That are the BestEasy Italian Dessert Recipes That are the BestEasy Italian Dessert Recipes That are the BestEasy Italian Dessert Recipes That are the BestEasy Italian Dessert Recipes That are the BestEasy Italian Dessert Recipes That are the BestEasy Italian Dessert Recipes That are the BestEasy Italian Dessert Recipes That are the Best

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