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Welcome to my review page where you’ll find ALL of my product reviews!  This list is always growing and I’m always looking for new products and gadgets that will help us in la cucina.  

If you have an idea for a cool product, let me know and I’ll check it out.



 Alessi 9090 Stovetop Espresso Maker Review

Read about the Alessi 9090, the ultimate in stovetop espresso makers.  I provide an in-depth look at these and provide great tips and advice when selecting the right espresso maker for you in your kitchen.

  Where to buy pasta bowls

Beautiful Italian Pasta Bowls

Learn what kind of pasta bowl is right for you and where to buy them online.  Lots of choices, sizes, styles, and colors for everyone!  Make your food shine!

  spaghetti from the phillips pasta machine

Phillips Pasta Maker and Machine

More than a review!  This machine is a true member of our household and it makes the best fresh pasta every time.  It’s fast and easy to use!


Fagor Electric Pressure Multi-Cooker

What a time saver!  This amazing pressure cooker can also be a slow-cooker.   I’ve used it to cook a whole chicken that turns out perfect each time, as well as for making risotto!  Check it out!

  earthwise tiller

Review of the Earthwise 7100 Tiller/Cultivator

Perfect for the Italian or non-Italian gardener!  Easy to start and easy to use for anyone. I love mine and use it for my Italian vegetable garden.  No gasoline required, it’s 100% electric!


Cuisinart ICE 100 Ice Cream and Gelato Maker Review

Perfect for the summer and for making homemade desserts all year round!  Easy to use and fast!

  waring pro meat grinder

Waring Pro Meat Grinder for Your Home Review

Use a meat grinder in the safety of your own home to grind up the meat just the way you like it – fresh!

  Chefs Choice 667 Food Slicer

Chef’s Choice Home Meat Slicer

Ready to take your culinary skills to the next level? Read about the Chef’s Choice meat slicer for home use and how you can really shake things up!

  cuisinart 11 prep

Cuisinart Prep -11 Plus Food and Dough Processor

Read why I rate this food processor as one of the best!  Save time in the kitchen with this great appliance.  Small enough to fit on the counter and convenient enough to never put away!

  Norpro Stainless Steel Deluxe 12 Inch Locking Tong

My Favorite Tongs…

These are my favorite stainless steel tongs!  They actually stay closed in the drawer!  Find out why I recommend using them.