Try Using Potatoes for Breakfast

There are some great ways to prepare an Italian breakfast which include this wonderful vegetable call the potato.  I’m not talking about pulling out leftovers either. Potatoes are healthy for us and offer us some important nutrients.

Although Italians who live in Italy tend not to have large breakfasts, instead opting for a muffin or something of the like, plus some espresso made from their adorable stovetop espresso makers. Their main meal is around our lunchtime, usually around 1:00.

When I stayed with my relatives in Italy, every day the husband would come home and eat with the family around the table. It was a relaxing time, not a big rush like it often is here. I think he took about an hour or hour and half lunch break. The meal was usually a two course meal, starting with some meat and then pasta served in simple white pasta bowls.

But we are not living in Italy, and in America we preach breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, we don’t all follow that, but there are some recipes which include potatoes in an Italian style.

Sliced Potatoes and Scrambled Eggs

One recipe is to add sliced potatoes to some scrambled eggs. In fact, there are a number of directions you can take this. To keep it simple for a potato egg recipe, just slice the potato using a food processor or mandiline (this provides more consistent slicing than by hand) and add it to some olive oil in a pan.

When almost done, add in crushed garlic. If you add it sooner, the garlic will most likely burn. So your potatoes are done, your garlic is added and now you can add in the eggs.

Note: For reduced cholesterol, don’t use the yolks. The whites is where the protein is. The down side is you have to use more eggs for more mass, but personally, I don’t need any more cholesterol in my diet.

There are lots of Italian breakfast ideas that are hearty and satisfying.


Italian frittata

Now, here is where you have a choice. If you pour the eggs in over sliced potatoes and leave it like an omelet – then it turns into a potato frittata, which is basically an Italian egg omelet doctored up. Or you can remove the potatoes and cook the eggs like scrambled eggs and then add the potatoes back in.

If you want a simple frittata, use my Italian frittata recipe.

I’ve done it both ways. Although, if you are not a huge potato fan for breakfast you can even it out by adding some sliced zucchini and onions. But cook the onions before the potatoes and add the zucchini after the eggs are cooked. Cook it all with the lid off, so the steam can escape since the zucchini will let out quite a bit of juice.

If you love spinach, try my spinach frittata recipe, which also uses onion.

Add Other Vegetables or Herbs

As I mentioned, you can go a variety of ways with this dish. You can add tomatoes (technically a fruit), basil, or cheese for extra flavor and variation. I fail to give a specific recipe for all of this just yet, there are so many variations I could do a whole batch of recipes.

If you are not using a nonstick pan, be sure to keep your eye on the pan making sure no burning occurs. Add extra olive oil if need be. I have yet to be able to cook this dish without having to let the pan soak. In fact, my husband should be writing this article since he is the one who typically makes this breakfast dish.

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