Where to Find Beautiful Italian Pasta Bowls, Made In Italy

Presentation is everything, especially when it comes to serving food.  Why not add some beautiful Italian culture and decor when serving up a fresh serving of pasta or an elegant Italian soup? 

Italian pasta bowls are available in a variety of sizes from extra large pasta serving bowls to small individual ones for smaller servings. Some are deep bowls, others not so deep, while yet others are more like plates with just really big rims.

Italian Pasta Bowls Come in a Wide Variety of Options

italian pasta bowlsItalian pasta dishes come in an assortment of colors, styles and even prices, so if you’re looking for bowls or dishes for your pasta, it shouldn’t be too hard to find what you are looking for.

These special bowls are for a certain type of person – the type of person that appreciates a good bowl of pasta!  

Did you know Italian pasta bowls do not necessarily have to be from Italy? Although for truly authentic ones, you would want to get ones which are made in Italy.

You may or may not have a specific kind of bowl in mind. This is when it is helpful to find a place that offers a wide variety of selections. Some pasta bowls are made right here in North America, while others are made in Italy and imported in, as noted above.

From hand painted traditional bowls, country classic designs, or modern styles from name brand chefs, there is a bowl suitable for any kitchen.

Where to Buy Pasta bowls?

I’ve been using pasta bowls for awhile, and thanks to Amazon and their numerous suppliers, you can view nearly every possible type of pasta bowl or pasta bowl set right on their website.

I give a breakdown below of the various types of pasta bowls offered.

Are All Pasta Bowls the Same?

The answer is no. There are a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes. If looking for a gift for someone, you might even consider a nice serving bowl if purchasing a full set is not an option.

Remember, you do not have to buy a bowl from Italy to have an Italian pasta bowl. There are many reputable companies that create beautiful dinnerware pieces.

Most hand painted bowls are however from the Umbria region of Italy are handmade and authentically Italian. I explain a bit more below.

Here is a list of Italian Pasta Bowls and the various styles:

Italian Pasta Bowl Sets:

These pasta bowls come in a set, usually 4 or 5 pieces where they may include 4 regular bowls and sometimes a serving bowl.  These make excellent gifts, plus are usually more cost effective than buying each dinnerware piece separately.   These can also be hand painted which will cost more than manufactured designs.  Either way, they are beautiful.

On Amazon, you’ll find there are suppliers from Italy that offer us the ability to purchase authentic hand-painted sets.   I’m including some ads below that will show you some prices as well.  This is of course just a sampling, and once on Amazon look at what else the seller offers online too.

Hand-Painted Pasta Bowls Made in Italy 

In Italy, there are companies that employ local artisans to hand-paint each individual pasta bowl as well as other dinnerware items.  Umbria is actually one of the most popular regions due to the quality of the clay in the area.

Some companies create their bowls or other kitchenware on a per order basis. You’ll notice the prices are higher for these bowls, but given the craftsmanship and the individual attention to each piece, it’s clearly visible why.

These are works of art, and it’s wonderful that the Italians still use local craftsmen to design and create these dishes.   Some companies, like Modigliani which is a seller on Amazon, includes a Certificate of Authenticity for each handmade Italian collection they offer.

Just think, your particular bowl you hold in your hands was actually in the hands of an Italian artist.   There is no greater way to bring Italy into your own home.

Hand Painted Pasta Bowls Can Have Subtle Differences

Keep in mind however, that while each piece is individually handcrafted, you will notice differences from the images presented online, or between each item. You may find that some brush strokes are thicker, or a color isn’t super exact, there will be some variances.

That does not detract from the value but adds to the uniqueness of each piece you order.  A popular region in Italy which makes handcrafted bowls is called Umbria due to the quality of the clay in that geographical location.


Classic Italian Country Pasta Bowls:

country italian pasta bowls
Brands like Mikassa come to mind, with their classic white bowls which will naturally match any kitchen design. Some have nice wide rims – similar to what you would find at a restaurant.

Modern Italian Pasta Bowls and Plates
Modern Pasta Bowls

Emile Henry is a perfect example for this category. They offer white, blue, red, green – you name it.

Individual Pasta Bowls:

You do not have to buy a set. You can buy them individually. Some companies will set entire sets, while others do not. I have found most of the hand painted bowls are sold individually.

To view the best selling pasta bowls at Amazon, visit here. You will find a wonderful variety to choose from. To search for a specific style or brand, just do a search when you reach Amazon and you will find it!

What Else are Pasta Bowls Used For?


You use them in a variety of ways. Pasta being the most obvious – long such as spaghetti or short – it doesn’t matter. If using a large serving bowl, you simply place a little bit of sauce on the bottom of the bowl then add in the pasta. Give a good toss to coat evenly. This keeps the pasta from becoming one sticky mess when it comes time to serve.


Alternatively, you can use it as you would a soup bowl. Perfect for minestrone or even Italian wedding soup (both of which I have recipes for in my recipe box page). Don’t forget to serve with some fresh Artisan bread!


The list doesn’t stop there. Don’t forget your salads. By the way, if looking to spruce up a boring green leaf salad, rub the sides of the bowl with some fresh garlic and then top the salad with freshly grated Italian cheese (Romano or Parmesan). Drizzle with olive oil and vinegar and you are all set!

Pasta Bowls Make Great Gifts

italian pasta bowl gift setsIf you are looking for a gift for a friend or loved one, you simply cannot go wrong with a pasta bowl set.

Yes! Pasta bowls make excellent gifts for the holidays, bridal showers, weddings, birthdays, and of course Mother’s Day or any other occasion! Decorative bowls like these make wonderful presentations, whether used for a dish of pasta, or to hold fresh fruit such as apples, peaches or grapes.

Make sure to read the details so you know what you are exactly getting. Whether for Christmas, a birthday, anniversary, or wedding, these are perfect choices.

How Much Do They Cost?

Pasta bowls can range from $10 up past $100. Generally, the unique hand painted pieces will cost more, but it also depends on the company.

I have found Amazon to have the best selection and best prices online. Some suppliers offer free shipping, while others offer discounts. Happy shopping!

Italian Pasta Bowls