Italian Gifts for Men

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Finding the perfect gift for the special man in your life can sometimes be challenging!  The good news is that looking for Italian gifts for men doesn’t mean getting him a tool set or power machine thingy on their behalf.   

Italian gifts for men

Italian Gifts for Him

Whether it’s your dad, boyfriend, brother or grandfather, finding Italian gifts for him isn’t always easy. So what’s the next best gift idea for the special man?

Tap into his Italian roots!  

Okay, even if he’s not Italian, maybe he loves all things Italian.

This lists includes items that range in prices, making sure all the bases are covered. 

No matter if it’s Christmas time, it’s his birthday, or some other occasion, you’ll be sure to find the perfect Italian gift that is thoughtful and appreciated.

Finding Italian Gifts for Men

Here are some gift categories that are relevant to Italian men.

Whether they are Italian-blooded or just love all things Italian, here is where you want to look for:

  • Food or food-related items
  • Apparel
  • Italian music CDs
  • Italian Accessories
  • Nostalgia

Italian Gifts for Grandpa

Let’s start with finding a gift for Grandpa.

When considering a gift for grandpa, especially gifts for an Italian grandpa, think nostalgia.

Anything that brings back good memories of the good ‘ol days or a grandpa-themed gift with an Italian twist will do the trick.

Grandpa or Nonno (Italian for Grandfather) will appreciate any gift that celebrates their role and respect in the family.

I’ll provide a full list of gift ideas further down.

There are a good variety of mugs with different sayings. Here is just one of them for The Grandfather mug.

gifts for italian grandfather

Italian Classic Music

For the older Italian generation that loves the music filled air with popular classics, check out Amazon for these types of CDs.

You can get variety albums or specific ones like Claudio Villa (one of my own favorites).

italian gifts for nonno

Gifts for Italian Boyfriend

Finding a gift for an Italian boyfriend should be easy, but we tend to agonize over all the details.

Some ideas can range from drinkware, watches, chains, shirts, leather bracelets, and food – lots of food!

Delicious Italian Meat Gift Box

Italian Meat Gift Box

Men love their meats any day of the year! Here’s an Italian meat gift box complete with 5 Italian meat samplers totally over 1.5 lbs of meat.   

The set comes with a gift box and is also available with Amazon Prime shipping. 

Fashionable Italian Men’s Italian Track Jacket

Italian track jacket

Dress your man in style with an Italian Track Jacket featuring the Italian colors.   There are various fits and styles, some featuring the Italian country crest, others the Italian flag. 

Boyfriend Bracelet

gifts for italian boyfriend

Boyfriend Keychain

Here’s a sweet cost-effective and affordable gift you can buy for your Italian boyfriend. It will always remind him of you. There are other options online.

italian gifts for boyfriend

More Gifts for Italian Men

The following is a list of gifts for Italian men regardless if they are family or not. Maybe they are just a co-worker that is proud to be Italian.

Regardless of the reason, men like gifts just as much as women, they just won’t ever admit it!

Turn on your creative juices and let the ideas start flowing!

Custom Drinkware

These are pretty cool because some companies like this one by Sodilly will customize the engraving for you. Just make sure the one you’re selecting is marked for customization.

As of the time of this writing the cost is around $30.

gifts for italian men

Italian- Proud T-Shirts are Worn With Pride… and Humor!

Italian teeshirts for men

Show your Italian pride with an Italian themed casual t-shirt!  There are a wide range of tees with mostly humorous catchy sayings.   

Some are offered in multiple colors. Look through your options and you’ll find the perfect one for your husband!

Awesome Italian Labeled Tee Shirts

italian gift for italian men

What greater way to show off Italian pride than by wearing it loud and bold with Italian tee shirts! The one shown above is just one of many options available.

Italian Toiletry Bag For the Traveling Man

Italian luxury toiletry bag

If your man is one that travels whether for work or pleasure, a quality luxury Italian toiletry bag such as the Vetelli hanging bag shown is a great option.   The bag hangs with multiple convenient pockets and is sure to last.  

Proraso Italian After Shave For a Smooth Skin

Proraso after shave is refreshing and has a toning formula that is designed to cool and tone the skin.   Proraso has a line of shaving lotion, balm and cream that can be bought together or as individual items.  

italian shaving cream for italian men

Italia Hoodie

Here’s an Italian hoodie, Amazon offers it in multiple color options. The price range is in reason around $35.00 at the time of this writing.

It’s great for any man who simply loves Italy and makes a great gift for any holiday or other occasion such as Father’s day.

italian hoodie as a gift for men

Italian Chef’s Apron for the Man who Likes to Cook!

Italian chef apron for men

For the man who likes to cook or grill, what better way to show your respect and encourage his culinary Italian-flare with an Italian themed chef’s apron?!  These are fun, creative, and will be sure to bring a smile!

Italian Oversized Chef’s Hat for the Italian Cook!

Italian chef's hat for men

Let your man entertain guests in style with this fun oversized Italian chef’s hat!  Perfect for cookouts and meals with family and friends, the passion for Italian cooking won’t go unnoticed!   It has a velcro adjuster, made of cotton, and is durable for multiple uses. 

Italian Chain Necklace for Men – Made in Italy

You can order these in various lengths depending on his tastes. These are made in Italy and have excellent reviews on Amazon.

italian necklace gift for men

Italian Pizza Socks Box Will Always Get a Laugh!

Italian pizza box socks

If you want to guarantee a laugh out loud experience, you’ve got to order your man these hilarious pizza box socks packaged in a pizza box!  They come in various “flavors” (designs) from Hawaii Mix, Seafood Pepperoni, and even Vegetarian! 

Drinkware with Italian Sayings

This company through Amazon offers whiskey glasses, wine tumblers and more with Italian words like Cin Cin (pronounced cheen cheen) for Cheers in Italian.

italian wine glasses

If you enjoyed these ideas, you may also enjoy other Italian Gift Ideas here.

Italian Luxury Gift Basket He’ll Appreciate

Italian luxury Gift Basket

Here’s a premium luxury Italian gift basket that includes a good assortment of Italian food items, from canned tuna from Calabria to Italian crackers, Italian cheeses and a cheese knife, all packaged together in a beautiful basket that is sure to please.

Italian Word Puzzles for the Italian Enthusiast

Italian Word Puzzles

These Italian word puzzles such as crossword puzzles or word search grids are excellent inexpensive gifts that are perfect for the man who appreciates the Italian language whether it’s his native language or a new learner. 

If he’s not fluent, I’d recommend including an Italian-English dictionary to go with it. 

If he’s older, look for ones that have large print.

Genuine Leather Italian Billfold Made in Italy 

italian leather billfold wallet

Guidi is an upscale luxury brand known for their Italian design and quality products.   This particular Guido billfold wallet holds 8 cards and is thin and flexible. 

 Encourage the Italian-proud man with a wallet designed to impress. 

Italian Luxury Necktie Set

Italian made necktie sets

When he puts on an Italian luxury necktie watch your man feel 10 feet taller knowing he’s wearing the best!  Italian necktie sets are packaged in a nice gift box, or you can purchase individually.   

Most sets are offered with multiple options to choose from for a range of colors and designs. 

Italian Flag Necktie for a Fun & Italian-Proud Look

Italian flag necktie

For a fun and color necktie that shows his pride for Italy, try an Italian-themed necktie that says it loud and clear for all to hear!   These are fun to wear and show off his love for all things Italian!  These ties are generally made in China and not of Italian origin, but they are great fun and creative gifts none-the-less. 

Italian Atlas Manual Pasta Machine Made in Italy

Atlas Manual Pasta Maker

My list just wouldn’t be complete without including a manual crank Pasta Maker!   This produces an authentic feel and love for pasta making from raviolis to sheets of lasagna. 

Also check out automatic pasta makers like the Philips Pasta Machine which I use in my own home and love. 

However, you don’t have as many pasta rolls and cut options for the extreme enthusiast!

I hope this list of gift ideas for the men in your life was found helpful.

For more ideas check out my other lists for women, family and other helpful ideas.

Italian Gifts for MenItalian Gifts for Men