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christmas food and gift basket ideas post

In Italian culture, the giving of food is always appreciated and respected.  We take our food seriously!  So it’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of using Italian food gift baskets for the holidays or any occasion, especially DIY custom baskets. 

Think about it…

  • Is it Christmas time?  Get a gift basket.   
  • Know someone getting married?   Get a gift basket.   
  • Someone just bought a house?  Get a gift basket. 

In this post, I’m providing over 20 (yes 20+) Italian food and gift basket ideas for you to use as is or mix and match to your heart’s content!  

I’ve also put all this incredible information into an ebook for you which can be purchased for only $2.99, but if you just want to read it here… then keep on reading!  Enjoy!

The Problem with Standard Online Italian Food & Gift Baskets

Have you noticed what is generally included in  these Italian- themed packages?  A box of generic pasta, a jar of sauce, and a small package of crackers, with tons of tissue paper to make it look more full than it really is.  

They all look the same!   Booooooring…….

Not to mention how expensive they can get!  They aren’t exactly budget friendly. 

So, maybe it’s time we consider creating our own DIY Italian basket that can be customized exactly how we want it at a price we can afford!

Introducing my Italian Gift Basket Ideas Guide Just for You!

That’s why I’ve put together The Ultimate Italian Gift Basket Ideas Guide for Christmas and Beyond! so you can have a bunch of Italian themed ideas no matter what the occasion is.   

No more guessing, stressing, or wondering what to put in your Italian basket.  I have it all sorted out for you below.  

And the best part?  You can take my DIY ideas and mix and match to make the perfect gift!

Plus, for those of us who tend to leave things to the last minute,  I’ve got you covered with my “OH NO!  I’m out of Time” basket where you can find items right in the local grocery store to use!

To be fair, I even tell you if you’re better off just purchasing that particular gift basket online and where to find imported name brand baskets where image and branding is more important than cost (like impressing your corporate boss at work)!  

Benefits of Making a Custom Italian Gift Basket

Learning how to make a gift basket full of Italian goodies gives you almost unlimited choices and the ability to customize the basket in ways that an online purchase just won’t ever accomplish.   

Here are 5 benefits: 

  1. Unlimited customization ideas
  2. Buying in Bulk for Multiple Baskets Reduces Overall Costs
  3. Italian-Themed Gift Baskets Can Offer More Than Food
  4. Customize for People with Food Sensitivities
  5. Mix & Match is Better than Boring Online gift baskets!

Tips if You Must Buy an Italian Food Basket Online

If you’re thinking of buying a gift basket online, here are a few tips I want to share with you so you get the best bargain you can! 

  1. Check the actual size.  What looks big on the screen may be deceptively small in reality.

    Small might be fine for a casual acquaintance, but not so great for your boss who writes your paycheck every other week.   

    The images you see online will make the basket and the items inside look big and wonderful.  However, when you see it in person it ends up being really small and you might end up being disappointed and possibly embarrassed.   So find the dimensions and pull out a ruler.  You may be surprised. 

    Remember to consider the use of filler.  Look past the whole and at the items.  A box of pasta, a small jar of sauce and a package of crackers is not much to brag about, and yet companies have a wonderful way of adding “fluff” to make it look impressive. 

  2. Check shipping times.  Amazon offers prime shipping, but make sure the seller who is providing the basket (if it’s not distributed by Amazon) ships quickly and reliably. 

    Yes, I’m speaking from experience.  Last year I bought a box of biscotti for one of my bosses and it didn’t arrive until after Christmas.   I thought it qualified for Prime 2-day shipping and it was more like 7-10 days.

  3. Reputable Names are Impressive.  If money is of no object and this is to impress, you can go with a reputable high-brand name like Harry and David or Dean and Deluca. These gourmet brands equal quality and high class where it’s not about the best bang for the buck, but instead all about image.  

Here are 20+ Ideas for Your Italian Food Gift Basket

Not only have I put together an exhaustive list of over 20+ Italian Gift Basket ideas based on food type, holiday, and occasion, I’ve also made it as a Printable you can purchase and download for only $2.99!  

This way you can have it for reference year after year, or you can simply bookmark this page!

Regardless of which type of basket you choose, you still need the basket, tissue paper, and ribbons/bows.  Remember that the Green, Red & White colors are the colors of the Italian flag.

Here are some must haves: 

    1. The actual standard basket itself  (or use a rectangular gift Basket)
    2. Red Italian Colander (as an alternative to a typical looking basket)
    3. Tissue Paper (green, white and red)
    4. Ribbons and Bows (green, white and red) 


Italian Cheese Gift Baskets

Believe it or not, there are a number of Italian cheeses and while you will probably recognize the names, you may not have realized they were Italian!   

Items to Include:

You can simply choose a few of the following cheeses to include.

  • Italian Cheese
    • Parmigiana Reggiano
    • Romano 
    • Pecorino
    • Gorgonzola (from the town of Gorgonzola.  It’s a creamy type of cheese and often considered gourmet
    • Fontina D’Oasta (from the Italian alps)
    • Asiago – This too is a gourmet cheese. It is mild and used with hard salami and can be grated
    • Taleggio.  This is a gourmet cheese and has a unique smell, so unless someone is adventurous, this may not be the best cheese for this basket. 
  • Bruschetta Toasts –  Instead of using typical “cheese and crackers”, choose Italian cheese crackers!  A Popular type is called Bruschettini.  
  • Spuntini – Another type of cracker is called Spuntini.  It’s almost like a cookie/biscuit.   

Tips to Consider:

  • Make sure you are purchasing cheese that is not hand-wrapped and requires refrigeration. You’ll need cheese that is vacuum-sealed and air tight. Otherwise your cheese will go bad and it won’t be a nice aroma at all!! 🙂  
  • When choosing items, make sure the cheese is a hard cheese.  I would love to include fresh mozzarella, but unfortunately this would require refrigeration so you must be mindful of this. 

Related Non-Food Cheese Items to Include: 

  • Cheese grater – If you are using hard cheeses, this is perfect!  There are various sizes and types so choose one that will fit your basket.  If concerned about the weight of the basket, choose a lighter material with plastic not stainless steel. 
  • Cheese Knife or Cutting Tray  – This is a great compliment to the cheese theme if you are looking for something to add more value to the gift. 

Prefer to buy it pre-made and ready to ship?  Go here.  


Italian Gift Baskets with Wine

wine diy gift basket italian

Italian wine and Italian food just always go with each other.  By using Italian wines you’re truly keeping to the theme of “Italian” rather than a standard wine basket.   

Items to Include:

  • Three wines in a basket would be an ideal number.  For small baskets one bottle will suffice, just make sure you know if they like red or white wine. 
  • Red, white, pink or Marsala (not for cooking)

Tips to Consider:

  • Obviously, make sure the recipient appreciates wine and drinks alcohol.   
  • Wine can be expensive so this isn’t a very low-cost item.  With that said, wine gift baskets give a higher end appearance. 
  • If you plan on shipping this item, I would recommend ordering it online if possible. Whether you’ll find an “Italian” wine gift basket, I am not sure. 

Related Non-Food Wine Items to Include: 

  • Italian Wine bottle stopper – There are some really beautiful wine toppers you can buy online.   
  • Wine opener – There are a number of wine openers that are elegant and suitable for gifting.  You can go with upscale packages or the traditional wine opener.  Either way, it’s a nice compliment to the bottles of wine.
  • Italian wine map with regions – This is a cool addition even though it isn’t food, it is food related.   
  • Wine glasses – This you can include for any price range.  Make sure the wine glasses are packaged securely so you don’t have to worry about breakage. 
  • Subscription to

Prefer to buy it pre-made and ready to ship? Go here (online baskets will not include the wine)


Italian Antipasto Gift Baskets 

italian anti pasto gift basket

I love this gift basket idea because antipasto is soooo flexible and you can get as creative you want!  You can easily make this gift basket for vegetarians or meat lovers alike.  Here are some ideas for you!

Plus, most if not all the items can be purchased for very little per item.  Making it an economical and yet impressive gift!  Many of the items can be bought at your local grocery store!

What to Include:

  • Meatless items:   Olives, hot peppers, garlic, artichokes, cheese, herbs, olive oil, wine vinegar
  • Artisan Meats:  salami, pepperoni,  prosciutto, etc.

Tips to Consider:

  • Do not use straight Italian green olives.  You’ll want to ideally get the olives that are a mix of olives.  They will probably not be “Italian only” olives but olives nonetheless.  Italian black olives are common and usually in a marinade.  Also, kalamata olives are always a winner!
  • Use jarred items so you don’t have to worry about refrigeration.   This is not an issue with the meat.  
  • Remember with the cheese to use hard cheeses that don’t require refrigeration. You can see my list above of possible options. 
  • This gift basket is great for any occasion and can be as small or as large as you want!

Related Antipasto Items to Include: 


Italian Bread Gift Baskets

Who doesn’t love Italian bread?  This is a fun gift basket because you are able to be much more creative than you probably think.  That’s because it’s a bread theme with lots of items that go along with it.   

Items to Include:

Tips to Consider

  • Freshness is a consideration. For example, if you want to give fresh homemade bread, you’ll need to plan and schedule accordingly.  Now admittedly, I have frozen my own homemade baguettes and they were fine, but there isn’t anything like truly fresh bread!
  • Food ingredients.  Be aware that some people are gluten and/or yeast intolerant.   Both of which are included in bread.   If this is the case, I’d recommend choosing a different gift basket type such as the anti-pasto one above. 

Related Non-Food Bread Items to Include: 


Italian Pasta Gift Baskets

diy italian pasta gift basket

This is a wonderful type of gift basket because there are so many items that go along with the pasta theme.  Nothing says “Italian” like pasta!  Plus, if you have a homemade pasta maker, then you can even include your own homemade pasta!   

Don’t worry if you don’t have homemade pasta.  Pasta imported from Italy will do just as well!

Pasta to Include:

  • Homemade (that you made)
  • Homemade/fresh (that a company makes – you can usually find these at a specialty store that is an “Olive and Wine” type store.  We have one here that is called Olive and Vine, and they sell all types of Mediterranean items including fresh handmade pasta!  
  • Boxed pasta imported from Italy.   Dececco is a brand usually found in grocery stores.  It is typically more expensive than the average box of pasta, but the name speaks for itself for the high quality of product.     I would NOT recommend a cheap brand if you are trying to impress. 
  • Use a combo of the above (boxed, fresh)
  • Flavored pasta.   Specialty stores or online might include unique flavored pasta such as basil pasta, artichoke pasta, or even black squid pasta!
  • Multiple types/shapes – Don’t let yourself be limited with just the traditional spaghetti pasta.  Include other items that are not as easy to find, like small shells, or buccatinni which is like spaghetti, but is hollow in the center.   Be creative!
  • Pasta sauce. Usually the pasta gift baskets you find online include only a single jar of sauce, typically a marinara sauce.  However, in your pasta themed gift why not include multiple types of sauce, such as Alfredo, pesto, and a marinara sauce. 

Tips to Consider

  • There aren’t really any tips to consider as pasta is fairly basic. You can’t go wrong.  I would just recommend choosing a combo of pasta shapes and sizes.  You won’t usually find a good selection with online baskets for a good price. 

Related Non-Food Pasta Items to Include: 

  • Stainless steel manual pasta maker.  I’m not talking about expensive electric pasta machines, but the handheld ones that usually cost less than $30.  It makes a great addition and definitely speaks Italian!   But if you know for a fact your friend is not into making their own pasta (as in they are never in the kitchen) the pasta maker may not be the best idea. 
  • Pasta spoons and strainer.  If you’re providing the pasta, you might as well provide the tools to cook with them!   There are some really creative, fun and pretty pasta ladles online. 

    I love this idea because they add a nice thoughtful touch and any serious Italian cook will not mind having multiple pasta utensils and strainers. 

Prefer to buy it ready-made and ready to ship? Here’s an imported basket from Italy or you can also try the Italian Gourmet Meal Kit on Amazon!

gift basket printable1

Italian Meat and Sausage Gift Baskets

Right off the bat, I can pretty much tell you that it’s not a popular item to stock.  This type of gift basket is generally in my humble opinion, one that is synonymous with gift baskets for men.    

Types of Meat to include:

Tips to Consider

  • Meats can quickly add up in price, so this isn’t your most low-cost type of Italian gift basket.  On the other hand, it’s easy to make and is always impressive, even for a small gift basket. 
  • What we want to look for here is a brand or style that looks impressive, not cheap. 
  • I recommend looking for meats that do not have sodium nitrates in the ingredient list.  Some brands have it and some don’t.  Nitrates (not the naturally occurring kind) are not healthy and more and more brands are starting to advertise nitrate-free ingredients. 

Meat-Related Items to Include


Italian Cooking Gift Basket

This basket is awesome because it’s so versatile!  It’s perfect for the friend or family member that loves to cook, especially Italian cooking.   Some people call this type of basket, The Italian Cook’s Gift Basket. 

Because it is so flexible, and not a specific theme, I think it’s best to create this basket yourself.  That way you can really customize it to match your friend’s interests and cooking level. 

Items to Include for the Cook

  • Variety of food items such as pasta, meats, herbs, vegetables such as jarred artichokes.
  • Pasta Utensils – As I mentioned in an earlier basket, people who love cooking don’t mind having multiple utensils in the kitchen.  So you can do a variety such as a strainer, garlic masher, cheese grater, you name it. 
  • Pasta Bowl plates -These can be purchased by the set and come in a variety of styles and patterns.   These are not your average soup bowls.  They are shallow which makes them perfect for holding pasta.
  • Italian Recipe books!  Yes, those who love to cook will appreciate any cookbook you send their way, especially Italian ones. 

Tips to Consider

  • Consider their level of experience in the kitchen when choosing your items.  A recipe book for beginners would not be suitable for someone who can make roast lamb with rosemary with their eyes shut.   
  • Consider their food preferences.  If you’re unsure how much they like meat for example, or if they are on a diet, or have a food intolerance, then choose more items that are kitchen products, not food. 
  •  Add some humor!   There are lots of items that can be funny that are Italian themed.   Think beyond food. 

Complimentary Items for the Cook

gift basket printable1


Italian Biscotti Gift Baskets

For this basket, I’d recommend purchasing online as there are a number of beautiful biscotti packages.   If you want to add to it, you can certainly do that too.   I purchased these for an office gift for one of my managers and it was very appropriate, and I had it shipped directly to him. 

If you want to create your own Biscotti gift basket, I’d include:

To Consider

  • Some of these biscotti items may not not ship Prime.  That means it takes longer than 2 days.  Mine took at least a week and arrived too late for the holiday.  So just make sure you’re timing it right. 
  • Biscotti gift items don’t always come in a “basket” per se.  But many of the packaging I’ve seen look very classy and will do just fine as a gift wrap item from the supplier.  
  • If you choose to make your own biscotti for a homemade gift, keep in mind biscotti take awhile to make.  Not that they are difficult by any means, but with the baking and rising and baking it isn’t a quick 30 minute recipe.  I have my own biscotti recipe here if you want to check it out.
  • Another idea is to buy the biscotti online or at a local store and ship it to yourself.  Create your own basket with the biscotti you bought and add in some of the complimentary items I mention below. 
  • One final point is that this actually makes a great smaller gift item that is suitable for work or friends. 

Related Not-Food Biscotti Items to Include

Prefer to get your biscotti gift basket ready to go? Visit here. 


Italian Dinner Gift Basket 

This is a wonderful idea because it’s very intuitive and everyone loves a pre-planned meal, so you can’t go wrong here.  You can make the dinner themed gift baskets as full or as simple as you’d like. 

I have to say if you decide to go DIY, it would be easy to beat the prices of the prepared ones online.  I also have to say that the online dinner baskets just simply lack the creativity a DIY version could have.

For an Italian dinner gift basket, here are the basics to include:

Some Points to Consider

  • What kind of meal is this?  Meaning, is it meant to be fancy, romantic, kid-friendly?  If kid-friendly, omit the wine and cheese and crackers most likely. 
  • How large a meal is needed?  If you’re providing this gift to a friend who has 5 kids and a husband that loves to eat, you may want to include multiple jars of sauce and pasta to feed more people.  Perhaps even provide more than a single meal altogether!
  • Consider food restrictions.  This could be gluten free, dairy free, or just overall dieting.   Pasta isn’t a food item known for reducing weight, and it’s not gluten free.   So you may want to consider including pasta varieties that might be a good substitute such as rice pasta or kamult pasta but still sticking with the pasta theme.   
  • Remember, this item doesn’t have to be in a literal basket.  Large baskets aren’t always the cheapest, but creative counterparts can be!  

Related Non-Food Items to Include


Olive Oil Gift Baskets

An olive oil gift basket is easy to make and when purchasing online is an excellent lower cost item. 

When you purchase online you’ll likely see not so much a basket, but rather a collection of olive oils most often with herbs or a bottle of balsamic or other vinegar such as red wine vinegar. 

To make your own however, you can get very creative!   Here are some suggestions:

To Consider:

  • These can be made as large or as small as needed. 
  • Make sure the olive oil is from Italy if you want to really hone in on the “Italian” theme here. 

Related Non-Food Items to Include

Prefer to go non-DIY and buy online? Visit here.


Italian Coffee Gift Baskets

The Italians love their coffee, often referred to as espresso.  So  if it’s important for the Italian message to get through, go with espresso, otherwise it’s more just a regular coffee gift basket – which is fine but not necessarily Italian inspired. 

To Include:

To Consider:

  • Does the person you are giving this to prefer decaf or caffeinated? 
  • Even if the person tends to grind their own coffee, espresso has a very fine grind that most standard coffee grinders don’t have a setting for.  So, it’s best to give ground espresso rather than whole bean (unless you know they have an espresso grinder). 

Complimentary Items


Dinner for Two Italian Gift Basket

dinner for two italian gift basket

This food gift basket is similar to the Italian Dinner gift basket but it’s made specifically for just two people.  So this can be a general everyday meal or it can  be a romantic dinner for two.   

I have a romantic dinner gift basket below, but the concepts are quite similar. 

Items to include:


  • Stay away from garlic and onion (such as in jar sauce)
  • Avoid spicy foods
  • Do they drink alcohol? 
  • Wine choices such as white or red
  • Package in silver for 25 year anniversary and gold for 50 year anniversary

Complimentary Items

gift basket printable1

Italian Gift Baskets for Men

I found that searching for gift baskets specifically for men didn’t pull up much on Amazon.  I think that you’re better off making a DIY basket that includes meat and also a bunch of other cool items.   Check out my list below!

Items to include: 

To Consider:

  • Do they like to cook?  If not, include some pasta, sauce, soups.
  • Add in items with some humor as you just can’t go wrong with funny items.

Complimentary Items

  • Gadgets – men love gadgets!   Just go to Amazon for food gadgets and you’ll find a bunch of ideas right there!
  • Italian grilling aprons or other culinary themed aprons (can be very humorous!)
  • Italian T-shirts – these too can be found online and can bring loads of laughter!


Italian Gift Baskets for Women

If we’re going to have gift baskets for men then I’d say Italian gift baskets for women deserve a spot at the table too!  I do make a few changes for what to include. 

Items to include

To Consider:

  • Is it to be a romantic item? If not, remove the wine and chocolates.
  • Does she cook?  If not remove the apron I mention as a suggested item.
  • Is she watching her weight?  If so, avoid adding too much pasta.
  • If she’s into the keto diet, then add more meats such as prosciutto or sticks of salami.

Related Non-Food Items to Include


Fruit Gift Basket

diy homemade fruit gift basket

Okay, this isn’t Italian per se, however I had to include it because 1) it’s so much better to make your own than buy and 2) who doesn’t like healthy??

Food items to include:

To Consider: 

Creating your own fruit gift basket allows you to infuse your own creativity and most importantly control over the quality of fruit you include. 

  • Include organic when possible
  • Use Honeycrisp apples.  These are always crunchy and while they are expensive, it’s well worth ensuring your friend will enjoy a good crunchy apple instead of a mushy mealy one… yuck!   If Honeycrisp apples are not available, try Pink Ladys or Fuji.     
  • The more baskets you do the more economical the gifts become as you can buy the fruits in bags and divide them up. 
  • Pomegranates are used by Italians so make sure to include at least one or two of these!

Prefer to buy the entire food basket online?  Visit here.


Gluten-Free or Other Food Sensitivities

You won’t find much if any selection online in my opinion and you certainly won’t find places that customize the order for your specific needs… at least at a reasonable price.    So I recommend the make it yourself route.    

In this basket I’ll just mention some items that I think you could include: 


OH NO!  I’m Out of Time! 

Life happens.  Time passes us by or we’ve totally forgotten to order online in time!  So what do we do next??   

It’s easy!  I’ve included items below that can be easily purchased off the shelf at a local grocery store.  You can take the items home, wrap them up and package them nicely in a basket or other type of container. 

Items to Include

  • Pasta FROM ITALY (get imported everything if you can)
  • Organic First cold pressed olive oil FROM Italy
  • Balsamic vinegar – get a flavored one to make it more unique
  • Jar of Italian FROM ITALY (San Marzano) sauce
  • A block of Hard cheese with label removed (Romano is best)
  • Cheese Grater – same reason as the garlic press below


  • In this scenario, do not worry about a basket.  Use a gift bag or go to a discount store or craft store to see what they have.  
  • Use lots of green, white and red colors for ribbons, bows, wrapping paper.  Even if you only have white wrapping paper, you can use green and red ribbons.  Remember, the Italian colors are Green, White, and Red. 
  • Include a garlic press.  These are inexpensive and can be found in the gadget/kitchenware aisle at any grocery store.  So Italian!


Find the Best Italian Food and Gift Basket by Occasion

Sometimes when we get the idea of creating or buying a food gift basket, we know what we want only by the occasion, but not really sure of what food items should be included. 

I put together some Italian gift basket ideas based on occasion or holiday.   These may be very similar to some of the gift baskets above.  

Italian Christmas Gift Baskets

Italian Christmas gift baskets are always popular when the Christmas holiday rolls around, but what kind do you get?  That’s why I included so many types above because there are just so many possibilities!  

If you search online for Christmas food and gift baskets you’ll find the standard combination of pasta, sauce, crackers, etc.  But what you won’t find is the original twist you can add by making it yourself. 

What to Include:

  • Instead of completing this section, I’d suggest you first pick a basket above.   Whether pasta, biscotti, dinner for two, coffee or any of the others, start there.  However, I do have some important things for you to think about. 

What to Consider:

  • Since this is specifically for Christmas time, use lots of red and green and you can add items that are not food related but appropriate for Christmas.   
  • Consider the shipping costs.  If you’re making your own gift basket consider the costs to ship if you are actually shipping the item.   Think of ways to make the packaging lighter.   Instead of an actual wood wicker basket, try a gift bag that can fit in a gift box.   Decorate the box with Italian colors, green, white and red!   

Complimentary items to include: 

Prefer to avoid DIY and buy standard Italian gift basket? Try here


Italian Wedding and Bridal Shower Gift Baskets

Gift baskets aren’t just for Christmas.  Wedding and bridal showers are notorious for gift baskets as they are impressive and thoughtful, even if purchased straight online. 

I’ll mention what I think should be included, but it pulls from the Dinner for Two package above for starters.   Speaking of starting, lets get started now!

Items to include:

  • Use either the Dinner for Two or the Italian Dinner Meal basket above. 
  • Include a red and white wine bottle (unless you know they don’t drink alcohol).
  • Two Italian wine glasses

Things to consider:

  • Odds are that the wedding or bridal shower is local and you’ll be attending, so shipping won’t be a logistics restriction.
  • Avoid perishable items such as fruit or chocolate items that might melt.  The reason why this is so important for a wedding or bridal gift is that they aren’t used right away.
  • Unlike a birthday or holiday where the food item is unwrapped and consumed, a wedding gift isn’t opened (typically) until the bride and groom return from their honeymoon.   Keep in mind that not only will there be a time delay due to being on a honeymoon, your gift will be in the middle of moving boxes and whatever else the newlyweds are dealing with at the moment to get settled into their new life. 
  • Avoid decor.  The reason I say this is that unless you know exactly what both their tastes are, it’s a risky gamble.  Plus, suppose it’s your sister getting married and you know her style, but what about the groom?  It’s best to avoid decorative items. 
  • Italian colors are green, white and red so make sure to at least decorate the basket with those colors. 

Complimentary Items for the Bride and Groom:

  • If you have the option to customize a gift go ahead and do it.  For example the wine glasses with their initials etched is very classy. 
  • Italian themed coffee mugs  Mugs are easy to buy for people and if they are Italian, they’ll love them no matter the style or shape!
  • Household cleaning items are always helpful from Lysol wipes to his and her towel sets. 
  • Espresso cup set
  • Items from their online registry.   You can include any kitchen or food related items from the registry in the gift basket! 


Housewarming Gift Baskets

Moving into a new home is so exciting!  So with this basket, I recommend using the Italian Dinner Meal or the Dinner for Two gift baskets I mention above.  You can customize the basket with some ideas I mention below. 

To Include:

The new homeowners are exhausted, have lots of unpacking to do and odds are they’re still wondering where the heck their favorite garlic press is!  Instead of eating out, give them the option to cook at home with an easy to make meal already planned out by you!

For smaller budgets, I’ve included the items from the Olive Oil gift basket and the Biscotti basket below.  Any combination will work!

What to Consider

  • Avoid decor.   It’s their new home and they probably already have ideas on how they want to decorate.  That may also include repainting the walls, getting new furniture, changing the carpet and more.  So play it safe and avoid decor items. 
  • One of the great things about ideas for housewarming gift baskets is that it can be easily adjusted to fit your budget.   

Complimentary Items to Include for the New Homeowners

  • This part is easy.  Anything kitchenware related will be appreciated!  From a handheld cheese grater to the latest ergonomically designed garlic press, it will be a welcome and thoughtful gift. 
  • Italian themed kitchen towels   I find that these are great items to include in a gift basket because you can never have too many of these!  Plus it’s an easy way to project the Italian theme we are looking for.  They are light weight too which makes it easier to include in the basket!


Italian Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

Amore!  Love is in the air when Valentine’s day rolls around so what greater gift than a romantic Italian gift basket!

Items to Include:


  • Instead of using a regular basket, use a picnic basket!  
  • Do not include food items with lots of garlic or onion (at least for that particular night)

Complimentary Items that say Amore

  • Chocolates.  Even if the chocolate isn’t Italian, it still works in this case, especially ones in heart shaped boxes or high end chocolate.  In other words, not a bag of M&Ms!
  • Italian Jewelry.   If the relationship is serious, or you want to take it to the next level, adding in a piece of jewelry nicely wrapped in a gift box is a nice idea.  
  • Wrap the basket and items in colors such as pink and white.  Pink and red can both be synonymous with romance so incorporate those colors.  But remember, if you’re going with an Italian theme, make sure you have some of the green, white and red colors there too… even if just three bows on the outside of the packaging!


Italian Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Your Boss and Co-Workers

Everyone (that I’ve ever met) enjoys Italian food.

So, if your boss, co-worker, assistants, secretaries or whoever are not Italian, it’s totally fine to present them with an Italian-themed gift basket.   

I’ve included some Italian gift basket ideas for your boss and co-workers that you can make specific for the type of co-worker you are wanting to give it to.  There are considerations to make when doing this DIY such as weight, size, appropriate and non-appropriate items, and keeping it professional. 

Gift Baskets for your Boss

This is always a tricky situation that really is a hard one when it comes to deciding what to get your boss when Christmas comes around.  Is it a group gift from employees or just from you? 

The key here is to make sure it’s appropriate and not make assumptions that could put your reputation at risk.   If making a gift yourself, you must be careful to ensure the items are of good quality, it doesn’t look sloppy, and is professional looking.  

That’s why I personally do not recommend making a DIY gift basket for a boss, and instead order online.  

Types of Gift baskets to Order for a Boss at Christmas:


  • I already mentioned some considerations above.   It really comes down to determining what is appropriate.  How well do you know your boss? Does he or she appreciate humor?  Do you know their tastes in food? 
  • And lastly, how much money are you willing to put towards the gift?   Creating a DIY gift basket is fun, but it can get expensive if you’re looking for an impressive and customized gift.   However, Italian gift baskets online don’t offer too much until you get into the very high prices and what you’re paying for at that point is just to make sure it isn’t a skimpy looking gift. 
  • Sometimes for a corporate boss, you just have to bite the bullet and buy a nice Italian food basket that isn’t personalized because you don’t know him/her in that manner.  
  • Never include alcohol unless it’s a group gift from all the employees.  

Prefer to just buy the whole basket online?  Visit here.


Gift Baskets for Co-workers

With Co-workers, gift baskets are fun and small gift baskets can totally fit the bill (figuratively and literally).  You can buy items that are sold in multiple quantities and then divide those items up between multiple baskets. 

Secondly, you don’t have to use baskets.  In this case, gift bags or a creative container may work perfectly!   Going overboard with a gift basket for a co-worker can cause other co-workers to look unfavorably on you by feeling left out.   Keep it simple and be fair with everyone. 

Items to include in your DIY gift basket:

Popular Brands, Gourmet and Imported Gift Baskets

DIY Italian gift baskets are loads of fun and creativity and customization that fits the purpose of the occasion.  However, sometimes we just want to order a high quality food gift basket online that also fits the purpose of the occasion.  

Check out the luxury Italian Gift Baskets online for this scenario!


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