Italian Mushroom Recipes

Here’s a lovely collection of Italian recipes that use mushrooms. If you’re wondering what to do with your mushrooms, maybe these ideas will help. From appetizers to pasta and mushroom recipes, get ready to be inspired.

marinated mushrooms recipe
Italian Marinated Mushrooms
Enjoy this easy to make Italian marinated mushrooms recipe that is so simple and can be used for antipasto platters, parties, holidays, or an Italian side dish.
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breaded mushrooms th
Italian Breaded Mushrooms
Whether baked or fried, these Italian breaded mushrooms are delicious and are perfect for party appetizers.
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Mushroom Bolognese Recipe
A great Italian recipe for bolognese that uses mushrooms instead of meat.  The flavor is great and very satisfying!
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how to make stuffed mushrooms
Italian Stuffed Mushrooms
Easy Italian recipe for making stuffed mushrooms that taste great and impress everyone!
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ravioli butter mushrooms recipe
Ravioli with Butter Sauce, Sage and Mushrooms
This ravioli recipe uses a light butter sauce with cooked mushrooms and Italian herbs. It's very impressive and yet so easy to make. I use frozen cheese ravioli. It's also very flexible and you can adjust quantities easily.
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mushroom ricotta pasta th
Mushroom Ricotta Pasta
This easy and quick pasta recipe uses ricotta and Romano as the base for a creamy white sauce. Can be made with or without the mushrooms.
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Orzo and Mushroom Risotto
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Pasta Alfredo with Mushrooms
Super easy Italian recipe for an Alfredo pasta recipe with mushrooms.  Fast and tastes awesome!
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Italian Mushroom Recipes

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