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how to cook ravioli

Have you ever tried making ravioli for dinner only to have them break apart in the water causing half of the filling to be lost?  If you have, it is time to learn how to cook ravioli the right way.

First, start by bringing the water to a boil as you normally would.  

Second, turn the water to low/medium heat and the frozen ravioli and cook gently for about 3-5 minutes until done.

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The secret is to be gentle while cooking the ravioli

Because of the nature of ravioli with it’s thin layer of dough over the center filling, it is important not to harm or puncture that covering.  The force of the boiling water can easily cause the skin to tear.

Therefore, gently cook the ravioli as instructed above without boiling, and take care of these precious forms of pasta.

NOTE: Do not worry if the ravioli are stuck together, especially when frozen.  They will eventually separate on their own.

Draining the ravioli

The battle isn’t over yet however.   Cooking is just the first part, now you must drain the ravioli.

You can pour the ravioli into a strainer along with the hot water, but this too can cause the ravioli to rip or tear due to the force of water.

For best results, use a hand held strainer to dip into the water and lift the raviolis gently out.  Place in a serving pasta bowl and serve plain or with a thin layer of marinara pasta sauce.

As for side dishes, a nice Italian salad and toasted Italian or French bread with olive oil drizzled on top is always a suitable choice.


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