This Multi-Purpose Pastry Scraper is Really Multi Purpose

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As usual, it was my husband who wanted to get this “gadget”, and as usual I’m glad he just went ahead and bought it.

The brand of the scraper which I’m featuring is OXO which I personally like.

I tend to like their products because OXO seems to do real well at designing products which are ergonomically pleasing – such as hand grips.

I also own an OXO cheese grater which is really nice and comfortable to use, but I’ll save that for another post.

This item meets those specifications with it’s ends tapered to make the grip more natural and comfortable.

First off, this pastry scraper does alot more than work with pastry.   I’m not a baker and my attempts to make homemade pasta a weekly routine seem to have fallen flat (not giving up though), but I’ve used it for other uses which I’ve listed a few below:

  • Scraping up chopped or diced veggies in one big swoop.    Works especially great for onions which I want to get in the pan as quickly as possible.
  • Scraping biscuits and yes pasta.   For the times I have done baking with pastry, this scraper has really helped lift the dough better than my fingers.
  • Yes, it also chops!   Is it as good as a sharp knife?  No, not at all.  But it has helped with cutting through items like when I made some homemade pizza dough.   You know when making pizza dough, you typically divide the dough in half.   I used this chopper to do so and it worked great without getting stuck on the dough.

It’s currently $10, and I think it’s a good buy.   We keep it in our utensil drawer and it does indeed come in handy!  You can get it on Amazon and shipping is free when your order is $25 or more.


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