35+ Best Italian Gifts for Women: 2023 Idea Guide for Her

Whether it’s for the holidays such as Christmas, or other special occasion, choosing gifts for an Italian woman, or a woman who loves all things Italian isn’t always easy.

There are many different types of gifts you choose from but finding perfect Italian gifts for her doesn’t have to be as overwhelming or confusing as you might think.

Italian Gift Ideas for Women

italian gifts for women

Yes, us women can be picky when it comes to receiving gifts, so as an Italian woman myself, I’ll help you along the way.

Whether for your mother, grandmother, girlfriend, wife, other family member, or just a friend, here are some thoughtful gift ideas that might help out.

Italian Gifts for Her

As I stated above, a woman doesn’t have be full-blooded Italian to consider herself Italian. My mother had no Italian blood in her, but wed into an Italian family that was first generation.

The Italian parents barely spoke English if any at all.

But they welcomed her in as their own and she was one of the family the first day they met her, and she considers herself Italian to this day.

Whether the woman you’re picking a gift for loves all things Italian or IS all things Italian, I’ve compiled a list of creative and unique Italian gift ideas where each one is Italian-inspired!  I tried to include as many authentic Italian gifts as possible that are straight from Italy.

Most gifts can be broken down into the following categories for women who consider themselves Italy lovers.

  • Jewelry and Accessories
  • Apparel
  • Italian Books
  • Cookware
  • Chocolate

Italian Gifts for Her – Jewelry

A classic Italian design for jewelry is Italian Byzantine. It’s tightly woven and create a beautiful mesh appearance. It’s typically made from sterling silver. It’s the perfect gift for the lovely woman in your life, and especially perfect for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or the holidays such as Christmas.

Italian Byzantine Jewelry

There is a wide selection and prices range from as low as $25 in the Miabella collection which is made in Italy or as high as $199 for the Ross Simon brand as shown below.

italian gifts for her - italian bracelet

Italian women love Italian jewelry!  From earrings to necklaces, there are lots of options you can choose. 

Italian jewelry somehow always gives a sense of elegance and style even to the likes of Sophia Loren. You can make her feel special and appreciated with a special gift that says Italian!

Spendid Italian Music Boxes

italian jewlery box silver

I decided to add Jewerly box as a separate item because there are beautiful custom designed boxes made in Italy that you can order through Amazon’s resellers such as Splendid Music Box company.   

Granted, Splendid is not a low-cost item, but range above $200. The quality however is beautiful and unique.

Some of the boxes are actually shaped like an egg – shown below.

Italian gifts for her jewelry

Some are also musical boxes and some with lock and key. 

These aren’t your every day gifts, they are beautifully made, well crafted and will last a lifetime. 

Italian Gifts for Women That Enjoy Reading and Writing

Journals can be thoughtful, but when it’s a journal that is handcrafted and made in Italy, it becomes even more thoughtful and meaningful.

There are many different styles and colors you can choose from. These are 5″ x 8.3″ which make it easy to carry for travels or simply to keep as a diary or sketching.

Handmade Journals from Italy

italian gifts for women who write

For the lady who enjoys writing, or keeping a journal for her thoughts, an Italian journal can be what inspires her to relax and think of the finer things in life, like dreaming of the Italian countryside, the Italian foods, or writing her own travelling experiences.

You can see the full collection on Amazon and the very positive ratings people have given these journals.

Italian Books and Novels for Her

Italian novels

Why settle for just any novel?  Give her a book that takes her through the hills and winding roads of Italy through the eyes of those who have written about it. These Italy books are entertaining, interesting, and make great coffee table books.

Here are some books that range from fiction to non-fiction and makes unique Italian gifts. I personally think these types of gifts are great for an Italy-loving friend who can really escape with these books.

book gifts for italian women - Bella Figura

Bella Figura: How to Live, Love, and Eat the Italian Way  

There are also some interesting historically based or influenced books about influential women in Italy’s history.  I’ve listed a few below.

The deadly sisterhood Italian renaissance book

Deadly Sisterhood (historical book): A Story of Women, Power, and Intrigue in the Italian Renaissance  

women of sicily book

Women of Sicily: Saints, Queens & Rebels. This book chronicles women and their inspiring stories of courage and conviction. Most of these women lived before 1500.

Italian Language Learning Books and Tapes

italian short stories

Help her learn Italian with fun short stories instead of relying just on textbooks!  These are affordable lessons perfect for the beginner and include over 20 stories.  

For a wider range of learning products, check them out here.

Italy Travel Books

italy travel book for her

If she wants to travel Italy, you can consider some virtual tours, but also try a travel book. Many of these will tell you what to do, where to go, and where not to go! Be careful though, it might inspire her to take the plunge and book that flight to Italy today!

Make sure the book is a current edition relevant for the current year.

Kitchen Items as Italian Gifts for Women

Here are some more Italian inspired gift ideas for women that they might enjoy while in the kitchen. From aprons to cookware, they’ll love it.

Italian Cookbooks and Preserving Italy

preserving italy

Italian cookbooks will never go out of style!  There are plenty you can choose from, but this book focuses on preserving foods by canning, curing, and other methods!  

Italian Aprons and Shopping Totes

italian aprons for women

Here’s an apron for the Nonna in your life!

Nonna kitchen apron

Sure you can get the typical frilly aprons sold online, but why not make it extra special with an Italian-inspired apron that encourages and shows off her Italian pride while cooking? 

Reusable Shopping Tote

Shop in style with the Reusable Italian-themed shopping tote!

italian shopping tote gift for her

Italian Kitchen Wall Decor and Home Decorations

Italian kitchen wall art

Spread some Italian love in the kitchen with wall art that says it all! 

tuscan wall art

You can also choose some Italy Tuscan Wall Art like these canvas prints. She can hang them in any room or office.

Awesome Italian Themed Tee Shirts

Italian tee shirts for women

What greater way to show off Italian pride than by wearing it loud and bold with Italian tee shirts!  There are a number of funny and humorous sayings that will be sure to get a good laugh!   

There are lots of of other Italian gift ideas online, but the one above gets to the core of Italian culture stating, “The kitchen is the heart of the home”.  

Made in Italy Espresso Cup Set and Holders

espresso cups

There are so many espresso cup sets available, but the two I found online were Made in Italy!

Embrace La Grande Vita – this is a Store on Amazon that sells handmade Italian ceramics and other kitchenware products. Take a look, it’s impressive.

Thats Arte – This too is a store on Amazon that specializes in Italian pottery like the colorful espresso cup in the image above. Check them out.

italian gift for espresso cups

This colorful set of espresso cups is from an Amazon store called Sweese Store.

They are not made in Italy but are classic Italian in style and color. This particular Italian style set also has over 4000 positive reviews and at the time of this writing, less than $25!

Coffee Mugs with Italian Designs: 

italian gift for nonna

Everyone love Nonna!  All you have to say is the word and a smile is on your face!

You can check out these mugs here, there are various styles that will help her start every day off right… with a smile!

Italian Handbags and Purses

Italian backpack and purse

Some other options too:
Floto Napoli Italian leather

100% Genuine leather – made in Italy by brand Generic.

BARONCELLI Italian Leather Purse – comes in many colors besides white.

Italians are known for style and fashion, so fashionable handbags and purses that are Made in Italy is a great gift for any Italian woman who cares about quality products, likes high fashion design, and loves genuine Italian leather.

Food Gifts for Italian Women

Women who are Italian or love all things Italian will 100% love pasta and biscotti!

Biscotti however makes a better impression. 🙂

Biscotti for her coffee

Biscotti Cookie Gift Box

You can’t ever go wrong giving a biscotti gift box to any woman who loves her espresso, mocha, latte, or straight coffee! Many of these handcrafted biscotti boxes are handcrafted in small bathes.

They taste amazing and can also make perfect Italian co-worker gift ideas too. I used to order these for Italian Christmas gifts for my bosses and they were always appreciated.

These beautifully boxed biscotti cookies are always impressive and presents well. 

Italian Olive Oils

italy product olive oil

Olive oil can come from many countries, but we all love it when it says Product of Italy. Here’s a brand that offers such a thing and offers it as extra virgin olive oil. Search at local stores but here are some Italian olive oils you can try. Expect to pay more than regular grocery store prices, but she will be impressed with the real deal.

Italian Balsamic Vinegar

modena balsamic aged

If you’re considering Italian olive oil, you should really couple it with some Italian balsamic vinegar. One of the most popular brands is Modena. If you want some really extra special as a very unique Italian gift, try their 25 year Aged Extra Virgin Balsamic. It’s beautiful.

For a range of prices and products visit here.

Italian Wines

If you want to stick with the food theme, I’d consider throwing two Italian wines. If you not sure what she likes, get her a red and a white.

Two popular Italian red wine is a Pino Noir or a Chianti Classico. You will probably be able to find these at your local liquor store.

A white wine would be Pino Blanc. Wine is always a thoughtful gift for wine lovers.

Italian Coffee Makers

I think Italian coffee makers deserve their own category because there are different types you can choose from.

Stainless steel stove top espresso makers

These are espresso makers and I’ve owned a lot of them. The best one I’d ever recommend is an Italian made one, called the Alessi 9090. I have an entire review on my Alessi 9090 stovetop espresso maker based on my experience as an owner. It will last forever thanks to it’s sturdy contruction.

Alessi 9090 Review

It is elegant and is beautiful. You can order them in different sizes and are available on Amazon. Just having these in the kitchen bring a little piece of Italy into the home. These are unique gifts because Alessi is a very modern brand and well… just cool.

Countertop Espresso Makers

If she is a true lover of Italy, you should really consider a countertop espresso/cappuccino machine. I can’t recommend just getting one made in Italy, I would look at quality over origin.

breville espresso machine

This Breville machine is extremely popular and has amazing reviews. But there are so many available, I can’t list them all.

Italian Pasta Makers

Making your own pasta is well… awesome. I make my own and I have two types I use. I’ll list them below. If she is into Italian cooking, she’ll appreciate these.

Automatic Electric Pasta Maker Machine

philips pasta extruder 2357-06

I recommend the Phillips Pasta Maker. It is easy to use and produces different types of long pasta – from spaghetti, angel hair, lasagna, fettuccini, and you can make penne. I recommend getting the extra extruder shapes instead of waiting for later.

It’s also easy to clean which is a plus. I talk more about the features in my online review of the Philips pasta maker here.

Manual Pasta Maker

italian pasta maker for her

The Imperia Pasta Maker comes with all the attachments you need, plus it’s Made in Italy and made of Stainless Steel, so it won’t flake off over time. Yes that can happen with aluminum ones – it happened to me so in the trash it went.

This helps free up an extra hand and makes it easier to use the machine. A manual pasta maker will be able to accommodate additional shapes that the Phillips can’t do – such as making ravioli, tortellini, or gnocchi.

Food Making Kits

If your lady doesn’t know how to cook Italian food, then a food making gift set is a perfect idea. Italian food is so easy to make, so anyone can learn with these kits!

Here are some unique ideas.

Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheese Making Kit

cheese making kit

Two essential Italian cheeses come in this kit. Check it out and see if she’ll like it.

Italian Sausage Making Kit

sausage making kit

Try this sausage making kit and have complete control over the quality of ingredients such as nitrate-free meat and organic ingredients.

Italian Gift Baskets for Her

Another gift she would love is receiving an Italian gift basket. Sometimes these are the best Italian gifts because it combines food and Italy all together. Plus Italian food gift baskets usually a combination of items such as balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese, fresh pasta, and other Italian cuisine items.

Italian Themed Dinner for Two Gift Basket

gift baset for two

This is a nice basket that can provide a romantic dinner for two. Your wife or girlfriend will appreciate the variety of items included. I think these are some of the best Italian themed gifts.

Imported From Italy – Pasta Gift Set

italian food gift box for her

If she is an Italian foodie – she’ll appreciate this one. Plus it’s a lower cost range if you are working with a tighter budget, but still need a good impression.

Italian Gelato Maker

Making your own gelato at home with a gelato maker is the best! I have an article I wrote recommending different types. Here are the two main ones based on budget.

High End Gelato Maker

italian gelato maker for her

This the the king or queen of gelato makers. The Lello machine is made in Italy and although might be pricing, is amazing. It’s housing, bowl and paddle are made of durable stainless steel.

Mid-range Gelato Ice Cream Maker

cuisinart gelato maker

Here’s another gelato maker that is very popular by Cuisinart and makes regular ice cream. These are great for the whole family to enjoy together.

Italian Perfume

Italian Catherine de Medici Italian perfume for women

Wonderful and elegant perfume is always a lovely gift idea for women.  She’ll be sure to appreciate Italian perfume (profumi d’Italia).   

This line of Catherine de Medici’s perfume is handmade in Florence, Italy. 

Gift Cards

amazon gift card for her

This is one of my favorites and I think it’s a great idea. Even though it doesn’t have that unique touch, sometimes women just want to pick out their own items. You can purchase gift cards online at Amazon right here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of Italian gift ideas for women. I think they are some of the best Italian-themed gifts you could think of – especially coming from an Italian myself.

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35+ Best Italian Gifts for Women: 2023 Idea Guide for Her35+ Best Italian Gifts for Women: 2023 Idea Guide for Her