Yesterday we made a homemade veggie soup with some carrots, celery, onions and two cloves garlic, some chicken broth powder (without msg) and some water.  Added some Barilla orzo and it was moderately good, but honestly a bit bland.

This was undoubtedly due to the fact my husband and I are trying to go three days without any additional sodium, so that means no adding salt or grated cheese. Nothing about it was exceptional enough to call it an Italian soup, but that all changed today.

Today however was another story, as he used my soup as the base for my favorite cannellini bean soup, the recipe can be found here:

My 8 minute video is below (I can’t believe this is from nearly 4 years ago!):

He added in some cans of cannellini beans and took some extra lettuce we needed to use up and chopped it, then mixed it all together and let cook on low for… well I don’t know how long.  For me it would have been 40 minutes on medium.

He then used our hand held blender stick
which is awesome, and used that to blend some of the beans into the soup making it less watery and more creamy.  This kitchen tool is great as it does the blending job without having to transfer the soup to a regular stand mixer.   Anything that makes our life in the kitchen simpler is what we are all about!