Easy Italian Soup Recipes that Everyone Loves

Here is a collection of delicious and easy Italian soup recipes that you’ll love. Served with artisan crusty bread these soups can be used for weeknight dinners or for special occasions. From a hearty vegetable-filled winter minestrone soup to a delicate but flavorful Italian wedding soup, you’ll be sure to find the perfect soup that hits the spot!

For extra flavor, make sure to keep some grated Romano or Parmesan cheese on hand to sprinkle on top when serving.

Italian Soup Recipes

italian pastina soup
Italian Pastina Soup
Enjoy this soul-warming Italian soup when the weather is cold, or you're feeling under the weather. Made with pastina (tiny pasta) with flavorful chicken broth, this delicious and easy soup goes great with authentic homemade Italian bread!
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winter minestrone soup
Italian Winter Minestrone Soup
This Italian winter minestrone soup is indeed perfect for cold weather. It's hearty and flavorful, using lots of vegetables to help create the perfect stock that will warm you up! This version is a meatless soup, and is packed with protein thanks to the creamy cannellini beans we use.
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stracciatella soup th
Stracciatella alla Romana (Italian Egg Drop Soup)
If you like egg drop soup, you'll love this Italian version. This soup is most popular in Rome, Italy but now you can make it in your own home. Enjoy this easy soup today!
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vegan cabbage and potato soup
Italian Cabbage and Potato Soup
For those who want a vegan soup with Italian flavors, this soup is for you. This healthy soup uses cabbage and potatoes along with carrots, onion, celery and herbs. This soup is excellent for the stomach thanks to the cabbage.
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cannellini bean soup
Italian Cannellini Bean Soup
One of my favorite soups, this soup relies on the cannelini beans which are partially blended or smashed to create a thick and creamy texture. The use of a good broth, escarole leaves, and dry white wine all come together to create the perfect blend of flavors.
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chicken pastina soup th
Italian Chicken Pastina Soup Recipe
Similar to our pastina soup recipe, this Italian recipe uses chicken pieces to really boost the level of flavor. This soup is a great way to use leftover chicken or even turkey!
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creamy kale soup th
Creamy Italian Kale Soup
Here's a healthy soup that tastes amazing. It uses chopped kale and cannellini white beans which are blended to create a healthy creamy texture. No heavy cream or milk required!
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italian kale soup recipe
Italian Kale Soup
My husband first created this recipe when I was sick and he wanted to make sure I had lots of healthy nutrients. He knew I loved Italian soups and so he created this version so I'd be sure to eat it, and it was delicious! I eventually got the ingredient measurements right, and soon after posted it online to share. If you want an alternative to chicken soup that is healthy and nourishing, this is it!
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homemade italian wedding soup
Italian Wedding Soup Recipe
This Italian wedding soup is easy and delicious, perfect for special occasions or when you're just in the mood for a comforting soup. It uses all beef mini-meatballs, hand rolled and cooked in the chicken broth itself along with Italian parsley. You can use your own homemade broth or use a quality brand you like from the store. Keep the flavors simple and let the marriage between the chicken and the meatballs begin.
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blended chickpea soup
Italian Blended Chickpea Soup
This healthy Italian blended chickpea soup can be made with chicken or vegetable broth. Use a regular blender or hand blender to puree up the chickpeas. This recipe also uses cannellini beans to make sure the texture has a creaminess to it. Whether you're vegetarian or not, this soup is protein-filled and easy to make!
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Traditional Italian Pasta Fagioli Soup with Ditalini in a bowl
Italian Pasta Fagioli Soup
Pasta fagioli soup, also known as pasta fazool, is a classic Italian bean soup. It uses beans, vegetables, tomatoes, and small pasta shapes to create a mix of texture and flavors that make you wanting more. This recipe is very flexible, allowing you to use various beans such as black beans, red kidney beans, or cannellini beans. Remember to top your soup with grated Italian cheese!
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Seasoning Tips for Italian Soup Recipes

Here are a few helpful tips for making Italian soups and ways you can modify them.

  1. Use olive oil to saute the basic ingredients for a stock or broth – yellow onions, celery, and carrots. Make sure you saute them until the onions are translucent, this normally takes about 8 minutes over medium heat. This way you don’t have to worry about having crunchy onions in your soup!
  2. Use red pepper flakes. This will add some heat to your soup, and it’s commonly used for spicing up Italian recipes.
  3. Top your soups with Italian cheese. I personally love Romano cheese, but Parmesan will work just as well. It adds saltiness and some creaminess to the soups. I find this especially true with my cannellini bean soup recipe.
  4. Add more vegetables. Any time you’re dealing with a vegetable soup such as minestrone, feel free to add in more vegetables. One common ingredient is green beans. My grandmother included these in her recipe for minestrone and even though I don’t, it doesn’t mean you can’t. The truth is, I use what I have on hand!
  5. Make it a meat soup! Turn a vegetable soup into a meat soup by adding in cooked sausage or beef.
  6. Add small pasta shapes. Some traditional Italian soups aren’t known for using pasta in them – like minestrone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add them in if you like them. I recommend using small shapes like ditalini or for more delicate soups, use small shapes like acini di pepe, or orzo!

What Type of Broth Do Italian Soups Use?

This depends on the recipe itself. But here are a few tips.

  1. Check the ingredient list. If using store bought broth, always look at the list of ingredients. You may find herbs or spices you wouldn’t normally use. I often see thyme, rosemary, and marjoram listed on boxes and I shy away from those. They may be great for some recipes, but many Italian soups need a basic carrots, onions, and celery mix.
  2. Use chicken bullion. If the recipe is one that creates it’s own broth, like my minestrone, but you want to add some more fullness to the flavor, then I recommend using chicken bullion. This way you’re just adding in the chicken flavor without risking changing the entire soup.
  3. Recipes that use beef for the meat, will taste good with chicken broth. I at first found this odd in concept, but quickly discovered it was so true. My Italian wedding soup is proof of that.
  4. For a tomato base sauce or broth, use a can of diced tomatoes along with the juices. If you don’t want chunks of tomato in your soup, then use tomato puree or tomato paste.

Common Beans to use in Italian Soups

Beans play an important role in Italian soups. Beans are a good source of protein and not to mention extremely economical. So here are some common types of beans that are safe to use in Italian soups.

  1. Cannellini beans. These are actually a type of white bean, but they are known for their creamy texture. That’s why I often mash them in soups for a creamier consistency. But these beans are soft and easy to eat, making them great for salads, like my cannellini bean salad recipe.
    These beans are not overly powerful in flavor which is why they are so versatile.
  2. Kidney beans. These beans are red and definitely have a stronger flavor than cannellini beans. Which is why they are perfect for hearty soups such as the pasta fazool soup.
    If you’re concerned with it being overpowering, then consider using a mix of the kidney beans and white beans.
  3. Chickpeas. I don’t use these too much in soups, but if you’re making a very hearty dish, add some chickpeas! These go great with thick and chunky soups.
  4. Borlotti beans. These are those cool looking white colored beans that have a pink or red marbled appearance. They are very mild with a slight nutty undertone, and can be used to replace cannellini beans.

Tips for using Pasta in Italian Soups

Here are a few tips for using pasta with your Italian soups such as pasta e fagioli, or other classic Italian soups.

  1. If you don’t want a starchy soup, cook your pasta separately in its own pot. Then rinse it to remove extra starch. Place the pasta in pasta serving bowls or soup bowls and ladle the soup on top.
  2. If you want a thick soup like pastina soup where you’re using tiny pasta shapes, then cook the pasta along with the soup.

How to Store Italian Soups

Most if not all Italian soups can be easily stored in the fridge or freezer. Always use airtight containers and label and date the contents.

  • If the soup includes meat, store in the fridge for up to 3 days, otherwise most vegetable soups will be fine for up to 5 days.
  • For long term storage, store in airtight containers leaving a little room for expansion. Then keep in the freezer for up to 6 months.

What to Serve with Italian Soups?

Italian soups can be used as a first course to a larger meal, often during holidays or special occasions. But they can also work just as well as a meal unto itself. So here are some ideas for side dishes that go well with Italian soups.

how to make garlic bread

Italian homemade garlic bread is always a good choice with Italian soups.

italian salad

An Italian green salad is a healthy choice to compliment many soups. Keep it simple with greens, olive oil and garlic, or add in fresh vegetables and tomatoes depending on the season.

italian breaded chicken breasts

Looking to really build out your meal? I recommend my delicious baked Italian breaded chicken breasts. It’s hearty and filling!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of soups and that they’ve inspired you to try some of them!

Do you have a favorite Italian soup recipe you love? Comment below in the comments section. I’d love to hear from you. And if you’ve found this post helpful, give it a share on social!

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Easy Italian Soup Recipes that Everyone LovesEasy Italian Soup Recipes that Everyone LovesEasy Italian Soup Recipes that Everyone LovesEasy Italian Soup Recipes that Everyone LovesEasy Italian Soup Recipes that Everyone LovesEasy Italian Soup Recipes that Everyone LovesEasy Italian Soup Recipes that Everyone Loves

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