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My Real Life Review, Why I Love My Philips Pasta Maker and Machine

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Phillips Pasta Maker Real Life Review for Homemade Pasta

If you love pasta, the Philips pasta maker deserves a place in your kitchen and all of the benefits it offers.  By reading my review in this post, you will learn how you can save money, eat healthier, and enjoy fresh homemade pasta quickly and easily! 

In many respects, I don’t view this as a “review”, because I’m just talking about why I love this machine and enjoy talking about the features I like, or don’t like.  I tell everyone about it whenever the topic of food and cooking come up, it’s only natural as an Italian to love to talk and give opinions!  

Do I Literally Own the Philips Pasta Maker Machine?

This is me with my pasta maker – the smile is genuine!!

Yes I certainly do and it doesn’t sit on a shelf collecting dust like many of the gadgets we buy in our house.  It is one of the best investments I have ever made in regards to a kitchen appliance.   

When I purchased the machine (I purchased mine on Amazon), it was a little bit of a risk as we were at a point in time where I was working part-time and we were barely making ends meet.

In fact, we weren’t making ends meet without shuffling credit cards, making minimum payments, and so needless to say to consider buying a Pasta maker wasn’t top on my list, even though I had talked about it for a number of years. 

Eventually, my husband convinced me with illogical reasoning to justify it as our Christmas gift to ourselves.  Well, okay what the heck.  

I haven’t regretted it at all for one second, and either will you. 

What comes with the Pasta Maker?

The pasta maker which I ordered through Amazon, came with four different pasta style fittings:  fettuccine, spaghetti, penne, and lasagna.   You have the option to purchase additional discs for angle hair and pappardelle. 

If you want to use the machine for more than regular pasta and venture out into the world of wide noodles for soups, or love the lighter and thinner angel hair, then it is well worth the purchase.  I went ahead and ordered the extra two and am glad to have the discs.

There are a few other parts, and fortunately not many and I have to say that is one of the best things I appreciate, it is so simple, and most parts are dishwasher safe. 

Cleaning is easy, however the dies are what I don’t like to clean the most however I just let them soak and use the tools to clean them.  It doesn’t take long and although annoying, you’re going to get that with anything that uses a die cut piece. 

It actually takes me longer to clean my Cuisinart than it does to clean this.  

Why Do I Think This is the Best Pasta Maker and Machine? Here are 8 Reasons!

Although I haven’t done a personal comparison of every pasta maker on the market I did do quite a bit of research.  And what I can explain are the many benefits you will come to appreciate about this light weight, yet powerful Philips machine

1.  The Philips Pasta Maker is Easy to Move Around

phillips pasta makerThis may not seem like a huge deal at first, but for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen and don’t have a lot of counter space to keep appliances like this handy, moving bulky items is annoying. 

But this machine is light-weight and I can easily pick it up from a cabinet shelf in our dining room and carry it over to our kitchen counter. 

The shape and design lends itself to be easily picked up and carried as you can see in the image below:

2.  You Can Make Your Pasta Fast!

This is pretty telling because the other day I had some regular store bought pasta in the pantry still from a year ago (yes, it’s true that’s how much the machine replaced using store bought pasta!). 

And I said to my husband, “Should I just use the store bought?”  and he looked at me like, “why???”.  To which I replied, “Yeah really it takes the same amount of time, duh!”

I remember reading someone’s review or comment at Amazon about the machine and they mentioned how by the time the water is boiling your fresh pasta is ready to go into the water.   

For real???  As sure as my name is Liz, I have my pasta ready to go by the time a pot of water is boiling.   For a single batch of pasta it takes 7 minutes for the machine to mix the ingredients and extrude it all through the feeder.     

Keep in mind however that for a double batch it takes 15 minutes to mix and extrude due to the larger quantity. 

However, although the pasta maker is fast, there is still clean up involved, but even that is quick.  It’s so worth it!

3. You Will Have Full Control Over the Quality of Ingredients

Do you know how much a pound of organic pasta is at the store?  It’s $3-$4.00 easily. 

Here I can create almost a pound of pasta (10 oz per batch) at a small fraction of that price.  We order organic flour online through sites such as Walmart or Amazon, and get 5 pounds for anywhere from $7 to $10. 

Do the math, I’m paying at LEAST half the price right there. If I bought 5 pounds of store bought pasta I’d be spending $15-$20 at the store. 

This alone makes the purchase well worth it!  

4.  Make Organic Lasagna Noodles and More!

Have you ever tried finding organic lasagna noodles?  It’s near impossible.  With the Philips Pasta Maker I can make a batch of organic lasagna noodles in 7 minutes.  If I need more noodles I take 7 minutes and make a second batch.  

Thick Spaghetti and Tagliatelle Pasta Disc Kit
Thick Spaghetti and Tagliatelle Pasta Disc Kit

Angel Hair and Pappardelle Pasta Disc Kit
Angel Hair and Pappardelle Pasta Disc Kit

Philips 0.8mm Sheet Pasta Disk
Philips 0.8mm Sheet Pasta Disk Perfect for Lasagna


5.  A Handy and Very Useful Cookbook is Included which You will Certainly Use

It would be a shame if I did not mention the colorful cookbook that comes with your purchase.  Here, Philips totally did it right.  It is full of color rich photos and gives you lots of ideas for different ingredients and styles of noodles besides basic semolina or white flour noodles.  

6.  The Machine is Sturdy and Doesn’t Bounce Around

I fully expected this machine to move around while the mixing and extruding was taking place, and yet it didn’t at all.  It is well balanced and although it’s easy to pick up and move around like I mentioned above, there are no issues of any bouncing, moving, whatever going on.  

It’s sturdy. 

7.  Easy to Assemble and Disassemble

There are not a lot of parts with this machine which is great because if there were, I’d have lost or “misplaced” half of them by now.   

The front of the machine comes off with two large ergonomically designed knobs. I say ergonomically designed because they allow a really good grip and for those that have weak hands or arthritis (I have it slightly) this is a big big BIG deal. 

The die casts are of a sturdy plastic and are easy to take on and off.   I have about 5 or 6 different ones, and when not using them I keep them in a bowl next to the machine.

phillips pasta maker die cut drawerThere is a cool drawer that is in the machine to help house the various dies, and that’s fine if you only have 3 or 4, but I ordered more and so they don’t all fit.  That’s fine because I prefer to have them out.   

However, the drawer is a great place to keep the cleaner/cutter that is used to cut the pasta as it extrudes from the machine. 

If it wasn’t for this drawer I know that particular piece would be in no-man’s land somewhere by itself waiting to be found.  So, excellent functionality and well thought out. 

8.  Easy to program and operate

Another smart design Philips created was the ease of programming each cycle.  There are not a lot of different menu options that you have to move through to get what you want.  

You simply pick the batch size (single or double) and press start basically.  You can pause it mid-cycle to scrape any extra dough off the sides if any gets pushed too high where the blades can’t reach.  

It’s also easy to add the water to the mixture with an easy slot on top.  The unit comes with a special measuring cup you’ll want to make sure to keep with your other parts.  The cup provides guide lines for how much liquid you need depending on two factors.   

  1. Double or single batch
  2. Using egg or not

Those two factors determine the amount of liquid you need to use.  

Follow the Instructions, Philips Knows Best!

If you decide to experiment outside the boundaries Philips gives you, you will have dismal results.  I can’t speak for other suppliers, but their color cookbook with instructions are included when you purchase through Amazon.  

(Disclaimer:  That has held true from the time I bought the machine till now, however this could change at anytime).

For example, I tried to add much more liquid than it called for thinking that what they proposed would be too dry.  I ended up tossing the whole batch and starting over, the right way.  

On the other hand I did experiment by adding in dried basil to the mixture to see what would happen and how it would taste.  I didn’t taste the basil much (perhaps I should have added more), and the texture still came out fine. 

You will need a scale to weigh the ingredients.  This is important to know because using measurement by size (ie 1 Cup) produces different quantities for consistency.     You can find some nice inexpensive ones from Amazon, but make sure to get one with a bowl.  😉  Here’s one that is similar to the one I use to the right which has multiple weight units such as grams or ounces.

They provide different instructions for making various types of pasta or noodles, such as buckwheat noodles.  I personally have only tried durum and semolina noodles and have not yet ventured much beyond that.  

What Does the Homemade Fresh Pasta Taste Like?

spaghetti from the phillips pasta machine

I love this question because this is where we can really talk about the hard core differences in taste and texture between store bought and homemade pasta. 

First, it does not taste the same at all.  So if you are new to homemade pasta, be prepared for something that tastes very different than what you get off the shelf. 

Full disclosure, I tried making penne once using the penne die cut, and it didn’t turn out well.  I have yet to try again as I love the fettuccine and spaghetti and get perfect results each time.

Homemade noodles are delicate, and they typically aren’t as durable as they when you buy them from the store in packaging.  

For me, yes it was different, and it took me no time at all to prefer the fresh pasta over the packaged store bought versions.

In terms of flavor, it depends on the ingredients.  You can use other liquids besides water such as beet juice, carrot juice, etc.  These will alter the flavor somewhat. 

However, for a basic pasta using semolina, and some white flour (with or without egg), it’s the texture that is truly different.   

Adding egg does round out the flavor more, and many like using egg.  In my household we don’t because of stomach sensitivities and frankly, I don’t find it truly needs it. 

It Really Tastes Like Authentic Italian Homemade Pasta

I use the pasta maker to make fresh batches for my Italian mother-in-law who grew up on fresh pasta and she swears this is just how she remembers it when she was younger. 

Talk about scoring brownie points! 

But we don’t make it with the egg and she doesn’t mind at all. So if an 84 year old Italian woman enjoys it without egg, don’t knock it!

The texture however is more like a soft noodle.  You can make it al-dente but it’s still soft.  This is the real deal and this is how 100% fresh pasta tastes like.  

I Never Feel Bloated or Heavy When Eating Fresh Pasta

I have to add something that my husband and I realized after eating our first batch, and that is that it doesn’t lay heavy on your stomach!   

How many times after eating a bowl of pasta do you sit back and say, “Ugh, I ate too much I’m packed!”?  I have never felt like I was “stuffed” after eating fresh pasta, nor do I experience an energy crash either due to the carbs which convert into sugar. 

I don’t know the reasons for this, except that it’s because it’s fresh.  It’s different.  It’s just awesome. 

Where to Buy the Philips Pasta Maker and Would I Buy the Same Model?

You can purchase this item through Amazon like I did, who had a much lower price than had I ordered directly from Philips .  There are plenty of reviews and answered questions on the Amazon site, so I recommend checking it out.  You can do so by going here

Unless Philips came out with one that has additional features that made it even more practical, or offered additional colors besides white, my answer would be, yes I would purchase this model again!


My Real Life Review, Why I Love My Philips Pasta Maker and Machine