Italian Valentine’s Day Desserts

Get inspired by this compiled selection of delicious and romantic Italian Valentine’s Day desserts. These special recipes listed below are all Italian or Italian-inspired. Some of these recipes are very easy only requiring a few ingredients. Others in the list might be a bit more involved but would still make excellent Valentine’s Day dessert ideas.

italian valentine's day desserts

Some of these valentine desserts are from my own Italian recipes and some are from fellow food and recipe enthusiasts.

Feel free to check them all out and I’m sure you’ll find something that is the perfect dessert for your special Italian Valentine’s Day celebration.

Let’s get started!

Easy Homemade Italian Espresso Pudding

Move over chocolate pudding, we’re upgrading you to a rich espresso pudding. This delicious espresso recipe is very easy to make from scratch and takes barely no time at all. You can make this Italian Valentine’s Day dessert easily the day before!

Easy Italian valentine's day desserts

Nutella Tiramisu

A delicious Italian inspired dessert. In this recipe ladyfingers are dipped in coffee and layered with sweet Mascarpone cream, Nutella and chopped roasted Hazelnuts.

italian valentine's day dessert recipes

Zuppa Inglese

I know you’ll enjoy this version of a classic Italian dessert. Using vanilla and chocolate pastry cream, and Italian ladyfingers it’s easy to see why Zuppa Inglese is loved by Italians all over the world.

italian valentine's day desserts


The Affogato is a classic Italian dessert consisting of sweet vanilla ice cream topped, or “drowned” with hot espresso coffee. A sweet mid-afternoon treat or after dinner pick-me-up, this espresso ice cream is just what you need to survive the hot summer months.

italian desserts for valentines

Pistachio Cheesecake

This baked pistachio cheesecake is creamy smooth, bejeweled with pistachio slivers and gleaming with golden honey.

pistachio cheesecake

Italian Tiramisu Cups

These individual tiramisu cups are an easy twist on the classic dessert, made with layers of creamy mascarpone, ladyfingers, and cocoa powder, this makes the perfect dessert!

easy desserts for valentines day

Easy Homemade Raffaello

This homemade Raffaello only requires 3 ingredients, yet, tastes so good you will want to make a few batches to keep in the freezer! This Italian dessert is a perfect recipe to make with kids as it doesn’t require cooking or baking. Pack them in a nice box and you have a customized homemade gift!

italian valentine's day dessert recipes

Light Mascarpone Mousse

This insanely easy mascarpone mousse is for mascarpone lovers. It has 5 simple ingredients, yet is luxuriously creamy and absolutely delicious.

italian desserts for valentines day

Ricotta with Apricot Jam

Light and refreshing this ricotta and apricot jam recipe takes less than 5 minutes to create. Feel free to substitute other jams, but the apricot is always a nice match!

healthy italian valentine's day dessert

Gluten Free Tiramisu (dairy free)

In this gluten-free tiramisu, layers of coffee-infused cake are intertwined with a rich creamy filling. Totally dairy-free too!

gluten free italian valentine's day desserts

Raspberry Panna Cotta

This super light and fresh Raspberry Panna Cotta with homemade Raspberry Compote topping is a delicious and easy, delightful dessert. It is the perfect make-ahead dessert for a party or to simply enjoy as a sweet treat!

Italian valentine's day dessert ideas

Italian Valentine Desserts

I hope you’ve enjoyed theses ideas for Italian valentine desserts that will hopefully make their way into your special romantic evening. From espresso pudding to panna cotta, these desserts are full of flavor and love.

These special desserts should be easy for you to make. Do not prepare them too far in advance. I would recommend the day before Valentine’s Day. Allow enough time to reduce your stress the day of.

Plus, should you want to make any adjustments or last minute trips to the grocery store, this allows you do exactly that!

Plan Your Italian Valentine’s Day Dessert Menu Sooner than Later

If you’re looking to prepare a full meal and not just a dessert, then I recommend that you start planning as soon as possible.

An Italian dessert menu for Valentine’s Day should not only include the primary dessert, but also a beverage.

Here are some beverages to consider.

  • Sparkling water
  • Wine
  • Sweet wine (moscato is an Italian dessert wine)
  • Non-alcoholic wine
  • Espresso, coffee, or latte

Additional Planning

And don’t forget a gift. Be thoughtful and plan ahead. Here are some gift ideas that might help.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas – This is a list for anyone that you want to give a gift to.

Italian gift ideas for him – This is a list with items specific for dads, grandpas, or boyfriends.

Italian gift ideas for her – This is a list of items specific for women such as moms, grandmas or girlfriends.

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Italian Valentine\'s Day DessertsItalian Valentine\'s Day DessertsItalian Valentine\'s Day Desserts

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