My Kitchen Recommendations To Make Life Easier!

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All the items I’ve included on this recommendations page are kitchen tools and appliances that literally make life in the kitchen easier, faster, and more fun.

I only list products or services that I either use myself, or that I’ve researched and have chosen to pass that information onto you.

Disclosure: This page contain affiliate links, but as I’ve stated above I only recommend what I have personally used and/or verified.  I hope the resources below help you! Full disclosure here.


Nutra-Bullet – I use this for so many different things when cooking.  From blending diced tomatoes into a puree/sauce for using in a tomato sauce, to blending outmeal into a fine powder, or for mixing up a quick smoothie, I love this small kitchen tool – so versatile!



Cuisinart Food Prep – I mostly use my Cuisinart for slicing.  This saves so much time when slicing potatoes, applies, or anything else that I’d otherwise have to stand there and manually do.  It’s dishwasher safe so all the parts can pretty much just be tossed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning – another time saver.   (Full review can be found here.)



Vita-Mix – Not the cheapest model, but I L-O-V-E it to death! I’ve made soups with it, I’ve created large batches of smoothies (turn them into popsicles – not just for kids), and I’ve used it for all purpose food blending.  It comes with a cookbook that has great tips and recipes.  There is so much more I haven’t even tapped into yet – definitely check it out!



Stovetop Espresso Maker – If you look at my Stovetop espresso maker review, you’ll see I’m no nonsense when it comes to my espresso.  I recommend the Alessi 9090 hands down.  I got it over 5 years ago and it has saved me tons of money by producing awesome espresso that I can turn into homemade lattes, mochas, americanos etc.. Plus I have 100% control over the quality of the milk, beans, and water unlike when purchasing at the store.  (Full review and video here).



The Best Can Opener – Why would I include such a seemingly insignificant kitchen item like this?  Because can openers are a pain in the derriere.  We tried cheap electric ones, regular hand helds that kill the fingers, side cutting ones, top cutting ones, found a great one by oxo grips but after two years even that one lost it’s ability to do well.   Now, I’m using an electric one that cuts along the side of the can not the top like most typical electric ones.   I love it and it’s so easy to use and can store away in a cabinet when not in use.  Check it out!



Fagor Pressure Cooker – Okay, I get so excited when I tell people about our pressure cooker.   I use it to cook a whole chicken that is so tender it falls apart, and the chicken broth it produces is better than anything from the store.  Risotto is a must – I’ve made barley risotto that is out of this world.  It saves me so much time and is so easy to use. It cuts my cooking time down significantly and I just love it!




Grain Mill: I’ve started using a grain mill now for flour.  It’s so hard to find organic flour that is reasonably priced.  It’s much more economical to buy the grains and mill it yourself.   We’ve been very happy with ours, and it is surprisingly extremely fast to use.  I even used it to make homemade pasta – I ground my own grains then used the flour to make my pasta with our pasta maker.   It’s also so healthy because 1) it’s fresh and 2) it’s the whole grain.   I’m learning more as I’m a novice at grains, but I’ll keep sharing as I learn!


Phillips Pasta Maker:  One of my favorite top appliances!  I hope I never have to buy pasta at the store again.  If you’re into organics then you know that finding organic pasta is not easy, and it’s not cheap.  I have 100% control of my ingredients and the taste of truely fresh pasta is so awesome. It’s easy to use, produces the pasta quickly, and it’s lightweight!   I love it!




Cuisinart French Classic 5.5 qt Tri-Ply Stainless steel Saute Pan:  I use this pan nearly every week, many times multiple times per week.  It’s perfect for one dish meals, great for frying thanks to the high sides, and can be used on the stove or in the oven.  It cleans super nice too.  I don’t know exactly how, but I never deal with burnt food that I can’t get off.  This is my favorite kitchenware product I have in my kitchen.   It’s also made in France so I feel so classy everytime I use it lol




Earthwise Electric Garden Tiller: I’m including my electric tiller because many people who enjoy fresh food will have their own gardens – whether veggie or flowers.  As a petite 5’2″ Italian chic, I was always intimidated by rototillers that my father and mother would struggle with every spring to get going.   With the encouragement of my husband (who is all for providing me with tools so he doesn’t have to do it), I tried this tiller and it’s awesome!  I don’t need his or anyone else’s help, and never have to mess with gasoline and making a mess.  I really recommend it!