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Ok, so I’ve decided to forget my New Years resolutions – and I have this recipe to thank for it, an eggplant and zucchini pizza ricipe.

I had talked about making one of my new resolutions to create more 1 dish or 1 pot meals.   Sounds great right?

I thought it was too so I was going to start with a new recipe right off the bat.  Here goes:

So I started with a great idea – chopped eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, garlic and cheese all cooked together and put back in the eggplant shell and baked in the oven.

Something was missing with the stuffed eggplant 

It still sounds so good, but when I did it (yes I test all my recipes before posting), the flavors just weren’t there like I had thought they would be – like my eggplant, zucchini and pasta recipe which is always a winner.

This was due to two reasons:

  1. I cut the cubes too large and thought I could just bake it all together in 30 minutes or so.   50 minutes at 350 F. and still the eggplant was not very tender. As a result, the flavors were not melded together.
    It tasted like undercooked eggplant, zucchini and well, at least the tomatoes came out good.
  2. I should have sauteed everything in a pan first, stirring every once in awhile and keeping it covered to let the steam help with the cooking.

I repurposed the eggplant mixture as a pizza topping

So alas, Frank my husband, came to to rescue, as is the case with many of my initial creations.    He suggested using the eggplant mixture on a pizza.

Great idea!  I couldn’t wait to get home and try it.

Use Pizza Sauce as an ingredient

So we sauteed our leftovers for a bit, gave it a taste test and still something was missing.   Aha!  Pizza sauce!   We buy Furmano’s canned pizza sauce from time to time and it works great as is or doctored up.

We added it in, cooked it down a bit, and voila – it tasted 100% better.

The missing food link was discovered.

Use a thick pizza crust – preferably store-bought

Sometimes I make my own crust and sometimes I use Mama Mary’s brand – the hand tossed style only.   In our attempt to be healthy a few months ago we bought the whole wheat variety.

Perfect time to try it out.   The earthly tones of all the ingredients blended well and I’m happy to recommend it.  Not for a typical Italian pizza, but in this case it was good.

I’d still use the topping on a regular pizza crust (try our thick pizza crust recipe here).  I’d avoid thin pizza due to it becoming too soggy.

You can get the eggplant pizza recipe here.   Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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