Where to buy pasta bowls from Umbria

Where is Umbria?

Umbria is a region in central Italy.  It has been referred to as the undiscovered Tuscany.   However, the more people talk about this, the more that will eventually change.

Many of Italy’s ceramics come from that region.  Pasta bowls is just one example.

Family Run Factories


In fact, Umbria is known for their plentiful family run artisan factories that specialize in handpainted artwork.

I’m not exaggerating when I say family run.   It can take years even decades for people to become a Master at their trade.

As a result, many families pass the tradition of hand painting ceramics onto their children and their children’s children.

Where to Buy Pasta Bowls from Umbria?

You can find pasta bowls which are made in Umbria online at websites like Amazon.   You will find a variety of styles supplied from various companies.

Why is Umbria Known for Pasta Bowls

One of the reasons why Umbria is a hotspot, is due to the quality of the soil.   In order to make ceramic dinnerware or other items, you have to make sure the soil has a clay like quality.   And Umbria is one of these places.

The region of Umbria does not just exist for pasta bowls.  They also produce quite a range of ceramics.  Examples are vases, butter dishes, serving platters, bowls, pasta bowls, plates etc.

There doesn’t seem to be one particular style of artwork in the Umbria region.  Naturally, this is due to the variety of factories and artisans.  The designs can range from simple roosters and hearts to elegant purple motifs or bold and striking designs with vivid colors.

When you order hand painted pasta bowls from Umbria, you can be sure these are not mass produced in a factory with only 1 or 2 workers.

These are factories where if you were to walk through, you would see Italian artisans sitting at a bench or table literally with a brush in hand.

Some factories only allow their Artisans to work for only a specified amount of time on a particular design/item to help the Artisan keep their creativity and avoid fatigue.   This also makes each piece of artwork unique in the actual sense of the word.

You won’t find this type of artwork from a large American based company.  Hand painted from the region of Umbria is the real deal, and thanks to places like Amazon, it’s easier to bring them into your own home more than it ever was before.


Italian Pasta Bowls and More

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  1. Hello Liz, you have a great website. My wife and I live in Europe and are traveling right now in Italy. Her one request as a gift from Italy is a nice, big serving bowl. I saw you mention ceramics from Umbria. One our way down to Rome, we stopped for a meal in Orvieto. Is there a specific place in Umbria you would recommend we stop on our way back up? It would be preferable not too far off the main Rome-Florence highway. Thankfully, Tony

  2. Hi Tony –

    I’m glad you enjoy the site! I hope you’re having a wonderful time in Italy – thinking about it just makes me want to take the next plane to Rome!

    I wish I could recommend a specific place, but I haven’t been in that region. When I was in Italy it was quite some time ago staying with my cousins. However, you might want to check out http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk and do a search. I did a search on Orvieto resaurants and it pulled up a good list with reviews. I know you’re not in Orvieto at the moment, but they may have other places that you are near.

    If you find a place please post it here so others can know!



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