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Italian Pride Gifts

Whether it’s Christmas, birthdays, reunions, even funerals, the Italians are some of the easiest people to buy gifts for.  What makes it easy is understanding what makes so many Italians and American-Italians so proud of their heritage and culture.

Italian Culture – Food, Passion, and More Food


Italian Food

If you are not familiar with Italian culture you may find yourself at a loss for what is a good Italian gift idea.

Once you understand some common aspects about Italian culture you will soon find yourself wishing everyone on your Christmas list was Italian.

Italian culture can be summed up into 3 main categories: food, passion, and more food.

Italian Food Gift Baskets

If there is one Italian word most everyone in today’s society understands it is “Mangia!”. Mangia is the Italian word for “Eat”. Italian food runs deep within the veins of Italian culture.

Any traveler to Italy who experiences the taste of truly authentic Italian food knows they have discovered pure heaven.

It only makes sense to think of an Italian themed gift basket for an easy to deliver gift, whether for Christmas, birthdays, or other celebrations.   Below are a few options that work great for friends, co-workers, bosses, or family that can be purchased through Amazon.

For some people the perfect gift may be a homemade dish of pasta, or Italian Christmas cookies. If you are not keen on the idea of making a meal from scratch as a gift, (not many people are these days), then a gift basket may just fit the bill.

The Proud Italian

Don’t just say it… wear it!

Within every true blooded Italian, there is a voice… a very strong voice. It does not matter if it makes itself known once a year or every hour, it is there.

Do not dismiss the stereotypes either, such as the Italian couple arguing loudly, flinging hands up in the air, staring each other down and then finding comfort in each others passionate love making embrace …it happens.

You can observe this passion in everything they do, from kissing their spouse in the morning to eating their linguini at night. When they say their food is beautiful, they say it with emotion! When they are upset, everyone will know about it. If they are pleased with something, everyone will hear about it.

Italians know how to command a presence when they walk into a room. They know how to pick a person apart with a single “look”, and they certainly know how to say what they mean and mean what they say.

Yet, at the same time, Italians are some of the most sensitive and caring people you could ever find. Give Mr. Bigshot in the room a little baby infant to hold, and watch Mr. Bigshot transforms into Mr. Softy before your very own eyes.

Whatever passion they have, albeit boisterous or internally, the Italian experiences them all with great zeal and tremendous respect.

The Gift of Italian Meat

Italians loves their meats.   So why not go with the tried and true sausage and pepperoni options?  Amazon offers a bunch of options that as of today are offered with free shipping if you have Prime.

Perhaps now you can see the importance of food in Italian culture. Not only is it a part of their culture in and of itself, but can be found in every facet of Italian life.

It is no surprise to know that Italians often give food as gifts.

Italian themed gift baskets were the norm far before they became commercialized. Offering a basket of fruit was common back in the day between friends and family.

We must not forget Italians are not the only ones who appreciate Italian gift baskets. In fact, anyone who respects Italian food and Italian culture would be impressed with such a gift.

The Gift of Coffee Items

We must never forget how Italians love their coffee and espresso.   Espresso cups and saucers are a great idea and often very affordable.   Here are some coffee related items at Amazon that might help get your creative juices flowing.

When choosing a food item, look for items suitable for the person you are buying the gift for. For example, if the person is allergic to milk, you may want to stay away from cheese gift baskets and opt for a pasta gift basket instead.

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