What to Serve with Sausage Peppers and Onion

Today I’m sharing some ideas for what to serve with sausage, peppers and onion. One of the challenges with cooking a meal that includes Italian sausage is knowing what side dishes to make that go with it.

So, I’m making it easy for you with a list of easy Italian recipes for side dishes that go great with any sausage and peppers recipe!

what to serve with sausage peppers and onion

Take a look through my helpful side dishes that will inspire and motivate you when making Italian sausage and peppers!

What to Serve with Sausage Peppers and Onion

My goal when creating this list was to provide a wide variety of side dishes that complement our favorite sausage and peppers recipe. These side dishes are easy to make and are deliciously Italian-themed.

3 Tips for Planning What to Serve with Sausage Peppers and Onion

Here are some tips for how to narrow down your own choices when deciding what to serve with sausage and peppers.

If you follow these principles it will help you come up with your own ideas for any recipes that rely heavily on Italian sausage as a main ingredient.

Sausage is greasy, so avoid other greasy foods

Sausage is heavy and it’s greasy due to all the fat. So avoid side dishes that are also greasy and high in fat. Try to choose items that are healthy and lighter fare.

Even it out with vegetable side dishes

zucchini side dish for sausage and peppers

Sausage is not a light meat, like chicken. It’s heavy and greasy, so think about types of vegetables that will help balance out the “food pyramid” in your meal.

Match sausage and pepper side dishes to the season

One of the beauties with this particular type of recipe is that you can use it anytime of the year. Try to use ingredients that are in season when planning what to serve with sausage peppers and onion.

For example, if it’s spring or summertime, consider grilling vegetables such as zucchini and eggplant. Use salads that include seasonal fruits such as peaches or berries.

If it’s winter or fall, try roasting winter crops such as butternut squash or acorn squash. And include nuts and dried fruits in your salads instead of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Have more than one main dish

Italian sausage sides

Okay, so this is another way to get your ideas flowing. Imagine if your sausage was a side dish or you could have a complimentary main dish. When would you serve sausage as a side dish? Well, for starters, it’s often a side for pasta.

Now consider that it’s summer, and make yourself a cold angel hair past salad recipe. If it’s during the colder months, make yourself a side of pasta in a small serving bowl – but use something that is scoopable with a spoon – such as penne, bow ties, etc. Not spaghetti or fettuccini.

Ideas for What to Serve with Sausage Peppers and Onion

This list is by no means exhaustive. I’m not going to provide a recipe for each sausage and peppers side dish either, but if I happen to have one I’ll link to it for your reference. I hope this helps gets your brainstorming ideas flowing, and remember, keep it simple and keep it delicious!

Pasta Salad with Sundried Tomatoes

Pasta salad can be served warm or cool, making it perfect for potlucks and get-togethers. Check out my post where I answer how long is pasta salad good for in the fridge and how to extend it’s shelf life.. The carbs complement the sausage nicely. I have a few pasta salad recipes but the one I’d recommend is pasta salad with sundried tomatoes.

What to serve with Italian sausage

Stuffed Mushrooms

Here’s another idea for what to serve with sausage peppers and onion, and it’s Italian stuffed mushrooms. These can be made the day before and baked in the oven the day of. These can easily be reheated and are a nice non-meat option.

stuffed mushrooms as a side for Italian sausage and peppers

Italian Chicken Cutlets

Serving Italian chicken cutlets is a nice meat alternative to the sausage. These can be served as is, or along with some fresh Italian bread for a delicious Italian sandwich!

chicken cutlets make a good side dish

Stuffed Pasta Shells

Pasta always goes well as a sausage, peppers and onion side dish, so Italian stuffed shells with spinach and ricotta also fit the meal plan. These make an excellent main dish alternative for those who prefer not to eat sausage. These can be made in advance and even frozen before baking!

stuffed pasta shells a good choice for what to serve with sausage peppers and onion

Chickpea Salad

Our Italian chickpea salad recipe is so easy and delicious you won’t want to pass it up. This side dish can be made a day in advance and even tastes better as the time in the fridge allows for the flavors to marinate. It’s refreshing and a great side dish for any sausage and pepper recipe!

chickpea salad

Baked Pasta

Perfect for large gatherings, baked pasta is always a winner. The tomato-based pasta sauce goes great next to the sausage and peppers. A perfect match.

how to serve italian sausage sides

Italian Zoodles

Spiralized zucchini pasta is also known as zoodles. I’m including this for your guests who need gluten free dishes. Top with pasta sauce and you’re in business. Or you can also add in a handful of chopped tomatoes, garlic and a drizzle of olive oil plus a dash of Romano cheese, and you’ll be in business with that too. 😉

vegetarian sides for Italian sausage

Cook Italian Green Beans

Knowing how to cook Italian green beans can save you lots of time. Italian green beans take 20 minutes to cook and taste amazing as a sausage and pepper side dish.

Italian green beans as a side dish

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Garlic mashed potatoes always go well with sausage and peppers. Our recipe uses garlic as a hint of flavor making sure not to overpower. It makes an easy side dish that is better than eating out!

mashed potatoes for a sausage and peppers side

Antipasto Salad

This is another go-to for me and if you check out my recipe for it you’ll understand why. You can make my antipasto salad recipe ahead of time and keep it in the fridge up to a day in advance. It’s also so super easy and quick to make it’s unreal. I make this recipe all year long. Add in some cannellini beans and well, that’s another post.

antipasto salad

Antipasto Platter

When you are having a party or get-together for the holidays or a special event, knowing how to make an Italian antipasto platter can not only save you money but also impress your guests. This side is perfect for sausage and peppers offering a refreshing and light complimentary dish.

antipasto platter for sides

Tomato Bruschetta

Serving tomato bruschetta with your Italian sausage is a party favorite. Everyone loves bruschetta and it’s great for serving in the summertime. It is light and easy to make. Goes great with the sausage and onions.

Italian Bruschetta for a summer side dish

Italian Mac and Cheese

Using my Italian mac and cheese recipe is great for the colder months when everyone just wants their warm comfort food. This sausage and pepper side is cheesy and 100% Italian love!

italian mac and cheese for sausage and peppers side

Italian Stuffed Cubanelle Peppers

This stuffed Italian cubanelle pepper recipe goes perfectly with sausage, peppers and onion. It especially goes great if you choose to make the stuffed peppers meatless. Perfect for a large family dinner!

cubanelle peppers for sausage pepper onion

Tomato and Mozzarella Skewers

I’m finishing with this one. Tomato mozzarella skewers also known as caprese skewers are great in the summer when you’ve got fresh cherry tomatoes and basil available and in season. Simply alternate the cherry tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella balls and serve on skewer sticks (not wood ones), and they make for great party small talk. Make sure people know they can just slide them off and then drizzle some olive oil on them with some balsamic vinegar (if you have balsamic fig vinegar try that too!).

caprese salad skewers for sausage and peppers side

Hopefully you’ll get some great ideas rolling from my list above and helpful tips when deciding on your sausage and pepper sides. I did my best to keep these as Italian-themed as possible and I hope you enjoy them!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your own ideas in the comments below. Make sure to sign up for more tips and recipes, or follow me on social media.

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What to Serve with Sausage Peppers and Onion

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