Italian Kitchen Gifts for the Cook

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Italian Kitchen themed gift ideas for the home cook are great no matter what the occasion, but here are some fun and practical ideas that may help you with some ideas or may help you generate your own ideas. 

Pasta Monsters and Salad Servers

Have fun with these crazy monster eye pasta servers. Kids will enjoy using them… and let’s not kid ourselves, so will we!

Pasta Strainer Attachment for Sauce Pan

Afraid of burning yourself while draining your pasta water? This strainer shield will help.

Ravioli Shaped Spoon Rest

Pasta, pasta and more pasta! How creative to have a ravioli spoon rest!

Herb Saver Pod

Store your parsley, basil, oregano and other herbs in these herb saver pods to keep them fresher longer.

Italian Fun Apron

Be Italian, be proud of your natural culinary abilities with this fun apron!

9 Herb Indoor Starter Kit

Grow your own fresh herbs in the window and enjoy them in your pasta and other meals.

Focaccia Art Kit

Make your own focaccia, but check out these designs with typical focaccia ingredients!

focaccia art kit for italian kitchen gift

Cheese Making Kit

Pass me the cheese please, that is your fresh homemade cheese!

cheese making kit for italian kitchen gift

Italian Cookbooks

Get inspired with Italian cookbooks. No one knows everything, we’re here to learn from each other!

italian cookbooks for kitchen gift

Philips Pasta Maker

I have the Philips Pasta Maker and did a video and review on it, but you can get the manual kinds as well.  I’d recommend making sure to get ones that are stainless steel if you go the manual route.   I have to say however, I love my Philips and it is quick and easy to use, and easy to clean as well.  

philips pasta maker for italian kitchen gift

Bread Machines

These are huge time savers.  We all love homemade bread but who has time to do all the work? With a bread maker machine all you do is pour in the ingredients and the machine handles everything from there!  They range from under $100 to much higher depending on quality and various features.

bread machines

Stovetop Espresso Maker

For high end ones that last forever, check out the Alessi 9090 review I wrote here.  Please do not get the aluminum ones.  They are cheap and won’t last.  They pit and will have to be replaced.  There are various stainless steel ones, Alessi being a major top of the line one that has been around for decades.  But there are other more budget-friendly ones out there too.   Check them out – here’s a Cuisinox:  

cuisinox espresso maker

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set

Stainless steel bowls are very lightweight and easy to clean.   We have a set, and just purchased some new ones that have silicone bottoms so they don’t slide on the counter – we love them!   These are great for anyone who does any cooking!

mixing bowl set

Herb Scissors

herb scissors

Italian Kitchen Gifts for the Cook