Exciting Italian Christmas Gift Ideas For Anyone

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It’s Christmas time and it’s the season for giving. In this post I’ll provide you with thoughtful and creative Italian Christmas gift ideas that will help you on our journey to find the perfect gift for those in your life.

Gifts for Italian family

Italian Christmas Gifts

Italians are passionate people. I know because I’m one of them, and so is my husband.

So when Christmas starts coming around, it’s time to start thinking of some creative Italian Christmas gift ideas. Finding the right gift can be challenging. So I hope that this list that I’ve put together will help you find the perfect Italian Christmas present for your loved ones this season.

Ready to get inspired with your gift-giving?

Food Ideas

Italians love food so you can’t go wrong here. In fact, you can check out my entire list of ideas for Italian food gifts for Christmas that I compiled.

Italian Cheese Making Kits

Who doesn’t love fresh mozzarella or ricotta cheese? As long as the recipient isn’t on a dairy-free diet, food kits are very inexpensive. It’s a great Christmas gift for anyone who loves Italian cheese.

cheese making kit for christmas

Biscotti Boxes

biscotti in gift box

Gift Baskets

italian gift basket

There are lots of varieties out there. But make sure to check the dimensions and online reviews. Some look like their nice and impressive, but are actually much smaller than they appear. If you’re feeling creative, check out my post on how to make an Italian gift basket.

Italian Pastries and Cookies

assorted pastries

A collection of various Italian pastries and cookies are always lovely to munch on. I can’t think of a single soul that wouldn’t appreciate this as a thoughtful gift.

Dried Fruit

fruit trays for Christmas gifts

Want something that’s a bit healthier than cookies? Try a tray of dried fruit. I used to order these for my bosses at work and they always appreciated them. They usually include dates, apricots, and other fruits. Some even include nuts like pistachios.

Olive Oil Gourmet Sets

olive oil gift kits

Inspire the culinary chef within by choosing an olive oil gourmet set. These are sets of olive oils that are usually different flavors. You can also find them with different types of balsamic vinegars too.

Italian Christmas Cookies (pack of 4)

cookie italian gift set

How about a 4-pack of different Italian Christmas cookies such as amaretto? These may not be pastries, but they who doesn’t love their Italian cookies with a cup of java?

Italian Meats

Consider a gift for those who love their salami and pepperoni. Here’s an gift that is perfect for Christmas for anyone who loves Italian meats!

meats for italian christmas gift
italian food gifts for Christmas

Find More Italian Food Gifts for Christmas. Get Lots of Ideas and Find the Perfect Gift Today!


For the Italian-at-heart, you’ve got to consider some good ol’ fashioned Italian music classics. Whether it’s for the older generations or for the younger ones that want to experience more Italian culture, let’s find some music.

I can hear the accordions playing now.

So in regards to music as an Italian gift idea, you can still get some of the real Italian authentic artists from back in the day. 

Gifts for Italian family

You can check out CDs or Vinyls you can get online at places like Amazon.

One of my favorites that I play for my Sicilian mother-in-law when I’m visiting is Claudio Villa.

Let’s make some pasta

There’s nothing like real homemade pasta. This makes a great Christmas gift for anyone who who considers themselves a pasta lover!

Hand crank pasta maker

Whether you are looking for a manual Pasta Maker with hand a crank or an electric one, be sure it’s one that isn’t cheaply made. These can also range in price.

Italians take their pasta seriously so make sure it’s easy to use. Never expect them to replace their tried and true one they’ve used for decades unless it’s broken!

marcata pata maker

Electric Pasta makers

electric pasta maker

I’m a huge fan of the Philips Electric Pasta Maker. I have an older version which I talk about in my review here, and the pasta that comes out is great! I recommend taking a good look at these. Just keep in mind, you have less creativity as with a hand crank, but these are quick and easy to clean.

Clothing Ideas

Here’s some additional Italian Christmas gift ideas that can work for nearly anyone in any family. Some of these sayings are just down-right hysterical.

Italian teeshirts for men
Italian track jacket

Italian Christmas Gifts for Kitchenware

Bring a touch of Italy into the kitchen, the one place Italians love to be. Here are some more Italian Christmas gift ideas for you!


christmas gift ideas for italians

If you’re going to enjoy Italian food, you might as well serve it with some Italian plates and Italian pasta bowls! There are a lot of options out there. If you want to find some plates that are actually Made in Italy, make sure it specifically states that.

Kitchen Clocks


An Italian clock adds a nice Italian feel to a kitchen. Above is just one design, but there are a ton you can choose from!

Coffee and Espresso

Espresso cups are always fun to have on hand. Take a look online and see if any jump out as the perfect Christmas gift you’re looking for! Some are made in Italy, some are not. The one shown here is offered in black and white, are stackable and seem to have great ratings.

espresso cups stacked

Wine Glasses Make a Nice Christmas Gift for Italians


Italians love their wine so why not some wine glasses made in Italy. The above set is exactly that. Buy a nice bottle of wine to go along with them and you’re all set for a great gift!

I hope this list of Italian Christmas Gift Ideas was helpful and inspiring. I wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas… Italian-style of course!

Exciting Italian Christmas Gift Ideas For Anyone

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