Italian Christmas Gift Ideas

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It’s Christmas time and it’s the season for giving. In this post I’ll provide you with thoughtful and creative Italian Christmas gift ideas that will help you on our journey to find the perfect gift for those in your life.

Gifts for Italian family

Italians are passionate people. I know because I’m one of them, and so is my husband.

So when Christmas starts coming around, it’s time to start thinking of some creative Christmas gift ideas.

Let’s get started…

Christmas Gift Ideas for Italian Dad

If your dad loves dunking biscotti in his coffee, buy some handcrafted biscotti from Amazon .

Wine is a good Italian Christmas Gift Idea

Some Italians are picky about their wines, but if they like to experiment and try new wines, try a Wine of the Month club subscription.

wine of the club month

Christmas Gift for Old Italian Mothers

Old Italian grandmas or mothers will undoubtedly love classic Italian music with the accordions playing and original singers from the 50s and 60s.

So in regards to music as an Italian gift idea, you can still get some of the real Italian authentic artists from back in the day. 

Gifts for Italian family

You can check out CDs or Vinyls you can get online at places like Amazon.

One of my favorites that I play for my Sicilian mother-in-law when I’m visiting is Claudio Villa.

Pasta Makers Make a Good Italian Christmas Gift

Whether you are looking for a manual crank machine or an electric one, be sure it’s one that isn’t cheap.

Italians take their pasta seriously so make sure it’s easy to use. Never expect them to replace their tried and true one they’ve used for decades unless it’s broken!

Manual Pasta Maker Machine


Philips Electric Pasta Maker – You can actually check out my review here.

electric pasta maker

More Italian Christmas Gifts Ideas

Here’s some additional Italian Christmas gift ideas that can work for nearly anyone in any family.

Italian Clothing

Italian track jacket
Italian teeshirts for men
italian gift for italian men

Meat Gift Box

Italian Meat Gift Box

Italian Kitchenware 

christmas gift ideas for italians

Italian Kitchen Clocks


Wine Glasses Make a Nice Christmas Gift for Italians

Italian Christmas Gift Ideas