Stainless Steel Pizza Pans… Made in the USA too!

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About 4 months or so ago my husband and I started on our quest to find stainless steel pizza pans.  Sounds simple enough, however these can be pretty hard to come by.

Most pizza pans I found were made of aluminum or had a non-stick surface, both of which are materials we do our best to avoid.

Stainless steel has many advantages in cookware, such as a longer life, greater durability and less chemicals which can leach into the food.

We found our pizza pans from a company called, American Kitchen.   I’d give a link to their site, but I couldn’t find their website as it seems they mainly sell through other companies such as Target, Amazon, Sears, etc.  However, we ordered our pans (and some baking pans) through Amazon

The pans are 12″ in diameter, some people comment in the reviews that they were hoping for a bigger size but like myself, was very content with it at 12″.

This size is perfect for pizzas and ironically, I found them to be useful for other uses too which I mention below.

The pans are very durable, as you can immediately tell by the weight when you hold them.  I believe we’ll be keeping these for a very long time.

When baking homemade pizza in a pan in the oven, some recipes say to use cornmeal to help make the bottom crispier.  I’ve done this before and it does work, but what I prefer is to rub oil on the bottom and this does a good job of giving the dough a nice crust.

However, I’ve used the pans for baking store bought pizza too.

Other uses

Besides making pizza, I’ve found other uses for the pans as well.  Here are some other useful ideas:

  • Baking fried fish in the oven
  • Baking rolls and biscuits
  • Baking stuffed mushrooms
  • Reheating pizza slices in the oven
  • Broiling veggies

The Company

These pans are made in the USA which was a big plus.   With so much going overseas, it’s always nice to find companies that make their products in the good old USA.

Customer Service

Another plus with this particular company is their customer service.   When our baking sheets came in, one of the edges seemed to be rather sharp – as if it hadn’t been sanded or filed down enough.

We gave the company a call and they said they’d be happy to send  us a replacement at no charge.   We offered to send the other one back, but they said we could keep it.   That’s customer service.

I’m glad I finally had an opportunity to write about not just these >great pizza pans, but the company who makes them too.



  1. I’ve been searching for a non-toxic pizza and cake pans stainless steel made in the USA. I had high hopes when finding this article. But I find no American Kitchen products anywhere. Where did they go? Thank you. Blessings!

  2. Hi Nani, hmmm, I wonder if they stopped making stainless steel. Thanks for letting me know – I’ll be searching for a new brand to promote and will update it here when I find one! If you find one, feel free to drop a link here.


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