Beautiful Italian Pasta Bowls Made In Italy

Whether for personal use, as a gift, or a decorative collection piece, Italian pasta bowls from Italy are an expression of true appreciation and love for Italian culture. These bowls are one more exciting and special way of bringing a piece of Italy into our homes!

italian pasta bowls

Finding Italian Pasta Bowls

However, not all pasta bowls are created equal. Many so-called Italian pasta bowls may be Italian-style, but not necessarily from Italy. It’s become increasingly difficult to find true authentic Italian bowls. It’s frustrating, I know!

I’m going to help make things easier for you because I’ve already done much of the research.

made in italy symbol amazon

If shopping on Amazon, look for the “made in Italy” symbol as shown above. This isn’t always used, but it helps greatly when scanning for these types of products. Also look in the text descriptions that it designates Italy as the place of origin.

When looking around, make sure to consider factors like quality, size, design and price that all play a part in finding the best pasta bowl for your needs.

Let’s get started so you can start enjoying your special dinnerware today.

Authentic Hand Painted Pasta Bowls by Italian Artisans

These bowls are handmade by local Italian artisans that are employed to hand paint each individual pasta bowl or other dinnerware item. They are typically not sold as sets, but are offered as part of collections.

These are most likely your higher priced options that can range from the slightly below $50 to $150 on upwards per piece.

I cannot express enough how incredible these pieces of artwork are!


These are made of ceramic and are usually fairly thick… just like pottery. I’ll show some pictures below and some companies that specialize in these.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail to each individual item is astounding!

In fact, some companies are so specialized and custom, that they create their bowls or other kitchenware items on a per order basis.

I find it wonderful that in a world of mass-production manufacturing that the Italians still use local craftsmen to design and create these amazing Italian ceramic bowls.

Italian Made Giotti Ceramiche Collection

This company has a storefront on Amazon and sells handpainted pasta bowls and more from Tuscany, Italy. Here are some of their pasta bowl collections.

Handpainted Sunflowers

This italian dish is made by hand in Tuscany – Italy. Made with material with a high quality finish gloss that not only looks stylish but can be used for kitchen use.
Size: 9.75″

Lemon Ischia

Here’s another set that’s part of their Lemon collection. These are also pasta bowls from Italy. This Tuscan decor easily creates the classic chic look for home kitchen, bistro, restaurant. 

X-Large Serving Bowl – Olives

This Serving Italian Pottery piece is essential for kitchen or restaurant. The colorful top is also suitable as a decorative object on any shelf.

As I mentioned above, many handmade and painted pieces are offered as part of a dinnerware collection. Sometimes these collections or sets are limited while others are not.

As you’ll see prices can vary. The more intricate the design is or the quality of the materials, it will naturally increase the price as well.

Ceramiche d’art Parrini From Florence

That leads me to talk about another company that also sells their unique pieces through Amazon. Their company is located in Florence, Italy which is in the region of Tuscany.

Take for example, Ceramiche d’art Parrini which has been creating handpainted pasta bowls, plates and dinner sets made in Italy since the late 1970s. They also provide the option for customization requests.

Ceramiche D’art Parrini sells a varitey of other dinnerware and decor items such as handmade Italian ceramic spoon rests, appetizer trays, tiles and more absolutely gorgeous pieces of artwork that many people use for decorative purposes instead of serving food.

However, you can use them with food as they are advertised as lead-free and safe for the microwave and dishwasher.

Here is just a small sampling of what they have online.

Italian Hand Painted Serving Bowl – Landscape Poppies 

This serving bowl is hand painted and made in Italy. It is more of a serving bowl, not an individual pasta bowl plate.

Flat Plate with Pizza Written On It

This pretty Italian plate is hand made with the words Pizza written on them. These are flat, not for soups.

Pasta Bowl Plate with Sunflowers

Although the description says “set”, I’m not 100% sure if it is. But these are more of a shallow bowl, not flat.

Italian Serving Tray

Hand painted Italian serving platter or tray. Dimensions: 13.5″ x 11.5″. Hang on the wall for decor or use when serving guests.

Serving Bowls Made in Italy

To give an idea of their attention to detail, here is one of their serving bowls Dimensions: 11,02 inch x 11,02 inch 3.14 inch height.

Small Serving Bowl

The bowl is a small serving bowl approximately 9,84 inch x 9,84 inch x 1.96 inches.
I was not able to tell if it was part of a larger collection.

Large Italian Serving Bowl

I have to include one more, they are just so beautiful! This one is a larger serving pasta bowl that is 11.80″ x 10.23″.

Deruta, Italy & Sicilian Pastaware

Deruta is in Umbria and also produces handmade Italian dinnerware and pasta bowls.

I found that this storefront tends to also sell in collections – as in dining sets. Although these are shipped from the USA, they include a Certificate of Authenticity to prove these Italian pasta bowl sets are truly made in Italy!

Here is just a small sampling.

Deruta Classico 4 Piece Setting

This is a 4 piece setting. It’s part of the classic line. It includes a plate, salad plate, bowl and mug. All made in Italy.

While they don’t list the items by collection name, you have over 100 pieces you can browse through. From geometric as I’m showing below to cute whimsical scenes of workers picking peaches and other scenes and designs.

Deruta Classico 4 Piece Setting

This is from the Raffaellesco Lite collection. These are all hand painted and include a certificate of authenticity.

Pasta Soup Bowl

Another hand-painted pasta bowl from Deruta, Italy is the Deruta Raffaellesco Fluted Soup/Pasta Bowl shown below. In the picture it looks like a plate but you can see it is actually more like a bowl. At the time of this writing it was $95.

Remember that each piece is unique so there may be slight variations in color, brush stroke, etc.

Sicilian Pasta Plates

The Italian Pottery Outlet features hand painted plates handmade from Palermo, Sicily! They have a nice collection and the prices for these places are about $50 each at the time of this writing.

Made in Sicily – Grape Stompers Plate

Here is a fun plate of handpainted grape stompers.

Hand Painted Italian Ceramic Plate – Palloncini – Handmade in Sicily

Here is a fun plate of handpainted grape stompers.

More Italian Pasta Bowls and Kitchenware Made in Italy

Arte D’Italia Imports Hand Painted Alcantara Divided Dish From Italy

Handmade and handpainted in the region of Umbria. Perfect for serving appetizers, nuts, olives, etc. Add Alcantara Mini Bowl to center for a dipping platter.

Hand Painted Frutta Pasta Bowl From Italy

Don’t be deceived by the image. Although it shows a set, each piece is sold seperately. This is for the individual pasta bowl.

Hand-painted Bowls Will Have Subtle Differences

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing hand-painted pottery of any kind, is that while each piece is individually handcrafted, you will notice differences between each piece, and that means what you receive may not exactly match the original image of the item you found online.

It also means, if you order a set of five handpainted plates, they may not all be 100% identical, perhaps due to a heavier brush stroke, or the artisan had to adjust the color palette.

This is normal and should be expected. It is not a defect!

In fact, this is actually why these pieces are so appreciated and treasured because it only attests to the authentic and unique aspects of handmade items. It also explains why these particular companies are much more expensive than their mass-produced counterparts.

Hand-painted vs Hand-made vs Made in Italy

It is easy to assume that handpainted and made in Italy mean the same thing. However, there are manufacturers of pasta bowls and pasta dinnerware that mass produce from inside Italy, but each piece has a printed design…. even if the printed design is based off an actual painting or hand-drawn piece of art.

I’ve had a hard time finding companies where there are Italian mass producers of pasta bowls or dinnerware. I’m rather disappointed actually.

It’s also common that people may think that if something is labeled, “Italian pasta bowl” that they are by default made in Italy, even if they are not looking for hand-painted ones.

This doesn’t mean they are not great pieces of dinnerware to have or will be less appreciated. But for authentic Italian bowls, you need to make sure they are literally “made in Italy”.

I’ll keep looking and updating this page.

Designs with Words, Scripts, Lemons and Vegetables

A popular favorite among pasta bowl designs are the use of Italian words like pasta or ingredient names, some with or without images inside or around the bowl or along the rim.

Even if they aren’t made literally in Italy, the Italian-ness of the design can easily compensate for the lack of origin.

Words are generally written in Italian, and may be a phrase, or simply words like basilica, aioli, and other typical Italian ingredients.

These are typically less expensive and can come in sets around $50. They range from extra large bowls to small bowls to serving bowls.

Here are some examples of what you can find. Remember, these are most likely not made in Italy.

Rosanna Pasta Bowls

Rosanna is a company that produces a variety of plates inspired by Italian culture as shown below with pasta themes and veggie themes, they are available on Amazon. Many of their bowls are made of porcelain.

Notice the use of words like pasta, Italy, etc., along with images. This particular set shown below is less than $50 at the time of this writing.

Additionally, just as popular are the use of images of either ingredients found in Italian cooking such as herbs or fruit like lemons or tomatoes, or images of Italian landscapes such as vineyards or even chefs as shown below.

Certified International Pasta Bowl Set

Certified International is another popular designer and maker of pasta bowls for very affordable pricing. Note that these are more bowls, not shallow pasta bowls. Some of their designs are based off of handpainted designs and are printed, although not handmade individually.

Certified International Pasta Bowl Set – Chefs

They have some creative and fun designs like this one with Chefs. This set runs a little above $30 at the time of this writing. This set includes an 8″ serving bowl and 4 8″ pasta bowls. I mean, who doesn’t love the overweight jolly Italian chef??!!

Certified International Tuscan View Soup/Pasta Bowl, 9.5-Inch, Set of 4, Multicolored

Here is a popular set of 9.5” bowls in a set of 4. This set is made of ceramic and includes four 9″ bowls. It is made of ceramic and these are more shallow, not deep.

Italian Serving Bowls & Platters From Italy

There are a bunch of pastaware/dinnerware items from Italy as I listed them at the start of this article. However handpainted designs aren’t for everyone.

Sur La Table

I did find that Sur La Table has a Nova Deruta line of pasta bowls and dinnerware that are Made in Italy. But no actual “individual serving pasta bowl” that I could find. I’d recommend confirming with them or seeing it in writing as some designs say “inspired by Tuscany”, and don’t really mention where the actual origin.

But at the time of this writing, the following serving plates and platters were indeed from Italy (but not handpainted). So make sure you confirm if origin is important to you.

Sur La Table Nova Deruta 16 Piece Ceramic Dinnerware Set

Contains 16 pieces! Not made in Italy but defined as “Inspired” by the Umbrian region of Italy. Their traditional Nova Deruta collection is handcrafted in a style that dates back to the Renaissance.

Sur La Table Nova Deruta 16 Piece Ceramic Dinnerware Set

Sur La Table Nova Deruta 12 inch pasta bowl shown below is another favorite. Pasta serving bowls are great for holding large amounts of pasta or even salads! This is stated to be a pasta bowl made in Italy.

Sur La Table Nova Deruta 16 Piece Ceramic Dinnerware Set

And here’s another Nova Deruta serving platter that’s from the same matching collection of Italian-inspired pastaware. The description doesn’t say Made in Italy liek the 12″ bowl above does.

Modern Italian Pasta Bowl Styles

Modern pasta bowls are exactly that… modern. Some of them you’d think should be in the NY MoMA. While these may not look exactly like traditional or authentic pasta bowls, they still have a special place in many kitchens.

Unfortunately, we’re now entering the territory of dinnerware that is most likely not from Italy. However, some of the designs are great and they may be perfect for gifts or just for yourself!


Here’s a company I recently discovered call Amethya. They have a beautiful stoneware collection of pasta and salad bowls on Amazon as a set of 6! What I like about these bowls are the size which is approximately 10 inches across and a good depth for a bowl of spaghetti!

Color Pasta Bowls by Amethya

This graceful yet modern pasta bowl collection comes in various colors as shown. Keep in mind these are stoneware, not ceramic.

Sweese Porcelain Salad Pasta Bowls

The bowls are wide and shallow (8.3*1.9 inch), so the food doesn’t get stuck, easy to spoon out everything with this shape. These pasta bowls are stackable and DON’T take up a lot of space in your cupboard.

White Pasta Bowls

I decided to include this as its own category because of its popularity. White pasta bowls can fit either the modern white style that are plain and simple, or for a style that is more of an old-country style.

It also is what a lot of people want to mimic what is often used in Italian restaurants.

White Pasta Bowls

I’ve yet to find any white pasta bowls that are made in Italy. But I’m including these because they have great reviews and work perfectly as pasta bowls since they are 1.5″ shallow.

Pasta Bowl Set vs. Individual Items

There are advantages to purchasing actual pasta bowl sets rather than a collection of individual items.

Sets can include Italian plates, bowls or serving dishes, or a combo of all three.

I have found that most sets contain four or five pieces where they may include 4 regular pasta bowls plus a serving bowl. Or all are the same item. So make sure when you are searching for a set of pasta bowls that if you want all pasta bowls that this is exactly what you are getting.

Many people will look to purchase individual plates or bowls, but in the end decide on an actual set which is typically more cost-effective than purchasing the items individually. You may find this the best option for your needs as well.

I hope this list of Italian pasta bowls have helped you. Although not all of them are Made in Italy, I think you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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Beautiful Italian Pasta Bowls Made In Italy