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Last year I grew some veggies.  They all started great, I used them in containers and I was happy.  Until the heat wave came through and I don’t know what I did.

Either they were scorched early on or I over watered them.   I don’t know.   My zucchinis had beautiful flowers but no veggies.   I tried cross polinating, but I think I was too late.

So I decided with my new busy schedule with work, this summer I’d let it go.

Wrong.   I guess I like pain.

One of my co-workers is an avid gardener and once we got talking the bug hit me like a ton of bricks.    I got out my seeds (never planted from seed before like this) and bought a 17 starter growing kit.

I planted some tomato seeds which may be too old to use, along with Italian zucchini.  The tomatoes I pray really grow because they are the Italian roma’s that are from Sicily.  They are the best tomatoes I have ever had in my life.    My father in law is kind enough to send me some more seeds so I have some that are fresh.  We’ll see if that makes a difference… I sure hope so.

Maybe if I don’t try so hard, it will work better.

I refuse to believe gardening is too hard for me to do.   Not because it is easy – I don’t think it is easy.  If it were, I wouldn’t be having such issues each year.  But I must keep trying until I succeed.   I guess that’s my nature when I see something with value.  Value for me is food!  And I really want fresh tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini for my recipes – like my eggplant and zucchini recipe.

I’ll keep you posted like I did last year.   I’ll try and post some pics too.  I’m sure I’m not the only one out there wondering why on earth can’t I make a go at wonderful gardening?!

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