Progresso Will Release New Fresh Italian Sauces

Coming next year Progresso will be launching 4 new Italian sauces.   These are fresh sauces which can be found in the freezer section of your grocery store.  Progresso will be rolling out the promotion slowly concentrating on specific markets first.

I’ll keep you posted as I learn more.

The four sauces will be:  Alfredo, Pesto, Marsala, and a White Wine sauce.    Once the products are officially released I’ll be showcasing a few recipes for the Marsala sauce.   In fact, I am pretty honored because Progresso contacted a few Italian website owners and asked for their participation.    I am one of those people.

As a result, they have asked me to help come up with a few recipes for a new website they are creating called the Idea Pantry.  It isn’t up and running, so don’t bother to look for it until I post about it later on.

I’ll have a few videos there and on top of that they’ll be using one of my recipes on the actual packaging of one of the sauces.  Pretty cool!

So I’m going to be pretty busy in the upcoming weeks as I experiment with various types of recipes.   I have a number of ideas rolling around in my head already and can’t wait to try them out.

Well, I’ll keep you posted on the progress.  I’m pretty excited and am feeling pretty humbled they actually chose me.

Thanks for reading and until next time –


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  1. My mother loved using Progresso crushed tomatoes in a can to make her sauce. Why has it been discontinued? Is there a store in Queens, NY or NYC that sells it?

    Thank you.

    Karen Kender

  2. Hi Karen,

    I don’t know why it would be discontinued. I asked the lady that I’m working with to see if she might know, but I don’t know if that is her department.

    If I find out an answer I will post it here for you.

    Thanks for asking!

  3. Hi Karen,

    I heard back from Progresso, and they said that there wasn’t a big enough demand for them so they had to stop selling it. Here is their official answer:

    “Regrettably, this product lacked sufficient consumer support to warrant further manufacture and distribution. Therefore, all five of the Progresso Tomato varieties have been discontinued nationally as of Sunday, July 18th, 2010 and are no longer available for shipment.

    People can look up locations that might still carry the tomatoes here: (

    “Locations listed have carried the specified item within the past 90 days; however, we cannot guarantee that the store(s) currently have the product in stock.””

    Sorry I don’t have better news for your mother. It is terrible when a key ingredient in a dish is no longer carried – especially with a sauce!


  4. I am so disappointed that they have discontinued their Sauce Produts.. My Tomato Sauce has not been the same..Please bring it back..


  5. I too am so disappointed!!! Progresso should listen to their consumers and bring their canned tomatoes back on the market. My clam sauce was always such a huge hit and now, has never been the same. If anyone knows what other brand is similar, PLEASE let me know because I am just about ready to retire my recipe.

  6. Sorry to hear Progresso crushed tomatoes and puree is no longer available. Have been looking for it at every grocery store. My sauce is not the same. Hope they will bring it back.

  7. Please bring back the canned whole plum tomatoes with basil – none of my wonderful tomatoe sauces taste the same without it!!!!! The other brands are miles away in flavor.

  8. Please bring back Progresso tomato puree. My sauce is not the same PPwithout it. please. Please. Please.

  9. My minestrone soup doesn’t taste the same without the Progresso tomato paste,sauce,crushed etc.
    Please bring these great products back. This soup has been a tradition in my family for three generations. Would like to know if or when these tomato products may be available again. Thank you for letting me have a place to voice my concerns

  10. What in the world is the matter with Progresso. Their sauce is great! My sauce is not the same. I NEED their sauce. I use to get rave reviews for my sauce, not its just mediocre.

  11. This is so sad
    My grandmother,my mother used it, I used Progress Crushed tomatoes. Our sauce was wonderful. I have not found any brand as good,or even close. Please bring it back. Thanks

  12. My mother always said to use Progresso whole Italian plum tomatoes when making sauce, I always did but I haven`t seen it for a long time, I tried other brands but there was something about their tomatoes that made the best sauce. I miss it very much.

  13. Please, someone tell me a good tomato pure, and plum tomatoes I can use in place of Progresso sauces. I have no more stocked up cans, and my Italian food does not come close to my Familia old recipes. My Grandmother, Mother, and myself have used their sauces for many, many years, and now I can’t hand down my Familia recipes to my daughters..I am completely heartbroken.

  14. I used to use Progresso Marinara sauce ALL THE TIME when making either chicken or eggplant Parmesean. I guess it’s no longer available? It was the BEST marinara sauce in a jar! Please bring it back. I used it for years & years.

    Like all the others……. my sauce each week is not the same, no matter which brand I try. Even Marsano… (which is out os sight price wise) has not do it.
    I keep hoping they will bring back their tomatoes….. grown them like they used to …in the soil they used to grow them in….. and make us all happy.

    Maybe if enough of us broadcast how we feel….and how lacking the tomatoes of today are…….. someone will hear us.

  16. There are still a lot of people out there who still make there own sauce. I also used Progresso whole plum tomatoes with basil for years and have yet to find a good substitute. My sauce is just not what it used to be. It is OK, but not above average. It seems that more people just want food prepared and delivered, or go to Whole food and pick up dinner. Take a little time and make a good sauce, and you will understand why so many people are complaining about Progresso not making canned tomatoes anymore. Progresso………forget about the bottom line $$$$$ and think of the customers that have supported your products over the years………Joe ( a pissed off relocated New Yorker living in northern California)

  17. I have been looking everywhere for Progresso tomatoes with basil and paste. I now know they’ve been discontinued. This is unfortunate. I would like to carry on my dad’s sauce recipe but it specifically states to use Progresso. I, like others, have tried other brands but they are not the same. Please consider making these again. This is one of our Christmas traditions and it would be nice to have the right flavor in our sauce.

  18. I have been trying to figure out why the sauce taught my husband just isn’t right.
    I have been able to cook for awhile.
    The last sauce was almost to hard to eat.
    He had told me he had trouble finding puree for progresso.

    I am feeling a bit better. I made the sauce because I also thought maybe he was messing with it.
    No, the puree he bought is why the sauce was uneditable to me. I could tell from the puree.
    What were you thinking!
    I and my family miss it terribly .

  19. I have been so so so disappointed in Progresso for discontinuing the Tomato Puree!!!!! It was the absolute best for homemade pizza. A friend’s Italian immigrant grandmother shared it with me back in 2002 and I have tried to find and substitute. Please share any suggestion. Not Cento or Tuttorusso. HELP

  20. My Sunday sauce has never been the same since you stopped selling the canned tomatoes. I wish you would bring it back. I learned from my grandfather,who swore by Progresso. I cant imagine what he would do if he was still here.

  21. Progresso was the original canned tomatoes my great grandmother used starting in the 40s or 50s and was a staple in my family ever since! I remember the switch happening around 2010 and my father was shocked at our local supermarket for no longer having it. We’ve been using Cento ever since, but it somehow is still not the same after all of these decades.

    Progresso, if you ever come across this feed, please please please bring back the canned Crushed Tomatoes!!!

  22. Can anyone recommend a substitute for Progresso canned tomatoes and purée. I gave up making my own sauce since I did not find another suitable brand. Want to make it this year for my lasagna.

  23. I also have been looking for progresso tomato puree my mom used it all time to make her sauce since back in the fifties and sixties the company that bought them out of this product needs to bring it back for us baby boomers to carry on our family traditions. Shame on you for discontinuing a great product!

  24. Have tried so many brands & agree the Sunday sauce(gravy) is just not hitting it out of the park. So many years later we are still at a loss for Progresso. What to do next?

  25. I too have been looking for Progresso Italian Tomatoes for years now, hoping that somehow they brought them back. I know my sauce was some of the best when I lived in New Jersey, everone loved it. When I moved to Cave Creek, Arizona, I even travelled 45 miles to Phoenix to buy Progresso Tomatoes for my sauce. I cannot get my sauce to develop that taste now, no matter what I try. I moved back to the East Coast, and still no Progresso Tomatoes. BTW, I didn’t move back for tomatoes, LOL. My son was visiting last week and he said something was missing from the eggplant parmesean. It sure was; Progresso Tomatoes!!!! This is so sad, because it takes the joy out of making a sauce you used to love!
    Please Progresso, bring back those canned tomatoes!!

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