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Favorite Features Alessi 9090In this post you will learn about 4 features of the Alessi 9090 stainless steel stovetop espresso maker, plus some awesome benefits that come along with owning one.  I’ve provided a detailed video below that showcases the 4 features which I believe are important to any current or potential Alessio 9090 owner.

If you’ve read my other posts about the Alessi 9090, you’ll quickly see how much I love the one that I own.  As a result of owning mine for over 7 years I truly enjoy sharing my experiences and thoughts (what Italian doesn’t give up the opportunity to give their opinion??) about this great Italian piece of work.

The 9090 was originally designed by the Italian designer Richard Sapper in the 1930s.  There are 5 patents that protect the design and functionality, and it currently sits on display at the New York Modern Museum of Art.  It’s survived the test of time and rightly so.

If you’re looking to own a high quality, durable, 100% stainless steel stovetop espresso maker that won’t leak, won’t pit, won’t fail on you, and looks super cool, then I recommend the Alessi 9090.  It’s offered in different sizes (1,3, 6, and 10 cup) which are all available for purchase through Amazon.  If you have Prime, you get free shipping don’t forget.

I’ll Show You My Favorite Features of the Alessi 9090

In my video I show what my favorite 4 features of the Alessi 9090.   They are:

  1. 100% stainless steel construction.  Why is this important?  Because it’s durable.  It lasts.   I’ve used many cheaper ones and they don’t hold a candle to this.  The 9090 is not for those who don’t want to spend more than $50.  This is for those who are willing to pay what the espresso maker is worth.   I’m not a big spender.  I don’t care about name brands or keeping up with the Jones.   So when I say the Alessi 9090 was worth every penny I spent, I mean it!
  2. Easy to use Lid.   Again – why is this one important?  Because the lever to lift the lid is off to the side.  Super easy and you don’t have to worry about steam when you open the lid.  When I’ve used other versions of stovetop espresso makers where you have to lift the lid from the center, I had to use a potholder or towel to cover my hand.
  3. No drip spout.  Never drips, don’t know what else to say.  It’s an awesome design.
  4. Hermetic closure.   Lots of espresso makers are put together by screwing the top onto the bottom.  The issue I’ve found is that over time they leak, at least the cheap ones I’ve used.  You’ll see in my video how the top attaches to the bottom and locks into place with the handle.

Benefits I’ve Discovered Since Owning the Alessi 9090

Funny enough, when I first purchased my Alessi I was only thinking I’d use it for shots of espresso.  Maybe pouring it into a warm cup of milk which had been preheated in the microwave from time to time.  That was pretty much the extent of it.

However, I guess you could say that just like any healthy relationship, I’ve grown more in love with my 9090 over time as I’ve discovered more benefits and appreciation beyond my initial infatuation with its sexy look and style.

Although my personal preference is the 9090 (I’ve used others as I mention in my video), these benefits apply to any stovetop espresso maker.

Espresso DessertsItalian Desserts that use Espresso

So, let’s say that you want to make Tiramisu which calls for a small amount of straight espresso.  What are you going to do – drive to the closest coffee shop?  With your own espresso maker, you can prepare your espresso in no time flat.

What about adding espresso to your chocolate brownies that you suddenly have a craving for at 9:00 at night?  Of course that never happens to me… come on… 🙂  Or maybe you’re making homemade ice cream and want to add a dash of flavor… uh huh…. that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout…

Italian Drinks that use Espresso

Here are a few common drinks that are easy to make at home with your espresso maker.

  • Chocolate mocha
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Americano
  • Macchiato 

Will these truly taste the same as what you get out and about?  Well, it depends on the recipe including ingredients and proper measurements.

For example, I once worked at a coffee shop during college and we used Hershey’s chocolate syrup in anything that called for chocolate – like a mocha.  We also had very specific quantities we had to adhere to in order to achieve the right flavor and balance.

When I make mine now at home, I admit any syrup that isn’t Hershey’s just doesn’t taste the exact same.  However, I don’t use Hershey’s anymore since I found out that there are organic chocolate syrups out there.  Some really are bad tasting, but the closest I found is Santa Cruz Organic Chocolate Flavored Syrup.  I tried the Ah!Laska line and I didn’t like it at all.

One tip I give whole heartedly is getting a milk frother.  This makes a huge difference.  You’ll never see a coffee shop pour milk in a cup and microwave it – it is always steamed.   However we can’t always use a steamer, so using a milk frother is just as good.  It aerates the milk and that’s what you want.  You can also purchase these at Amazon which has a great selection.  I’ll be testing some to write about so I’ll update this post when I do.

Alcoholic Drinks that use Espresso

Although I’m not a heavy drinker at all, the ones I do like typically have Espresso in them, or coffee in the form of Kahlua. Here are some drinks you may or may not have realized use espresso.

  • Black Russian
  • Espresso Martini (never tried this – kinda scared to)
  • Irish Creme Latte
  • Alexander Espresso

Caffeine in the Morning, Decaf in the Evening

With a regular counter style espresso machine, at least the kinds where you load all your whole coffee beans in a chamber, you’re stuck with whatever type of bean you added into the hopper. I’m not against owning these as I love mine (you can see it my video behind me).   But with a stovetop version it’s per use, so you can add whatever you want when you want it.

You will love your espresso maker for so many reasons.  It makes a great conversation piece when preparing coffee for your friends for starters.  You can leave it out on the counter or on a shelf and it won’t trash up the kitchen.

You can watch my other videos about the infamous and beloved Alessi 9090 in these posts below which you might find interesting.  If you’re ready to purchase, you can head over to Amazon and check out more reviews and customer feedback.

Let me know what your favorite features are with the Alessi!   Do you have any special drinks or recipes that you use yours for?

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Thanks for reading – Grazie e ciao!