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italian valentines day gift ideas


Amore!  Love is in the air!   Valentine’s Day is arriving soon and I’ve got some awesome Italian-themed Valentine’s Day gift ideas to help you out.    

I’ve included Italian Valentine gift ideas that will fit any budget from small to large.   Enjoy and happy inspiration! And remember, you don’t have to be Italian to appreciate the Italian style!

Italian Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

MiaBella Rose Gold over Sterling Silver Elegant Bracelet

rose gold bracelet

Price at time of publishing:  $39

Italian women love Italian jewelry that’s from Italy and Valentine’s Day is a great time for it.   Make her feel special with a special gift from a special place… Italy!   This MiaBella bracelet is rose gold over sterling silver.  MiaBella has a line of jewelry you can also check out.

Italian Made Hearts Become 1 Stone Candle Set

become 1 candle holder

Price at time of publishing:  $19

This is a cool gift too, it’s a Hearts Become 1 Stone Tealight Candle Holder  that includes a Gift Box, 2 Candles & a blank message card.   The candle holder is reusable.   

Italian Flag Heart Shaped Wine Stopper

Italian heart wine stopper

Italy. Love.  Wine.  That’s what this lovely wine stopper says.  The three just always go so well together, capice? 

Italian Jewelry and Music Box

Rose Jewelry Box

Price at time of publishing:  $119

Give her a special place to put her jewelry and special items.  These Italian crafted jewelry boxes are  uniquely made and made in Italy.  Some are musical boxes and others have elegant locks and keys.   Check the shipping time on these. 


Italian Expanding V-Day Card

italian pop up card

Price at time of publishing:  $8

I wouldn’t normally include a valentine’s day card, but I thought this Wonder Pop Up card is the most creative card I’ve ever seen!  It says Italia beautifully!   The card alone is a keeper!   

Italian Biscotti

italian biscotti

I’ve included this biscotti gift box in my other gift guides and I just had to include it in this one too.  Biscotti is always a winner in my book and Valentine’s day is a perfect reason to buy this gift for someone special.  

Valentine’s Day Coffee Thermos Mug

vday wife mug

Price at time of publishing:  $15

Every woman wants to be told they are beautiful, and this special thermos is a reminder for her every time it’s used.  This style of mug also come available for men too with different designs – shown below.   

vday husband mug

Price at time of publishing:  $15

Very creative and perfect for Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion. 


The I Love You Necklace in 120 Languages

i love you necklace 120 languages

Price at time of publishing:  $139 – $379

This I Love You Necklace is gorgeous and unique.  Not only does it display I Love You in 120 languages but that also includes braille and sign language.   It is 24K gold and the metal style is offered in Sterling Silver, White Gold, Yellow Gold and Gold Plated Silver.   You can never say I Love You too many times!

A Romantic Rose that Will Last Forever Like Your Love

gold plated real rose

Price at time of publishing:  $69

This is such a unique gift I have never seen before, and if my husband happens to be reading this… hint hint…   

Although it isn’t Italian, I had to include this anyway.   This rose is literally a real rose that has been preserved through an 80 day process. Don’t expect yours to look exactly as in the picture since each rose is real and variations will occur. 

It includes real 24K gold including the stem of the rose and is available in multiple colors.

Keep in a special vase for everyone to see.  How romantic!

I Love Italy Cute Coffee Mug

i love italy coffee mug

This is such an adorable Italian-themed coffee mug!   The little Italian children are so cute and you can’t help smiling everytime you reach for the mug.   Enjoy!


Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Faith Hope Love Cross Pendant Necklace

cross necklace

Price at time of publishing:  $24

I know.. more jewelry, but you seriously can’t go wrong.  I included this Love cross necklace because of the Christian message when Christ said,  “…Faith, Hope and Love, and the greatest of these is Love.”  

Carved in Bark Canvas Wraps

engraved bark canvas wrap

Price at time of publishing:  $28

These are canvas prints that can be framed or non-framed.  The size is 27 3/4 x 19 3/4.   They are customized and created to order, so it will take about 2 days to create, so make sure to have plenty of time to allow for shipping.   Although this isn’t Italian, I thought it was very romantic!


Lavender Bouquet Bat Soap from Italy

Italian lavender soap set

Price at time of publishing:  $42

These lavender bouquet bath soaps are made in Italy, individually wrapped and are vegetable based.   This gift includes a soap box which can be used for storing other items.    For any women who loves Italy and the beautiful scent of lavender, this gift will be a hit!


Italian Perfume

Catherine de Medici Italian perfume for women

Price at time of publishing:  $110

Wonderful and elegant perfume is always a lovely gift idea for women.   If your lady is Italian or love’s all things Italian, she’ll be sure to appreciate Italian perfume (profumi d’Italia).   This line of Catherine de Medici’s perfume is handmade in Florence, Italy and there are quite a number of different fragrances available. 

Gluten and Dairy Free, Vegan, Chocolate Assortment by Amore di Mona

gluten free chocolate

Price at time of publishing:  $48

These are a perfect chocolate gift for those who can’t have dairy or other sensitive ingredients.   Made by Amore di Mona, these include 33 chocolates made from cocoa sourced from Belgium and France. 


Men’s Leather Italian Bracelet

italian wristband for men

Price at time of publishing:  $49

These Italian Forziani wristbands/bracelets are made from genuine leather and perfect for men.   Simple and so Italian!

Italian Gift Ideas for Valentine\'s Day