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Last year I was approached by Progresso to help them come up with some recipes for some new sauces they were creating.

I said I would be happy to help and now it has come to fruition in two forms:

1.   Fresh Marsala sauce – currently in market testing all I can say is I wish they had just gone nationwide as their idea of an actual “fresh sauce” is really that.    They released 4 types and I was given their marsala sauce.   My picture is even on the packaging!  (I’ll prove it once I am able to create a scan).

2.  The Idea Pantry
First, I love the name as I think it is very creative.   It is designed to become a place where anyone interested in food can come and download recipes, search recipes, and ask questions to those who came up with some of the recipes (like myself).

It is broken down into categories.   Marsala, Pesto, White Wine, and Alfredo.  I hope their sauces come to our area because I really want to try all the recipes using their sauces and not having to create my own.  Simply click on each category and you’ll be shown more recipes and videos.

The videos are designed to be a step by step process.   That’s why in my videos you hear me say things like, “Come on back when you are ready.”   But really, the recipes are simple (at least I can speak for myself in this matter), and taste amazing.

I wasn’t too familiar with Marsala when it all started, but am even more inspired to create additional Italian recipes which either utilize this sauce (by the way these have NO MSG!!!) or my own.

I encourage you to check it out.  You can get to my recipes by clicking that widget on the right side of the window or just go to   And yes – I am aware I look a little goofy in the first intro video.   So spare the comments please!

Here’s to Progresso for coming out with some sauces that actually taste great, are not loaded with salt to compensate for lack of fresh ingredients, and for giving us the ideas on how to use them!

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