Italian Gift Ideas for Co-Workers and Bosses

No matter what the occasion, use this list of gift ideas for bosses and coworkers that appreciate all things Italian.

Use my list below as a quick way to decide what to get or for inspiration in your brainstorming efforts to finding the perfect gift!  If you’re interested in looking for Italian gifts for family, make sure to check out that list as well. 

  1. Have some fun with an Italian version of monopoly…. Italyopoly!   
    Perfect for the coworker that enjoys playing games with their family or kids, but this time it’s an Italian board game

  2. Bold Italian Stand Up Sign   
    Say it like you mean it!  That’s what this bold and proud Italian sign does no matter where your co-worker decides to place it whether in the office or at home. 

  3. Biscotti Gift Basket
    You’re Italian (and non-Italian) coworkers will feel like they just went to heaven with a Biscotti Gift Basket!   Whether you go with a gift basket like this, or a regular container of standard biscotti, everyone loves biscotti!

  4. Panettone Cake 
    This is a classic Italian dessert that you can get at most grocery stores during the holiday season.  The more authentic ones have bits of dried fruit in the dessert as shown below.  These are inexpensive and it’s a dessert that doesn’t require refrigeration.   Panettone is perfect for the office party or at home in the kitchen!
  5. Italian Christmas Ornaments
    For a thoughtful gift that you can purchase an Italian themed ornament for their Christmas tree.  There are various themes from the Italian flag to the leaning tower of Pisa.   It’s simple and yet friendly with an Italian flare. 

  6. Italian coasters!   
    Perfect for putting a glass of wine or a coffee cup.   Check out the other designs as well.  The coaster set shown below includes the holder too. 

  7. Stylish Italian Tea Cups for the Female Co-worker 
    These Italian decorated tea cups are show stoppers with a female Italian flare for style. 

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Italian Gift Ideas for Co-Workers and Bosses