The Italian Mother – Amazing Meals and Amazing Love

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The Italian Mother

The Italian mother has made quite a name for herself.

Not only has her kitchen become the number one place for neighborhood kids to visit for a good Italian dish before heading to their own homes, but she manages to cook and clean and dust and still sets the table making sure everyone gets there own individual pasta bowl loaded with spaghetti and meatballs at mealtime.

Marissa Carbone with a nice bowl of fresh pasta!

Don’t believe me?  Just look at the love in the eyes of my cousin in Italy, in the image to the right, who took me under her wing during my stay there.  This lady worked all the time never stopping, yet made the best meals I’ve ever tasted.

Italian Mother = Good Italian Food

There is a strong link found between Italian mothers and good Italian food.   It is almost as if one cannot exist without the other.

It doesn’t matter if she serves the pasta in plain white pasta bowls (as in the picture to the right), or in a high end pasta bowl– the taste always far outweighs the presentation.  With her recipes, she could easily put the Olive Garden out of business.

Italian Mother = Plenty of Food

She cooks enough so everyone and their brother can go back for seconds and thirds knowing there is still more if they want it.   She doesn’t slap your hand telling you that you are eating too much, or make you feel guilty if you grab the last slice of lasagna.

If anything she herself feels guilty there is no more to offer.

She’s Still Your Mother After all These Years

The Italian mother is priceless in the eyes of her family and friends.   And rightly so.

My mother and I. She not only married into an Italian family but became one herself.

Unfortunately, we don’t always have the opportunity to express our thoughts of gratitude towards these women in our lives.   Maybe we rely on dates like Mother’s Day or Christmas or Birthdays.  But what about all the days in between?

Mother’s regardless of nationality love to be loved.  A simple, “I love you”, or a kiss on the cheek or a hug that goes beyond a pat on the back.  These are the things that a mother hopes her children will do even when they venture out on their own and from under her tender care.

Don’t Wait for Mother’s Day Alone to Express Your Love.

Give her a call.  Write her a note.  Buy her a gift.  Send her flowers.

Tell her you haven’t forgotten her as your “mother”.

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