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Do you know what a reducer filter is?  I didn’t until more recently, and I’ve created a video tutorial to show you not only what it is, but how to use it based on the size of Alessi 9090 espresso maker you have.

Originally when I first got my Alessi 9090 many years ago, I actually thought it was a “tamper” to make a stronger brew by packing the grounds. I was wrong.

I’ve since learned that the “tamper” is actually a reducer filter and used to reduce the amount of output that the espresso maker produces.  If you have a one cup size Alessi 9090 as I do you won’t probably ever use it, but it comes in handy for the 3, 6, and 10 cup sizes.  All of these sizes are available at Amazon.

The Reducer Filter for the Alessi 9090

Keep in mind that this tutorial is about the reducer filter that comes with the Alessi 9090.  I don’t know if reducer filters work the same across the board for all stovetop espresso makers.  The instructions I am sharing are direct from the Alessi 9090 PDF Manual.

The way you use the reducer filter for the 3 cup is different than what you would use for the 6 cup.  And the 6 cup is different than the 10 cup.  I explain below.

Here’s My Quick Video about the Reducer Filter

Here’s a chart showing the breakdown:

Reducer Filter for Alessi 9090 instructions

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If you are looking for replacement parts for your Alessi 9090, I would suggest emailing or calling the company directly.  You can also contact Amazon if you purchased it through them or one of their sellers.

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