What Can a Food Processor Be Used For?

A food processor can be used for a number of tasks.  Regardless of your degree of cooking knowledge a food processor will help speed up the cooking process thanks to helping us get the prep work done faster.

Here is a list of possibilities for what you can use a Cuisinart Food processor for:

1.  Chopping

To use the chopping feature of your food processor you will want to use the chopping blade.  The chopping blade can also be called the mixing blade.

Fruits/ Vegetables

When chopping fruits and vegetables, begin by cutting the food into 1 inch pieces to allow for a more even size of the resulting food.

Use the pulse button by pressing it on and off every other second until the food is chopped to your affection.  Holding down the pulse button will give you a more finely chopped consistency.


You can use your chopping blade to puree your fruits and cooked vegetables.  As before, try to cut the food into 1 inch sizes to allow for more consistency.

Do not overfill the bowl.   Place the cover on and begin by using the Pulse button to coarsely chop the ingredients.  Then use the On button for a continuous process which will puree your food.


If chopping herbs you will want to remove the stems and make sure that the herbs are clean and dry.  Use the Pulse button for this type of food.


When chopping meat, the same principles applies for any type of appliance that is used to cut meat such as a meat slicer or meat grinder.  You want the meat, poultry, fish, or seafood to be cold and slightly hard – but not frozen.  If it is too thawed then the texture will become too mushy and it will be difficult to chop.

2.  Making Dough

Some food processors can be used for making dough.  The mini size processors are not able to do this because of their small size.  However larger models, usually an 11 cup and higher will have this feature.  If making dough is a priority – get a model such as Cuisinart which offers a Dough processing button.

Still, not all brands offer a Dough button.  Having a special dough feature will make a difference in having a more even consistency for your dough.

The Cuisinart Prep 11 Plus is a perfect example of this and offers one of the best if not the best patented technologies for specifically processing dough.

To use the dough feature you will use the supplied dough blade.  You can use this processor to make a sweet dough, or bread dough or even a pizza dough.  Make sure to read your Manual for your processor because they will specify the recommended maximum amount of flour which should be used.

Remember, when mixing the dough – add the liquid while the machine is running.  Make sure to do this in a slow but steady fashion so that the dry ingredients can easily absorb the liquid.

Never knead the dough so that it becomes so stiff that the machine begins to strain.  This can cause damage to your machine and you’re better off just starting over.

Once the dough has formed a ball and no longer sticks to the sides – process it for 60 seconds for the kneading process.  Stop the machine when you test the dough.

3.  Slicing

Food processors can also slice foods such as tomatoes, lettuce and cheeses.  You will want your food to be cold and cut small enough to fit down into the feeder tube.  For slicing meats, you want to slice against the grain and use the pusher to help push it down the feed tube.

Check your Manual for your particular food processor as they should have a chart and instructions for what you can and cannot do with each blade.  And if you need any further questions just call their customer service number and a representative should be able to help you.

To find out how other people use their food processors read the reviews of those who have purchased them.  You can use this link to take you straight to the Cuisinart 11 Prep Plus at Amazon where customers leave helpful and informative reviews based on their experiences.



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