Review of the MG855 Waring Pro Meat Grinder Review

Using an electric meat grinder has many useful benefits both health-wise, economically, and in regards to practicality.  This review of the Waring Pro meat grinder (for home use) will discuss each of these.

waring pro meat grinder

Owning and using one has become way of life for many people.  For some, it’s due to the ability to control the quality of meat they consume while for others it’s the creative flare of creating their own sausage meat blends that they can’t get at the stores.

And yet for others, it’s because they go and do their own hunting and need a good professional meat grinder that’s up to the task.

Waring Pro Meat Grinder

Using the Waring Pro meat grinder allows you to control the quality of your meat, right from your home.

My husband and I fit into the first category above.   We love to eat good quality meat, who doesn’t?

We may not be serious carnivores, but we surely know the difference between low quality and high quality meat – especially when it comes to food items like meatloaf, hamburgers and sausage.

Fortunately, if you don’t need restaurant grade or heavy duty butcher grade equipment, home meat grinders are typically very reasonable in price.  Waring Pro makes some great grinders and I personally recommend the MG855 version.

You can order them easily online through sites like Amazon which have great customer service (especially if you have Prime!) and if you use the link I provided, you’ll see a nice video on how it actually works.

The ability to buy your own fresh meat in bulk, or in some cases to use what you have hunted, is not only economical, but gives peace of mind and assurance regarding quality control.

For those who appreciate excellent food like we do, a meat grinder is not a luxury – it’s a way of life.

This review will give you the information you need to make the right purchase for your needs.

Did the MG 855 replace the MG800 Waring Meat Grinder?

The Waring MG855 Professional Meat Grinder is very similar to its predecessor, the MG800 however measures just a little bit larger at 11.9″ L x 15.6 1/4″ H x 8.5″ W.

It has a nice elegant design with a body of brushed stainless steel. The pusher is black which is made of plastic and has a removable lid.

The inside of the pusher is a convenient storage compartment for the sausage attachments along with the three cutting plates. The blades and plates are made of carbon steel.

How much does it weigh?

The weight of the MG855 is approximately 12 pounds which allows for easy lifting and doesn’t have to be kept on a counter at all times – unless you tend to use it all the time!

Why are there 3 cutting plates?

waring pro meat grinder plates

Each of the three plates are used to provide different textures of the meat. They are: fine, medium and course.

The fine plate is good for creating hamburgers, meatballs, meatloaf, spreads etc. The medium plate is more for adding meats to soup, and the course plate delivers a courser texture suitable for chili.

Can I only grind meat in a Waring Pro Meat Grinder?

Only if you want to. In other words, no, you can grind just about anything.

For example, you can grind onions and carrots to add in with your meats. You can grind fish, vegetables, poultry and meat.

The owner’s manual provides recipes for making sausage which include combining herbs, vegetables and meat and then processing them together through the grinder.  I strongly recommend reading through it to familiarize yourself with all it has to offer.

Is the Waring Pro meat grinder easy to use?

I’m not sure if this Waring Pro Meat Grinder could be more simplistic in its operation. Simply place it on a stable surface such as kitchen counter top and plug into the wall (make sure the on/off switch is in the off position).

Position a bowl or plate under the grinder where the meat extrudes in order to catch the food. Turn the toggle switch to on and place your meat in the hopper. Push it into the grinder/feed head.

As long as the meat is not in overly sized pieces, the meat will effortlessly slide to the cutting blade and pass through the plates. If the meat needs some extra help getting through the feeder head, use the included pusher.
Is it hard to use the sausage attachments?

Some people have found it possible to create sausage with one pair of hands after a little bit of practice. However, it is always easier to work with 2 people when dealing with stuffing the casing. The Owner’s Manual offers some useful recipes for sausages.

Is it noisy?

This is a common complaint among users for the 800 model, however no meat grinder will ever be super quiet. This observation is one of very few associated with that model, and from what I can tell, the newer MG855 is no different considering it has a heavy duty 450 watt motor, and can peak at 1000 watts.

You can read comments of previous owners here at Amazon.

Despite its loud motor, it is not such a negative that it would detract from the value of the machine, especially when put in the perspective of its grinding capabilities.

Using the Reverse Switch

The MG855 Waring Pro meat grinder is equipped with a reverse switch should the food become lodged in the blade. This will cause the motor to slow or stop.

When this happens, turn the grinder off and pulse using the reverse switch three times. Turn the grinder back on.

This is one of the most favored features as some models do not have this convenient reverse switch.

How is an electric grinder different than a hand crank grinder?

It is very rare to find someone who has upgraded from a hand grinder to an electric one who wishes to go back.

For starters, when dealing with large quantities of meat, not only will the grinding time be considerably less, but it will also be considerably easier on your arms and hands!

With the electric grinder, all you need to do is feed the machine the meat and it will do the rest for you. With a manual one, you are in charge of the grinding process.

In addition, the Waring meat grinder does not need to be clamped down like a manual one. Although some comments have been expressed wishing the machine was heavier, others disagree, finding it very sturdy and did not experience any movement issues.

Why is a Waring Meat Grinder Economical?

People who use meat grinders love the ability to buy their meat in bulk from either a store or a butcher. You can remove any excess fat at your own discretion prior to grinding in order to create a healthier batch of meat.

Especially now with the concerns of growth hormones used in many meats, it is extremely expensive to buy ground organic beef at a general grocery store.

When you are able to buy from an organic farm, or use what you have hunted yourself, you are able to store large amounts of healthy meat at much less than what you would pay at retail price.

A perfect example is the common use of creating hamburgers from your own meat. Most prepackaged hamburgers are full of excess fat. You can buy a good quality chunk of meat such as sirloin, and create your own hamburgers with amazing flavor and texture. This will surely impress everyone at your next backyard barbecue!

Is the Waring Pro Meat Grinder Easy to Clean?

The answer is yes, but it does take time since the pieces must be disassembled and washed by hand. Disassembly is very simple and not complicated.

Use warm soapy water and let dry completely. It is critical that the pieces which are made of carbon steel are fully dried and removed of any moisture. Otherwise it could cause rust to appear over time.

There are various methods for caring for carbon steel. One method courtesy of Alton Brown, is to store the cutting blades and plates in a sealed bag with rice – which absorbs the moisture.

While others find drying them in the oven on low heat with some olive oil rubbed on does the trick as well.

Tip: Both the User’s Manual and testimonies of other users, mention grinding dried bread crumbs or saltines through the grinder when finished with the meat. This helps remove any excess meat which may still be stuck to the blades.

What’s in the Waring Pro box?

When you receive your Waring Pro MG-855 Meat Grinder, it will come with a food pusher with a lid (explained further down), a large die cast hopper, a grinder/feeder head, the feed screw, the main cutting blade, 3 cutting plates (fine, medium, and course), 2 sausage attachments (small and large), sausage making ring, screw ring, and the spanner for tightly securing the rings in place.

Is it dishwasher safe?

The pieces are not dishwasher safe and must be washed by hand.

What is UL/CUL approved?

The Waring Pro is UL/CUL approved. This means the product meets the safety standards through rigorous testing set by Underwriters Laboratories of the US and of Canada (CUL).

What is the warranty?

The Waring Pro comes with a generous 5 year warranty at the time of this writing, however it can change, so make sure to read the latest updated details where you purchase it.

Where can I find the Best Price and Reviews?

I find the best and most competitive prices are through Amazon. For more details regarding the Waring Pro MG-855 Professional Meat Grinder visit Amazon where you can also read more meat grinder reviews!

Note: The information in this review is provided at the time of my research.  The manufacturer can modify or change features without notice.  Please make sure to review the details of the product when on Amazon before purchasing. 🙂 

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