Delicious Italian Ricotta Pizza Recipes

Here are some delicious Italian pizzas that all use ricotta. They are great for dinner, lunch or even parties! You can use homemade pizza dough or save yourself some time and grab a store-bought pizza crust already prepared.

I hope these recipes will inspire!

arugula pizza th
Arugula Pizza
Delicious Italian arugula pizza is a wonderful white pizza. It's perfect for a quick lunch or light dinner. Enjoy with a nice side salad!
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broccoli pizza th
Broccoli Pizza Recipe
Enjoy this Italian flavored broccoli pizza! This white pizza is an easy, simple and flavorful lunch or light dinner. Serve with vegetables and a salad on the side!
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ricotta spinach pizza th
Ricotta Spinach Pizza
An easy Italian pizza with ricotta and spinach
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bianca pizza th
Pizza Bianca
Enjoy this white pizza with as little or as many toppings as you want! This no pizza sauce pizza is delicious!
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eggplant pizza th
Eggplant Pizza
Simple and delicious eggplant pizza. Why not top your pizza with eggplant and veggies? Here's how!
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pizza dough
Italian Pizza Dough Recipe
We use this Italian pizza dough recipe every time we want a homemade pizza. It produces great results and we use it for both thin and thick pizza recipes.
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Homemade Pizza Sauce Recipe
Here’s a simple Italian pizza sauce recipe
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Delicious Italian Ricotta Pizza Recipes

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